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  1. Akshit

    [Nerd] - Home of the like-minded

    This is a legit proper team, you can join in-game too if you want. (procedure for all that will be made available soon™ once I talk it out with the leader Articuno) But yeah, even if not in-game team member, the club is open for both team & non team members. So if want to share pictures of your own rig, that's cool, or if you just wanna discuss about all that in general, feel free to nerdout xD @ibadss Looking forward to your rig too xD
  2. Oh Nice ! An event happening in my home xD
  3. Tokyo ghoul better than Death Note ? uh.... Their whole genre is different, one is shitty action whereas other one is more of a thriller with mind games.
  4. It is shit because he hates Tokyo Ghoul ? I mean I personally do not like the series much anymore either ever since I've seen the latest season. Give reasons why you do not hate it (in less than 1000 words if possible)
  5. Akshit

    Show us where items are located in GTL. Like TMs

    No TM is exclusive to Route 9 Shopping Mall alone, can be bought at many other places at times. Even items are not always held by pokemons only, many are pickup, etc too. Or if your suggestion is about how that specific item or TM was acquired be shown, guess that might work but when one lists 2 or more of the same item farmed through different method, might get a bit complicated then. At the moment, all TMs and items only have their price listed, and for the ones which are not directly for sale by NPCs, one has to refer to various guides or ask around for help with that. But most players in-game do not always check forum guides and stay ignorant. So yeah, having a list of all the acquirable methods listed in item description would be cool. Though this additional information to all potential clients of those who farm and sell such items would result in many getting those items on their own and probably make the prices of all items in general get even cheaper.
  6. For most people I know personally though, they all started with Death Note. Or if we counting early childhood too where one doesn't even truly understand what they are watching... it was Pokemon, Beyblade, DBZ, Digimon, etc.. You just described yourself
  7. Care to write an essay why you hate it ? I mean I personally enjoyed the initial series when I watched it years ago, but the current season has been very disappointing.
  8. What did you think about the latest Tokyo Ghoul season ?
  9. Akshit

    Question about Thief

    If it doesn't make that much of a difference why do you care so much about it ? Clearly it makes a big difference, it makes farming them hard and more time consuming. This affects the economy. If you really want the game developers to change the current mechanics, this is not the place, make a thread in Suggestion Box.
  10. Since hardly anyone is online during the time I usually play around, leaving team for now. Even though the stay was short, I had fun, even caught a Shiny Piloswine too, anyway, see ya'll around ^_^ Peace.
  11. Personally loved Darker than Black a lot when I watched it years ago. Really liked another anime I watched along with it, Texhnolyze... not sure if many have watched that one or not. It's pretty weird and fucked up.
  12. >ban just make a new account, shiny dragon ain't gonna hunt itself

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