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  1. hey if you don't reply within 24 hours you admit that you're a fagot

  2. what do you and the Rangers have in common

  3. Cyndaquil wearing a New York Rangers hockey jersey OR Gengar wearing UNC basketball jersey   [spoiler] or both [/spoiler]   If you did that omg i'd die and love you long time Oh Ess pls    pls respond    dnopser slp
  4. how about you get a signature that doesnt expire

    1. ArmisticeAcropolis


      Too lazy, and i don't know how to make it so the url wont expire

    2. Cameron
    3. ArmisticeAcropolis


      just found all these messages OS

  5. Go sabres

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    2. Elkaroo
    3. ArmisticeAcropolis


      Hehe. It's okay, I have like 4 friends that are Sabres fans, it's fun to bust their balls

    4. Elkaroo


      All I know friday, is a big game if the ranger (hopefully) lose today.

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