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  1. Yes, we need an official rap battle event
  2. Still WTB RPs & Bad Dittos, from short supply to bulk supply, all is welcome.
  3. 1, Hotkey option where you can put any item (like ocarinas, bike, leppa berries, etc) / or any outside battle effect move (like Sweet Scent, Teleport, Dig, etc). 2. There will be color difference, it will say Shiny in name, and shiny effect animation goes off in the start of battle when a shiny is encountered. 3. Any wild encounter there is always a 1/30k per encounter chance that a shiny will pop up. Egg hatches have the same chance of finding shiny as well. If you use a Donator Status, it improves the encounter chance by 10% to 1/27k. 4. You can farm items like amulet coins, etc which are always in high demand. Farm breeders (31 IVs, etc)... or best bet is dittos, they always sell, even bad IV ones (cause people who are egg hatching in hope of shiny need a steady supply of dittos). Can do payday pickup (preferably with a level 100 Meowth), Vanity item trading, GTL sniping etc etc lots of ways. Do whatever suits your playstyle and time availability. 5. There is trainer pickup which lets you pick up basic stuff like pokeball etc when you finish a wild encounter. However this chance is not quite high and the items are not that great / expensive. However if you are leading with a Pickup ability pokemon, you can pick up the best items there are to acquire in a certain area. For example, Leftovers in Berry forest, Shards in Undella Bay, etc etc. Refer to the pickup guides in Guide Tavern for more info. 6. Yes you can re-battle trainers. And once you finish a region's storyline you can rebattle the Gym leaders in it as well. Gym rebattle run is one of the most common pokeyen earning method for many players (hence why the high demand of Amulet Coins) 7. Yes every region has a breeder. However breeding works differently here, you lose both the parents to get one egg. For more information refer to the breeding guide in Guide Tavern. 8. You can win official PvP / PvE events and be rewarded some RPs (reward points), or you can farm pokeyen and use it to buy RP vouchers from GTL / trading via other players. Apart from this no other way to get them than to pay real money.
  4. Ye I got black reaper hoods, idk price, offer away though Still looking for Ditto boxes & RPs. More priority on the ditto boxes, I need a steady supply of bad dittos and am happy to pay for it in bulk.
  5. Ayy welcome to the community! Hope you have a great time o/
  6. EVs exist in this game. And yes, this game is intentionally made tougher than the vanilla games. However various other factors such as the move's base power, your own pokemon's base power, IVs, nature etc etc go into consideration when fighting. Just because you are using a super effective move on a pokemon does not guarantee quick death of the opponent. Also if you are farming Gastlys, they give Sp Atk EVs which boost special moves, since pursuit is a physical move it will not gain anything from Sp Atk EVs, that would require Atk EVs instead, so maybe that's the issue.
  7. Hey welcome to the community o/ Hope you have a great time playing the game. Afaik you need to have a certain amount of posts / time since account creation for you to use the signature, I might be wrong though. You can set it up via Account Settings > Signature
  8. Not sure what the rest of the suggestion is about, but this sounds cool, so +1
  9. The E4 cap for regions at the moment afaik Unova - 56 Hoenn - 58 Sinnoh - 60 Kanto - 62 So if you switch region instantly after finishing Unova storyline and make sure your E4 mons don't overlevel by staying in Unova, you can use the same team for Hoenn, and then Sinnoh, and finally Kanto. Ofcourse you would still require a fresh team to go through the regions separately but atleast for E4 you will have options from past to use, save you some grind.
  10. Yeah I still have some Rudolph's Antlers. WTB RPs / Bad Dittos (can do bulk purchase for both)
  11. Akshit


    Hey, welcome to the game! Hope you have a fun stay & great adventures ahead o/
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