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  1. Bought bunch of new vanity items, will update vanity section soon™ Got things to do, so EV Training / leveling services closing down again for few months / years.
  2. Maybe they already have them ready, and would release them along with Sinnoh. But yeah, if this wasn't planned, please do it DEVs.
  3. I'm back in business, atleast for a week or so. And yeah it can prove useful in such situations, but a comp usually gets all its EVs before reaching lv. 50 so such a situation would happen very rarely. The use of multiple Exp. Share is very common though. I personally use multiple Exp. Share method to train LCs over Amnesia Brace if the client doesn't have an OCD for lv. 5. Saves time and sanity.
  4. Trust me, nothing is easy about Amnesia Brace. It doesn't transfer EVs like Exp. Share and you will have to make the untrained pokemon be in battle first, and then switch to the horde killer which might die itself first cause of the 5 turns of the horde pokemons, and even if it survives, still extremely time consuming. And due to this bs way of it transfering EVs, you cannot train more than one LC pokemon at a time if relying on Amnesia Brace.
  5. Akshit


    Old players had a way to do that, get time limited vanity items during those years. A badge or icon as a reward, now, after so many years, for being just another player from that time period seems kinda unnecessary, + biased and unfair to newer players since no pre-registration perks were announced for joining early on back then. And since everything is fair in this game, doubt this will ever happen. Also, I think it's sad that a long time player would actually need a badge to show that they are 'long time player'. A proper longtime player would already be known to the core community.
  6. 23rd OT Shiny, 5th Shiny Rapidash, caught at 6,673h, 265h since last shiny catch.
  7. Or you could always try other money making method such as payday pickup, providing pokemon breed service, etc. if Amulet Coin isn't working out for you.
  8. All orders completed. Ready for more. (again)
  9. All orders completed. Ready for more.
  10. More reason for players to invest in farming / creating rare candies. + It would help tons of players who make the mistake of forgetting something useful inside daycare. Can't think of any negative impact this would have, 10 / 10 suggestion, gg.
  11. nty :) Open for more EV / level orders.
  12. Ayy welcome, have fun.
  13. This thread can now be locked and closed. Thank you.
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