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  1. But if the starks hold/capture Jaimee as bait vs Cersei might not be bad, I mean he is still the dad to her prego self. Literally only logged on this shit website to discuss GOT.
  2. Miss ya bud hue < 3 , I hope all is well !

    1. Gilan


      Things are going well :)

      Miss ya too.

  3. Fuark that episode was good, just the fact 1 dragon did so much cannot wait to see all 3 rekt shit. Arya is becoming more bad ass I love it. Seeing tyrion just looking from afar seeing lannisters getting destroyed was intense. Overall just amazing.
  4. You know what would be super fucked, if daenerys like kills everybody in kings landing and then the white walkers come and revive all the dead as white walkers and have a lannister army aka white walker queen cersei
  5. Tbh that episode Arya was the real mvp. Them first 5 minutes.
  6. Hello, Making this thread to discuss EVO, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments yearly. https://www.eventhubs.com/imagegallery/2017/jul/12/evo-stream-schedules-main-animevo/1/ <-- Schedules.
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