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  1. The salac idea was based off of the custap berry set that became common in gen 5.  Even if you disregard that, I don't really see it changing the game for the better.  Forretress could still tank a fire move and explode, skarmory could still tank a powerful special attack and whirlwind/get up an extra layer of spikes.  It's not a massive change and it's not going to make anything super op, I just think it's better the way it is now. 
  2. I was actually thinking about this myself.  The only problem is that skarmory and other walls are already annoying enough as is.  Lets say for example, a player has out a skarmory.  They get one layer of spikes as I switch in my magneton, another as I bring them down to sturdy, and a final layer after their salac berry activates and they outspeed me.  This means that if they run a spin blocker, they'll have 3 layers of spikes up for most of the game, and there's nothing I can do about it.  The balancing effect of entry hazards don't apply here either, as skarmory is immune to spikes and we have no access to stealth rocks.  The real benefit this would offer is to walls, which are more than good enough already.
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