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  1. Welcome to the game and community, see ya around o/
  2. Talk to old man top of Celadon Mart, he will give book, read it fully, talk to him again, go to route 8, interact with rock, 3v3 battle with Jumpeon and eevlotions, if you win, get jump stone.
  3. At some point, we all have to look for a woman (or a man uwu)
  4. I'll give you 100m (pictures of my irl afro from different angles) is good deal xd
  5. Is it just me or game down now ? New update ? Making Amnesia Brace transfer EVs like Exp Share ? Johto ? Possibilities are endless *_*
  6. When you trade another player on mobile, the moment trade window opens, there is no option to chat. If they (or someone else) whisper you asking something or making sure, etc... There is no way to talk back except cancelling trade. And trade cancellation feels shady and rude. Please adjust somewhere in there so we can talk without closing the trade window.
  7. 7th Horse, 30th OT Shiny, caught at 7377 in-game hours.
  8. It's ready, hop on and I'll give.
  9. Saw the mails a bit late. Was busy with some irl work stuff. Next time just drop a message to me @discord :) Also, all orders are completed, open for more.
  10. Is that your opinion or a fact ?
  11. Akshit

    Naruto - Arena

    Cool, what's your IGN ? I'll add you.
  12. Cool, can do, slide into my DMs...online right now btw.
  13. Since I tend to forget at times who already got one and who still needs one, gonna maintain data in this post. Current Smeargle owners (as far as I can remember rn anyway): KenanyJr RHCBert / LatAndroid
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