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  1. So there isn't anything actually exclusive then is it ? Wow, so items like Scythe, Candy Cane, etc have a chance of being brought back ? Maybe stop using the term 'exclusive' on the Goodie Bags & XMAS Presents then... Or remove the year mentioned in front of them since they can pretty much make an appearance in the future Goodie Bag / XMAS Present too. Why not ? Its exclusive. Whats so hard in confirming it being exclusive ? Cause bringing it back would mean it is not exclusive, and you lied. Do staff / DEV get banned for lying since scamming is illegal now ? lol Anyway yeah.. Perhaps you should decide if an item will be exclusive or not before releasing it in the market claiming it is exclusive. Do I get a refund for my losses buying all those exclusive items in the past when they hit the market again ? Nope I do not. Perhaps instead of being not sure about the ones you have already released, give them the exclusivity and the tag as it was clearly advertised as an exclusive item. Even if you decide to not have any item to be exclusive to a specific year's event, go for it, but for the future items, not for the past ones which are supposed to be exclusive. And maybe for future be more truthful & decide whether to repeat an item or not, before you have people spending their ingame currency (which many acquire by selling RPs they got using real money) for an item which is not exclusive as it was claimed & believed to be.
  2. So the 'Event' flag on an item means that its not returning, and was there only for a specific event ? Or is it just a general tag meaning it might return when the event happens again next year ? Because the exclusivity of the item needs to be pointed out; Cause this is just unfair & not right when
  3. Can we get this topic moved to Guide Tavern please ? Really useful for those completing Pokedex, it would fit in perfectly there.
  4. [Art] [Avatar] [Sig] [Shop] bimps draws

    An afro dude with machine gun for arms which shoot mangoes
  5. How populated is the game rn?

    You can find a bunch of people AFKin in Vermilion CH1....& you can also find big gatherings of people when an event is being hosted too.
  6. Maybe create a new stamp then, on the item itself, 'Exclusive to Halloween / Christmas 20XX' ? This would also help a person know which Goodie Bag / XMAS Present to buy from the past if they are hunting for a specific Exclusive Vanity Item.
  7. What is this categorization for event items.. cause information wise, ingame, those items look ordinary just as any other. People buy and sell Candy Cane, Scythe, etc for 4m or so using their ingame currency believing them to be Time Limited. Because it clearly said on the Goodie Bag / XMAS Present , 'May contain exclusive items for Christmas / Halloween 20XX' So how are we to know which exactly are these exclusive items ? And if you are not sure if they will never make a return; why claim they are exclusive to that very year's Goodie Bag or XMAS Present ? That sounds like misinformation (almost scam). Stamp should not be just exclusive to items being bought for RPs. Their job is simple, to provide correct information, RP or non RP.
  8. So we have got many vanity items which are time limited acquired through a specific year Goodie Bag or XMAS Present but fail to provide any information about it. I believe these items need to have the correct stamp (Seasonal / Time Limited) on them so people know that if the specific item was exclusive to a time period or will it be rolled back next year or somewhere in the future. Vanity Items play a huge role in the economy, and the stamp would not only clear the doubts a person has about the item's exclusivity, but would also prevent chances of scam when one buys a product believing it to be time limited, when it actually is Seasonal. (Something that has happened a lot with Winged Heart Backpack as many overpaid or overbought it thinking its going to be a Time Limited Vanity Item, an issue which could have been prevented with a simple stamp giving correct information) These are just the stamps I believe are true to the Vanity and need to be added. Please correct me if I am wrong or have missed something. Hats: (Different Type) Elfbot Hats - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Ghost Costume - Time Limited Gingerbread Hood - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Vampire Fangs - Time Limited Sleigh Bell Ribbons - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Back Items: Scythe - Time Limited Candy Cane - Time Limited Gingerbread Man - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Winged Heart Backpack - Seasonal Witch's Broomstick - Time Limited Tops: (Different Type) Elfbot Outfit - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Gingerbread Costume - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Skeleton Costume - Seasonal / Time Limited ? Edit: Maybe create new stamp for event items, which read 'Exclusive to Halloween / Christmas 20XX' ? This would also help a person know which Goodie Bag / XMAS Present to buy from the past if they are hunting for a specific Exclusive Vanity Item.
  9. Great idea, we can finally have a place for all the thread this guy keeps making... Latest addition being: Gotta love the 'Manetic' in the title
  10. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    New Vanity Items added to the collection:
  11. selling scythe

  12. Vanity Item Suggestions

    @Darkshade Please add the Seasonal or Time Limited stamp on Winged Heart Backpack.
  13. [WiSo] Music Club

    Meanwhile in Germany...
  14. [WiSo] Wicked Society

    If you like to draw, you can share it there when its' made, all art has its own beauty. Yeah, on or a few days after Valentine's... An art and team showcase thread would be there when I complete the banners for them xD
  15. [WiSo] Wicked Society

    Showcase and Art Thread Soon™

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