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  1. I uninstalled and when I restarted I got the error again. It says authentication isn't working or the firewall or server or whatever. Guess retrying the uninstall?
  2. I feel like implementing the story and map wouldn't take all that much since they're using the hgss Rom. Even though this project is meant for a more PvP aspect I just want to travel all regions and do the stories. It was with friends but being alone and not really sure where to look for a team not sure how long after story ill be around. At least there's more for me to do as I'm on sevii atm
  3. Can I get the sapphire now or am I wasting my time training to beat this tyranitar?
  4. So i was gone for 4 years, forgot about playing this after getting a job and moving out. then i came across it again so i redownloaded on the new pc and thought i'll give it a week to play and see what happens, last time i had RL friends to play with but no ones playing it now. Johto not being implemented sucks, it was my favorite region to play in. I have stuff to do in Kanto/sevii still so after that i'll try a new region and i should have more then a week to play but if not i'll post an overall reaction to the project.
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