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  1. I would like to donate my presence, you're welcome.
  2. Not really, since only 4 PP would be used now... Players would just use up all 32 first, and then use 2 leppa, get 5 more SS, and repeat. No extra PP left c:
  3. I see no reason why not to do this. Even at 32 PP, the amount of horde only increases slightly from 6 to 8. And this slight increase might even affect the leppa market postively, since they would be even more useful, letting a player summon more hordes, their prices might increase.
  4. Okay so, first off, this thread is in violation of Rules for Suggestion Box - Read Before Posting!: 5. Provide only one suggestion per thread and make the title a clear and concise indicator of the suggestion. This thread neither has only one suggestion nor is the title a clear and concise indicator of the suggestion. Getting a zone with buffed shiny encounter rate is really a bad idea cause of the following reasons: Donator Tickets (one of the key RP income items for the developers) are purchased a lot due to them giving a slight increase in shiny encounter. Having an alternative to that would ruin the economy around the RP market, and would affect DEV's income. Leppa berries play a vital role in the shiny hunting community, as well as has a whole economy around it. So it would make the economy even worse causing a downfall in demand and sales. Shiny rate is fair. 1k leppa for 6 hours, for a whole team !? Most people use that many leppa individually and don't even find one. Pokemons which do not show up in horde would face a big setback in their value if they can be made available through hordes. Again, bad for economy and unfair to those who worked hard to find individual encounter shiny. Also, this game tries very hard to keep most of the gameplay features and spawn rates, etc similar to the original games. So if you want to find a pokemon, find it how you're originally supposed to. Keep the challenge real. You already have phenomena & shiny encounter pokemon with buffed IVs. There is a vast majority of players who hunt both, as well as hunting for breeders makes a good timesink for the game too. Also 1x31 ... 2x31 are not hard to find, so getting an expensive item for that makes no sense, I do not find it practical (or useful). I like this point, showing all pokemons who can learn a specific move would indeed be very helpful for all players, from casual storyrunners to comp players to breeders, etc... Though I'm pretty sure this has been suggested many times before too. You already got players willing to buy both, at reasonable prices, keeps the economy fresh and going. Breeding mechanics already take out lots of pokemons from the game.. there is really no need for this. Demand for dittos, even bad ones, is always high cause shiny hunting through breeding is a thing. Even old comps can be sold as OP Gym Re-matchers / breeders for better one, etc. They already do that. Seasonal vanity items are always brought back. Event Only items might be brought back in future too. You are talking about a 'Time Limited' item here so a hard no to that. Really goes against the whole 'Time Limited' concept. Not only would it be unfair and misleading to those who got these items, it would also bring down the economy, hard. Game gets new Time Limited items added every now and then, and the amount of RPs bought during those times are high because people invest in them believing they are exclusive only one time coming to shop items. They make for a good investment for players from a long term perspective, and keeps DEV's pockets filling up nicely too. Bringing back such items would cause a lot of backlash from the community & affect the amount of RPs which are purchased in future for 'Time Limited' items since there would be a general distrust in the public. And almost all the old Time Limited Vanity items are still active in-game & can be bought by anyone if he / she is willing to pay the right amount for it. There is a whole economy around it, so it would do more harm to the economy than it would good.
  5. It's ya boi. EV training services are open again.
  6. Agreed, ban it ... We need some Gucci bags instead.
  7. Cause some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
  8. lol almost forgot about this thread, anyway made this a little more than a week ago (pen on paper) for a friend: Prolly gonna clean and color it up in PS soon™ :v
  9. You can choose a region of your choice to begin in. After getting 4 badges in a region, you can freely change region through port city (Kanto: Vermilion / Hoenn: Slateport / Unova: Castelia). Though if you want to change region before that, can talk to your mother NPC before getting 2 badges in a specific region. I would personally recommend having all the ROM files and exploring all the regions. All the best.
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