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  1. How have you been?

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    2. Sakura


      pretty good, just busy with life lel

    3. Sakura


      kili u uguu can u not

    4. Kiliminati


      sorry little flower

  2. hue look at my profile xD it's a homage to you

    1. Sakura


      LOL LUBB YOU <3

    2. Toira


      LUBB YOU TOO <3

  3. I lied. I'm not evil at all

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    2. Sakura


      mfw you just did

    3. FlareBlitzz


      I SAID I CANT :<

    4. fredrichnietze


      darn i thought the evil inducing drugs i slipped into the water supply was working!

  4. On second thoughts, maybe just don't minus 1 for status if the Pokemon has guts, it's simpler like that. I might run this as an unofficial to see how it would turn out, that sound good?
  5.       That is a bit of a problem... Hmmm, maybe don't take points off for statuses, but instead scale the points based off how much hp the Pokemon has left? For example 50%-100% (i.e green health)gove more points than a poke with red health. That brings out another problem with entry hazards, if a Pokemon dies to entry hazards, should the Pokemon be counted as dead or alive? Anyways, I like the Mediocremons idea. Will look into it further when I have more time.
  6. I guess if it's self induced status, a point will not be taken off.   Also forgot to mention: protect and detect would be banned so people don't waste turns
  7. One problem I see with that is we can't tell if someone predicted something or not, they could falsely claim to in order to gain points   Patrick and I had an idea for a scoring system: at the end of the battle (probably 10-15 turns) -Each alive OU Pokemon gains three points. -Extra point(s) is awarded to those in lower tiers (+1 for UU, +2 for NU) -A point is taken off for status aliments or if the Pokemon is below half health   An example of a team would be:  -40% toxic'd Jumpluff (1 point) -Full health Pidgeot (5 points) -Nearly dead Snorlax (2 points) -Full health but paralyzed Starmie (2 points) -Rest of team dead   This would give a total of 11 out of a possible 30.   In the event of a tie, maybe there could be a sudden death match, which is 1v1 under taunt tournament conditions(no status moves allowed to prevent stall)? The system isn't perfect but it'd be interesting to try out   Also, what do you guys think of a tournament where pokemon with total base defenses (HP+defense+sp.def) over a certain amount (maybe 275? for Skarmory) are banned? The biggest problem with this, as edIRL pointed out was the lack of Blissey/Snorlax to stop special sweepers, also set-up Pokemon like Gyarados and Salamence sweeping easily after getting a DDance up. Any other ideas?
  8. Saaaaaaakuuuuuuuuraaaaaaaaaaa, yo

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    2. Archinix


      How've you beeeeeeeeeennnnn?

    3. Sakura


      I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeee

    4. Archinix


      That's goooooooodddddddddddd :3

  9. I'm actually evil.

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    2. Kiliminati
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    4. KoleK


      I keep coming back to this page during my lurking adventures, and it somehow never updates. OP, new status update pls

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