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  1. Akshit

    Review some hordes spot

    w/e imo current hordes are more than fine the way are no u
  2. Akshit


    Staff members warn / mute / ban a person depending on their level of offense from time to time. If you feel someone must be punished, there is a Player Reports section for that. soon™ ? Also, they are hardly overpowered, almost all types have strong pokemon & their counters available. Never since it is not part of the original ROM file. He is just pointing out why you are being treated the way you are. Nice threat, you got some serious self evaluation to do.
  3. Akshit

    WTS Cheap Comps/Vanities

    Buying Gloves \o/
  4. Akshit

    time to mess with the economy again?

    O rly, you really wanna slow down GTL listings ? But then you go ahead and do this: 'Taxes for items are now calculated per-item instead of per-stack' Taking away the incentive of making a singular big listing of 99 for same item, but rather promoting numerous small listings of it.
  5. Akshit

    what pokemon ?

    You can farm Whismur (Monster / Field Egg Group) in Rusturf Tunnel (Hoenn), and make a Haxorus (Monster / Dragon Egg Group), You can farm Paras (Bug / Plant Egg Group) in Mt. Moon (Kanto), and make a Volcarona (Bug Egg Group), Both are pretty easy to make and quite handful when trained. Though ofcourse there are much more options out there... To make a 5x31, brace the uncommon 31 IVs of the parent poke: 1x31 + 1x31 = 2x31 2x31 + 2x31 = 3x31 3x31 + 3x31 = 4x31 4x31 + 4x31 = 5x31 Though you might want a specific nature for the final pokemon too, for that you need to everstone the desired nature: Natured 4x31 (everstoned) + 5x31 (braced) = Natured 5x31 For further details, you can search for a breeding guide in Guide Tavern. All the best.
  6. Akshit

    time to mess with the economy again?

    The person who is selling lower of the same item is at a disadvantage, sure, but that is his own doing, he could also farm more and list more, nothing stopping him. With this new system, a person who would normally grind more and get 99 of the same item, to make 1 big listing, he loses his motivation to do so now. Rather he would now make 10-20 small listing out of the 99 items, creating more active listings, being counter-productive towards your first reason:
  7. Akshit

    time to mess with the economy again?

    'Taxes for items are now calculated per-item instead of per-stack' So it's quite the opposite really...Since people will be paying tax per piece now. It discourages single listing rather than encourage. For example, Let's take an item X which is worth 100k, As per old system: If someone made a listing 99*X, their potential max profit revenue is 9.9m. But instead of the 5% tax of 495k, they paid 25k tax. As per new system: If someone makes a listing 99*X, their potential max profit revenue is 9.9m. And they will pay 5% tax, which is 495k. So even if they go ahead and make 9 listing of 10*X & one of 9*X, they would still be paying 495k tax in the end. Therefore, people would now prefer to make more listings than just one listing so as to cover the whole page with their stuff.
  8. Akshit


    You can buy a Name Change Ticket, it costs 1000 Reward Point(s).
  9. Akshit

    Pokemon riding qualification test

    or @Darkshade can just add em as Bicycle Vanity Items.
  10. Thanks for the info guys. Added a list of EV Reduction berries too. Guide updated.

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