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  1. Just a reminder, Piloswine still the best pokemon around, ty
  2. Following are the EV reduction berries HP: Pomeg Berry (-10 HP EVs) Atk: Kelpsy Berry (-10 Atk EVs) Def: Qualot Berry (-10 Def EVs) Sp Atk: Hondew Berry (-10 Sp Atk EVs) Sp Def: Grepa Berry (-10 Sp Def EVs) Speed: Tamato Berry (-10 Speed EVs) You can usually find them for quite reasonable prices on GTL.
  3. 38th OT Shiny, caught at 8260h in-game hour, 100h since last one
  4. Ayy welcome to the game & community, enjoy your stay o/
  5. Mantine horde at Undella Town do not use Wide Guard anymore, it's right in front of PC, updated as Best Sp Def spot Sp Def: 5 x Mantine (10 EVs), Surf, Undella Town, Unova, 100% Sp Def EV Encounter
  6. Very active community, with players from different countries and background. It wasn't regularly updated before, but now the updates have been comparatively much more frequent. Also, during some holiday seasons, game introduces events for like Xmas, Halloween, New Year every now and then which keep things interesting. The game gives lots of options, from PvP battles to PvE dex completion, shiny hunting, etc.. So if you find something you like doing + make friends to play with, it can be fun. But in the end, you will have to play a bit and decide that for yours
  7. Ayy welcome to the game and community, see ya around o/
  8. Ayy welcome back to the community, if you need any help in-game, hmu. See ya around o/
  9. Very well thought out. Though not a lot of appeal of buying it if it works the same as a SS pokemon user with 6 uses max (reloading with 3 leppas every now and then) Instead if it could automatically recharge itself by taking leppas from bag, or have no limit on leppa berry holding capacity. That would make it much more viable and worth the 1k RP spend.
  10. Mewtwo is real, but what you experienced is pure bad luck. You can catch it in wild or defeat whoever has caught it for ownership (it's always temporary though and legendary pokemons here cannot be kept for long term)
  11. Most competitive players do not have the time nor the money to go grind endlessly for this. So it would actually do the opposite for the competitive community here, and most would just go showdown, etc instead of bothering with competitive battles here due to the super grind. But that being said, occasionally a special event with lvl 100 requirement could be fun, but making it a necessary requirement for general competitive battles would be a failure imo.
  12. Akshit

    Howdy :)

    Welcome to the community and enjoy your stay o/
  13. Amulet coin does not affect shiny rate at all here. It's a consumable item which increases pokeyen drop from NPCs for an hour when used. Not applicable here. Not applicable here. Not applicable here. Also 'Unknown OT' is not a specific player. When a player breeds 2 non OT Shiny pokemons (or when atleast the species deciding pokemon is not OT), the game assigns 'Unknown OT' in the OT slot. Counting the number of your encounters do not change anything. High encounters do not necessarily guarantee a shiny pokemon. Th
  14. The Pelippers which show up in Horde at Undella Bay are level 35 to 55. Pelipper learns Protect at level 25 and there are 4 moves after that by the time it hits 35. So at this location you will never find one using Protect.
  15. 11 OT Shiny Piloswine now.... The true swine lord is too kind, all hail
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