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  1. Just think of it like this: You made them so salty by beating them, the only form of power they have is to waste your/their time. It's the ultimate win, knowing your opponent feels so inferior to you that he has to resort to 'getting back at you' by letting that timer reach 0.
  2. Take a selfie holding a piece of paper with the following writing: "Hello, I am the brother of Willfer and I have snuck on his account multiple times to say naughty stuff while he was on the toilet. I am sorry, please unban me". That should work as proof it wasn't you and you will get unbanned.
  3. Homersick as a name is a bland rip off of the Simpsons' protagonist.
  4. Use yache berry instead of scarf (scarf on jolly is overkill anyways). Replace Stone Edge with Swords Dance.
  5. Just suggest a rental system tournament instead of arbitrarily limiting IV's.
  6. Tier Council is aware of the problematic presence of Drayton's rain team. The issue lies with the trapping ability of Wobbufet and this is being looked into.
  7. Probably force a password reset and log in the account themselves. Nothing too complicated.
  8. Edit: Let's make it 128 man instead of 64. Back when I made the suggestion, playerbase was a lot smaller. The doubling of the participants should also translate to a doubling of the prizes ofcourse.
  9. Tyrone


    Uninstall the game and download a fresh client. Save the roms elsewhere before uninstalling.
  10. Qualifying based on ranked matchmaking rating would be a good idea, if the matchmaking system was fleshed out better. Quarterly resets, end of season rewards, improved UI, etc... There's so much to be gained from adjusting the matchmaking system.
  11. The finalists of this tourny would probably not be on time for TT. But that's only 2-4 players.
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