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  1. Tyrone

    Question about Thief

    To improve cost - benefit relation. A lvl 100 one-shotting all wild encounters with thief while obtaining items does not cost anything, therefor it shouldn't be too beneficial. By restricting the thief mechanic in order to force your party to take some damage, a cost is introduced, allowing the reward to be more worthwhile.
  2. Tyrone

    about pvp

    Sounds like it should be against the rules, as it's win-trading / ranking manipulation. Just don't queue up two of your accounts for ranked matchmaking at the same time to avoid it.
  3. Tyrone

    Change Name

  4. Tyrone

    [PSL] State of the PSL Address

    PSL is for noobs
  5. Tyrone

    Make dyes able to dye default vanities

    Same I've suggested a tailor(shirt, pants, shoes) and barber(hair) in game to customize your character without the requirement for a makeover kit of which one doesn't necesarily use all of its functionality.
  6. Tyrone


    If they posted it only 1 time, it's not considered spam. A healthy recruitment in channel chat should have a message interval about every minute or so. If it's pasted every 15 seconds on channel cooldown, then it is considered spam.
  7. Tyrone

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Yellow bird hat @Dibbzzz
  8. Tyrone

    XP each steps

    Sounds abusable by simple bots
  9. Tyrone

    Download ROM

    Don't know man
  10. Tyrone

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    It does not damage the economy though. It's an independent market segment with no influence on yen sinks or faucets. There is nothing inherently wrong with the existance of a few super valuable items. Think about a real life situation: A rich art collector can (and does) buy many expensive and exclusive paintings made by the Old Masters. There is no more supply of these paintings, that's how that market segment operates. It has no influence on the economy at all.
  11. Tyrone

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    1. I was one of the salty players because the items were specifically advertised as limited. False advertising aka lying isn't ethical, so rightfully so I was salty. 2. I exaggerated, apologies. It's bad for players who own the vanity, because they lose wealth. It does not affect players who don't have the vanity and don't want it. 3. I can compare pokemmo to other runescape. Both are MMORPG, their economy works similarly, it's an accurate comparison. I can talk about predictions since I made that prediction years ago and it has come true. When supply of an item is limited, it makes sense the value increases over time. When the playerbase grows, it also makes sense that shinies become less rare, decreasing their value. Scarcity economics apply. The topic is about shinies and their values, leave vanities out of it. I've already suggested a way to manage the value of shinies by limiting the amount encountered per day, which could be unfair when implemented wrongly.
  12. Tyrone

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    The effect of removing the 'limited edition' tag on certain vanitied will cause a few things, none of which related to the value of shinies. 1. Trust of playerbase in Devs plummets: By changing a fundamental feature post-ante, who will trust the implementation of new features to be what they claim to be? 2. Value of limited edition items drop significantly: Good for the people who really like the visuals of a certain limited item and can't afford it. Bad for everyone else. I'd like to refer to the runescape party hat/halloween mask/santa hat market of limited vanities. It has been done 15 years ago in runescape, if people fail to anticipate the effects of it on pokemmo, that's their own shortcoming. Don't punish smart investors for predicting what was going to happen to the value of limited vanities.
  13. Pokemon breeding doesn't work in the way that two pokemon make love and reproduce. A holy ritual is performed instead behind the treeline of the daycare on a hidden shrine. The old man sacrifices the 'parents' to the almighty metagod, who bestows him with an egg. The egg contains the life force of the 'parents' and is genetically enhanced depending on the held items.
  14. Tyrone

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    This happens for scarf, santa outfit, reindeer antlers, any vanity with seasonal tag fits your description.
  15. Tyrone

    How To Grind Like True Slav, Blin!

    Comrade SlavicAsh, you are fresh wind on forums, blyat. Do vodka shots during grind, blin! Beaten that gym leader? Vodka shot Got a crit? More vodka blyat! Missed move? Drink Semechki blyat, you don't deserve vodka! Adidas tracksuit looks cheeki breeki.

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