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  1. must be update hype

    for staff
  2. must be update hype

    Need a 1 hour version of this
  3. must be update hype

  4. must be update hype

    I wonder if Lord Bidoof has been implemented too:
  5. Make Amnesia Brace Tradeable ?

    Almost 3 years now since I had originally made this thread & suggestion. Still wondering why it isn't tradeable yet.... & Oh yeah, BUMP
  6. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Pizza Hat
  7. See that IVs

    Not a good idea at all. Economy aside.... Gotta Catch 'Em All right ? If you see the IVs and nature beforehand... You might not catch it, hence going against the original tagline. That would be going against the original Pokemon franchise belief and might piss off Nintendo, not worth the risk.
  8. [Art] Akshit's Asylum

    Meanwhile the art for lekawit is now colored :)
  9. [Art] Akshit's Asylum

    Yo Cafanel... long time. I'll try and include both. On it :) Gotta give me something more. On it... won't be long now :) Umm... Draw you as in your DP ? or your irl face ? Be a bit more specific... feel free to PM me man. Sorry for the delay everyone... irl stuff,etc keeping me busy... New art coming soon. Maintain strong patience :D Thanks. Peace :)
  10. [Art] Akshit's Asylum

    [Akshit's Asylum] Art Services [FREE] I will make a custom artwork dedicated to you. Preferably your Pokemon with you in a fucked up crazy zentangle abstract art frenzy. Or anything really. All you can do is give me a concept or idea, leave the rest to me, & hope for the best. The output would always be unexpected. Anyone can request. Gonna get a Wacom Tablet, learn Photoshop too, maybe. Atm They are hand drawn so have patience. Most of my artwork examples and / or links to them can be found here: http://trippyafro.deviantart.com/ Instagram Past works for PokeMMO players: Purpleherpe: The legend. Founder of Team Bong / Smøg. The most lit person to have ever played this game. "Being purple is easy, but one cannot simply be...the purpleherpe. The purpleherpe is a special, rare, mysterious and perhaps even legendary creature. We must give daily praise to the purplest of herpes" ~Toira, another legend. Ancient work, improved colored version might too come some day lekawit A legendary kid I met in Team Bong / Smøg who transformed from being a Pillow Panda to a demonic half vampire Thai thug. To people who have requested... have patience... Lots of it :D
  11. Lol no matter how much fucking rich we get in game Flare, people still won't take our cash irl. Life is fucked without change lol. RIP 500 & 1000 rupee notes. Hope you're taking care of yourself man :)
  12. PEEP PEEP uMadBrah AURASECT & GRECKASECT 5EVER !!!! Game git any better ?
  13. Me & Parke are getting married.....ya'll are invited.

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