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  1. is there a showdown server for pokemmo? if not, this comment is rather useless...
  2. 0- SpA Choice Specs Lucario Hidden Power Grass vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Assault Vest Charizard: 4-5 (2.1 - 2.7%) -- possibly the worst move ever As you can see, charizard completely walls lucario. True counter.
  3. I do not even discuss how Flygon is not a good way to stop Lucario, but the definition of a counter is something that can switch in and scare out the other pokemon. Flygon is not that.
  4. How do you deal with this pokemon? It can take basically every hit and can support its teammates very well, and enjoys every little help it can get from them. I find Vaporeon very annoying.
  5. Please tell me more about the future
  6. It has happened to me on turn 1, I can tell you that before getting stuck it asks you for the team order just like the start of non-random pvp matches.
  7. Wait how does this work? Are we allowed to vote or something?
  8. Feelings on how common wish/protect and screens are? As of now it looks like defensive play is the strongest in my opinion.
  9. Why lower Randbats rewards....just give the other tiers better stuff.
  10. I want to see if anyone else feels like there can be way too many choice item users on 1 team. There are also a lot of eviolite mons. Not writing much, just want to see if anyone else has had the same experience.
  11. Nobody is saying that UU and NU interest the majority of the population. We are only saying that it takes away potential players (by giving them one more tier to play) and new player (from serious PvP at all, not only UU and NU).
  12. I agree 100% with this post. If you are a PvP player, the whole point of the game is that you build your pokemon yourself. Now the players that will continue playing this way will have a way harder time finding a match. At this point just play showdown lol. I am not sure on this point, but I seem to get way less BP/MP per match while playing Randoms. A bit strange, but I hope I am just wrong. Also yes this is not really "new" content, although at least it will calm people for something like 1 month. Last point, randbats are obviously unbalanced and you can't always expect to have "fair" match-ups, but in my opinion there are way too many eviolite/NFE pokemon and choice item users. Also the leveling seems a bit off, but this is probably gonna be fixed/adjusted with time, so it is not as important.
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