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  1. The Alpha starters do not have 1x31 guaranteed (;-;), but i believe they have higher average iv
  2. They do not, and imo it's how it should be it's all in your opponent's control
  3. They came out with this character as a 1 time per account reward for beating the boss
  4. I bet hidden abilities (dungeons/raids?) are added with part 3, otherwise Alpha Pokemon are literally useless and i doubt they would do that
  5. Check your Pokedex, their locations (as well as other's like Riolu) were changed in the last update
  6. Redirection doesn't protect teammates from AoE moves
  7. I've just tested this and it definitely was changed. Before the update it was either 30 seconds or 1 minute to respawn, now it is 5 minutes.
  8. thank you for immortalizing me being victim of such a serious crime
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