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  1. For donations up to a value of 10M ish I wouldn't worry about getting banned for RMT. Given that you don't have 30 friends who you donate 10M to. But if you are talking about 400M ... Better to inform an SGM about the trade and get their blessing.
  2. Foggi knows a thing or two about ddos PokeMMO This is probably another bug.
  3. Hard to tell. Anyone with colourable desu's is in the top 20 for sure. Top 10 would be people with 5B+ net worth. Some chinese players are sleeping on 10k+ RP vouchers too... Names are hard to say, but Yetto and HF come to mind in my top 10. Awkways and Akshit could also lean towards the high end.
  4. It was indeed the first one, it will only improve from here. Lowering gbwead's volume is something we all wish we could do. But Blue can probably do it on his discord settings, we'll do a soundtest before the next recording to fix that.
  5. I'd rather also see this (and kings rock) banned again and have expressed that in the TC. But the change was made higher up. Sure, it's not broken. But it's unfun and doesn't improve the state of the competitive metagame, actually it probably has a net negative effect on it honestly. It takes away agency from the opposing player. They can not outplay/predict a quick claw / kings rock proc. Having agency as a player is what makes competitive games fun.
  6. Tyrone

    Rich List

    Pokemmo fortune 500 list sounds lit.
  7. Garchomp is present in 48.7% of winning Teams in Tournaments, whereas the #2 (Scizor) is at 33.08% (Difference of over 15%). This is a massive difference and indicates beyond any doubt that Garchomp is not balanced at the moment. It's not an easy to interpret piece of statistic, but the message it gives is clear as daylight: Garchomp is broken. Side note: I was one of the 2 TC members who voted against the ban. Personally I would've only complex banned Swords Dance on it immediately, because I agree with the Devs that Ubers shouldn't exist when tools exist to nerf. Also to the people claiming that each TC member needs to be actively participating in public debates to create transparancy, I will just say that's unlikely to happen. Gbwead is being berated in public for his opinion, he has thick skin and can handle himself well. Some TC members do not care to be publically berated for their opinions, which is totally fine as well. They contribute to Tier Council discussions internally and no obligation towards anyone else but Munya/Darkshade and Devs.
  8. Tyrone

    Rich List

    What is a rich list? Can I be on it?
  9. #1, #2 and #3 get a special reward at the end of the season. But realistically if you are just starting out, I wouldn't hope to achieve these ranks any time soon.
  10. From a developer's point of view. Why would you revert a succesful income method? Also the majority of players prefer having this option, it's still a player's own choice to donate to the game. The reason why they donate should not matter to you, it doesn't affect your gameplay in any shape or form.
  11. The vanities bought with RP used to be untradable in the past. It was a concious decision to make them tradable, it increases the revenue for the devs by having those items tradable. Top players of tournaments / leaderboards did not invest hundreds of dollars/euros/yuan to become the best, they just are the best based on experience and skill. Which means that eventhough Pokeyen can be bought with real money via RP, it does not make the game Pay 2 Win. The money making methods in game should be sufficient to play the game to the highest level without having to resort to Gift Shop.
  12. Is it really necessary though? Seems like a very niche fluff suggestion which doesn't add anything new to the game. Clicking 'v' or using socials button opens friends tab, why would you want to create a more convoluted way to access it?
  13. Just think of it like this: You made them so salty by beating them, the only form of power they have is to waste your/their time. It's the ultimate win, knowing your opponent feels so inferior to you that he has to resort to 'getting back at you' by letting that timer reach 0.
  14. Take a selfie holding a piece of paper with the following writing: "Hello, I am the brother of Willfer and I have snuck on his account multiple times to say naughty stuff while he was on the toilet. I am sorry, please unban me". That should work as proof it wasn't you and you will get unbanned.
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