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  1. I got into a tourney finally. Quarter Finals I was out T_T

  2. you really need to start using gmt +1 in summer time...
  3. Le copy n paste...Hey so we gotta come up with a time to battle. The next day i have off work is thursday. I work late friday (2pm/14:00) so in the morn would work then saturday n sunday i work in the morn till 4pm/16:00 so i can do in the evening at like 6pm/18:00 I live on the eastern coast of the US (dont know if we are EST or EDT) it is 9:26/21:26 pm now.

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    2. codylramey


      I told you i got off work at four. I still need to make it home. Give me about 30 min.

    3. edIRL
    4. edIRL


      im in verm ch7 now:)

  4. i feel as tho if i sign up now ill forget but hey edIRL
  5. I don't know if this has been suggested but it seems to be an option I really want. At the moment egg moves cannot be learned via a tutor of any kind. I understand why this is due to the fact that we need breeding to be like this for balancing. The problem is if you want to test a different move set on your pokemon deleting an egg move is a gamble most do not do. My suggestion is that if a pokemon has known an egg move at birth that it can relearn it with the heartscale/mushroom tutor and pokemon that didn't know the egg move at birth cannot. If you want more balancing you could reset this option if the pokemon is traded and only the egg moves it know when traded can be relearned.Therefore one would have to relearn egg moves before trading. Thanks
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