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  1. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    That's some nice progress, gg. So being lv.40 in Pokemon GO isn't enough to get nominations done ? You need to play the other game too for the Pokestop approval ? If that really is the case I should probably start Ingress as well on the side. Same and I'm yet to do any raid. And even though I did find a bunch of hardcore PoGOers nearby, ended up missing the Suicune raid cause it was like 10km away and I had other plans. Anyway, adding you as well, my trainer in-game name is TrippyAfro.
  2. Done watching season 1 and 2. Pretty amazing, going to skip the Live-Action and the 3D movies, I got a feeling that it'll ruin the series for me.
  3. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    Done, gonna send you a gift on daily basis. It's a great way to level up quick xD
  4. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    Well I'm a casual player as well, play it mostly in morning when out for a walk / run. Let me know if you wanna add c:
  5. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    It's an acquired taste :p And I'm good on friend codes, thanks though, trying to add people I actually know.
  6. Akshit

    Pokémon GO

    LF Pokémon Go players. Played Pokémon Go back in 2016 for a month or so when it was released. Few days ago I restarted playing the game, couldn't find previous character so fresh start :) Right now I'm living in a dry zone surrounded by tons of potential Pokéstops, but since they ain't one yet, I gotta walk 1km for nearest stop, and about 5km for nearest gym / raid. Anybody here lv.40 or beyond who actually got a Pokéstop nomination approved ? Kinda curious if that actually works. Anyway, it's been fun, exciting, and healthy so far. Also, if you're a Google Fit user, the game can sync with it, so would definitely recommend trying it out. All the best on your irl Poké-adventures, play safe, see y'all out there o7
  7. Same, I got Deadman Wonderland OST in my workout playlist xD
  8. 'Need more speed ! An altered timeline can't be that bad.'
  9. Already watched Texhnolyze, Ghost in the Shell, Shinsekai Yori, Darker Than Black, FMA Brotherhood, Made in Abyss, Jin Roh, Jormugand, Claymore. And as for: Sakasama no Patema, I saw Upside Down (movie) and seems like they got similar plot. Psycho Pass, I saw Minority Report (movie with Tom Cruise), and seems like the plot line is similar again, if the head of their crime control organization is a criminal himself who actually kidnapped the kids who see future for him, etc... There isn't gonna be much surprises for me. A Certain Scientific Railgun sounds interesting, is it related to Index / Accelerator in any way ? I've heard about it but never saw either of them, so will check this out 1st probably, any sequence in which to start watching ?
  10. Watched Nurarihyon no Mago, had never heard of it before, came across it randomly, quite interesting. LF some dark / dystopian anime right now.
  11. Akshit

    TV Series Hub

    Finally got around to watching True Detective Season 3, pretty intense and thrilling. Would definitely recommend it, every season has a different cast and storyline, not necessary to watch it in order or anything but yeah if you haven't seen any, go for it all.
  12. They haven't even made it possible for one player to look at other's stat even in-game, so really doubt the possibility of that being added on discord is nearby. But sure, could be a cool feature to have for those who want to share all that stuff with others.
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