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  1. Exeggutor, Kabutops, Ludicolo, Kingdra ranked Pelipper and Torkoal "do not use" xD
  2. Bump! Also taking a short break from lvl100s, as I'm quite busy right now (still finishing the ones I still have)
  3. Is it planned to change the current in game learnsets to reflect the changes that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Brought? Although most of them will be unimpactful, the changes are the following: : Bug Buzz : Leech Life : Assurance : Flame Wheel : Fury Swipes, Nasty Plot : Leer, Wing Attack : Leech Life : Charm, Water Gun : Wing Attack : Bite, Tackle, Tail Whip : Bug Buzz : Growl : Mud-Slap : Confusion, Growl : Nasty Plot : Gust : Mind Reader : Detect : Soak, Supersonic, Water Gun : Pound, Psybeam : Nasty Plot : Confusion : Smog : Autotomize : Skill Swap : Sludge Bomb : Blizzard : Sandstorm : Entrainment : Tackle : Dig : Giga Drain, Solar Beam : Gust, Swords Dance
  4. Bertolfoso's Training Service! -> (No will be used during the training) FAST!⚡ RELIABLE!✔ CHEAP!💲 PRICES: Level 50 + Full EV training = 15k To Level 100 = 65k + Bonus (if high Exp. Total/no AOE moves, will be told beforehand) NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW (WILL BE SHORTLY) REMEMBER TO SEND INFORMATIONS ABOUT POSSIBLE EVOLUTION/LEVEL UP MOVES YOU WANT TO KEEP! Contact Info: IGN: Bertolfoso Discord: Bertolfoso#0158 More service options might be added in the future, keep an eye on this post! Completed orders:
  5. Just putting this here to remind how bad this Corsola build (and similar) are (I am fully Calm Mind boosted, only 2 Surf PP were used on other Pokémon).
  6. This is quite recent, from @MrMalz's event 😄
  7. If I have to be honest, I've never seen the protect variant and I agree that QD is a better set. Nosepass still prefers Volt Switch over any stab imo, maybe remove Taunt as it's too slow to use it well. They are still here, and I've been facing/having them more frequently lately 😞
  8. I disagree with these two, they are just bad pokemon and those sets are basically the only thing they can do. Annoying sets are stuff like Cosmic Power/Block/Rest/Meteor Mash Metagross, who is an amazing pokemon with incredible versitility, but can also have not fun to play against (and with, to be honest) sets.
  9. IGN: Bertolfoso Time Zone: UTC +1 Tiers: UU, NU Fluff: [Master Ball] I'm also skilled at randomized metas B)
  10. Also I just got a Amnesia/Barrier/Recover/Scald Corsola (whose ability is Natural Cure in case you get status'd). I know it's a Corsola, but it's just another example of anti-fun build imo.
  11. I think the code only checks for lvl84 and lvl100 instead of >=lvl84, because as it is shown in the screenshot, in this team I have 2 level 84 (Plusle and Licktung) and a Level 85 (Illumise). Also I think builds like Stockpile Rest Dewgong, Amnesia-Iron Defense Relicanth/Gorebyss, Amnesia-Coil Dunsparce are kind of not fun to play against.
  12. Hello, is there any place a newer player can get more information about PSL? Like, I probably won't be entering as I would probably be dragging down my team, but I'd still like to know more.
  13. I got 8xxx$ by battling Brock, so I don't think there were any changes.
  14. You are right that they can't predict every possible strategy, but it is also true that many things dont work on pumpking (way more obscure than taunt). The fight was already very rng dependant, this only discourages trying the boss as you dont know when they will nerf X strategy, making you lose tons of money for nothing. Yep. I leveled 5 mons to level 100 since the event started and I have wasted my time. Really sucks.
  15. To add to this: it really sucks having to grind during the event (losing other rewars in the meanwhile) hours to get your Pokemon ready only for it to be nerfed. If a strategy is truly that broken you'd think they find out during play testing, but making things like this make the event less enjoyable
  16. I am still of the opinion that P2 is not overpowered, but if it being gone is what it takes for lucario and pz to go, I'll take it.
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