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  1. Yeah I don't think we should use Legends Arceus at all. It makes sense in itself (as a spin off), but with main series mechanics it doesn't. Also many of the movepool changes are because most of the moves have been removed. We have to wait until a new mainseries game drops. Also pls add BDSP moves :)
  2. I think we are going to wait until gen9 to know
  3. Exeggutor, Kabutops, Ludicolo, Kingdra ranked Pelipper and Torkoal "do not use" xD
  4. Bump! Also taking a short break from lvl100s, as I'm quite busy right now (still finishing the ones I still have)
  5. Is it planned to change the current in game learnsets to reflect the changes that Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Brought? Although most of them will be unimpactful, the changes are the following: : Bug Buzz : Leech Life : Assurance : Flame Wheel : Fury Swipes, Nasty Plot : Leer, Wing Attack : Leech Life : Charm, Water Gun : Wing Attack : Bite, Tackle, Tail Whip : Bug Buzz : Growl : Mud-Slap : Confusion, Growl : Nasty Plot : Gust : Mind Reader : Detect : Soak, Supersonic, Water Gun : Pound, Psybeam : Nasty Plot : Confusion : Smog : Autotomize : Skill Swap : Sludge Bomb : Blizzard : Sandstorm : Entrainment : Tackle : Dig : Giga Drain, Solar Beam : Gust, Swords Dance
  6. Bertolfoso's Training Service! -> (No will be used during the training) FAST!⚡ RELIABLE!✔ CHEAP!💲 PRICES: Level 50 + Full EV training = 15k To Level 100 = 65k + Bonus (if high Exp. Total/no AOE moves, will be told beforehand) NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW (WILL BE SHORTLY) REMEMBER TO SEND INFORMATIONS ABOUT POSSIBLE EVOLUTION/LEVEL UP MOVES YOU WANT TO KEEP! Contact Info: IGN: Bertolfoso Discord: Bertolfoso#0158 More service options might be added in the future, keep an eye on this post! Completed orders:
  7. Just putting this here to remind how bad this Corsola build (and similar) are (I am fully Calm Mind boosted, only 2 Surf PP were used on other Pokémon).
  8. This is quite recent, from @MrMalz's event 😄
  9. If I have to be honest, I've never seen the protect variant and I agree that QD is a better set. Nosepass still prefers Volt Switch over any stab imo, maybe remove Taunt as it's too slow to use it well. They are still here, and I've been facing/having them more frequently lately 😞
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