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  1. Beat the next gym in Lavaridge Town and earn the Heat Badge.
  2. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    no u And did my first Darkrai raid, it ran away after 12 attempts, F.
  3. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    76 Rayquaza... damn... I only ever did 2 raids for that and caught one. Been lucky asf with Giratina though. And this spooktober event is pretty lit... The pikachu costume is on point.
  4. That explains why he stopped playing his real life.
  5. tfw these kind of threads are more interesting than the actual game right now.
  6. Another one I made few days ago:
  7. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    What's the 1 shiny ? Is that the Shiny Eevee you get from research ? Also, request sent, updated main post with your code.
  8. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    Ye, can't wait for Giratina to go away... already got around 20 of them including 2 shiny & 1 hundo.
  9. Akshit

    TV Series Hub

    Watch The Parts You Lose and let your imagination run wild, trust me it'll fit right in for some reason c:
  10. Akshit

    TV Series Hub

    I found it to be amazing, check out 'The Parts You Lose (2019)' too, also starring Aaron Paul. Watched both of them back to back, good experience.
  11. Anyone who was part of a time when lucky egg was the main currency, scamming was legal, afk kickout wasn't a thing (so people would go to sleep/ work/ school while being online in Viridian) would be old school imo.
  12. Binged it the moment it came out. Been waiting for season 2... In the meantime, might finally go check out Boruto maybe..
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