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  1. Shiiit My GF today just said" Imagine Cersei kills Tyrion and it pisses off Jaimee so he kills her right after and thats how she dies" .
  2. Good episode overall 1.Dothraki waste. 2.Shoulda been like 1 more big character death like the hound or somebody. 3.Night king died way to easily which was a bit disappointing. 4.Arya thoughhhh what a badass. 5.Surprised after watching that episode that Johns dragon, sam,Brienne,ghost and jaimee survived all that lol. 6.Episode was very dark at first so hard to see lol. 7.Bran useless af. 8.I thought sansa was going to maybe kill herself in the crypt when she pulled out the dagger lol. 9.Theon saved bran i cri. 10.Jorah best bodyguard i cri. 11.Lady mormont was badass haha. 12.Wish we coulda seen more dialogue or "who is the night king" especially after not dying to fire and raising the dead to say fuck you Jon.
  3. So, will the knight king raise the dead from the crypt and fuck everybody up? Also, the knight king was not shown and the end of the episode? is he maybe gone to go fuck up cersei? (as daenerys vision in season 3 of a dragon flying over kings landing) was maybe the knight kings, it would explain why it was a shadow of a dragon so we wouldnt know and the throne room was full of snow.
  4. But if the starks hold/capture Jaimee as bait vs Cersei might not be bad, I mean he is still the dad to her prego self. Literally only logged on this shit website to discuss GOT.
  5. Miss ya bud hue < 3 , I hope all is well !

    1. Gilan


      Things are going well :)

      Miss ya too.

  6. Fuark that episode was good, just the fact 1 dragon did so much cannot wait to see all 3 rekt shit. Arya is becoming more bad ass I love it. Seeing tyrion just looking from afar seeing lannisters getting destroyed was intense. Overall just amazing.
  7. You know what would be super fucked, if daenerys like kills everybody in kings landing and then the white walkers come and revive all the dead as white walkers and have a lannister army aka white walker queen cersei
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