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  1. Tyrone

    Regarding Lotteries ...

    Readerz is right here, but it's difficult to explain to a non-economist. He assumes price of lottery tickets × number of lottery tickets = lottery prize value. Arguing this assumption is pointless. Now the thing that is counterintuitive is that 'giving 20% of the tickets for free to teammates' also reduces your income by 20%. You're using your teammates to buy a risk reduction (risk hedging), since you aren't gaining any money directly. Statistically, hedging that risk has no impact on the win percentage of participants, cause buying 10% of tickets always provides 10% win chance. Additional edit: Even more counterintuitive is that risk hedging an "expensive" lottery results in even less profit than a fair one. Expensive lottery being: Lottery prize value < Ticket price + number of tickets. If you sell all the tickets normally, you'd gain the difference between those two as "scam amount (not really but people like to call it that)" If you hedge 20% of the tickets, you lose 20% of that "scam amount" by not selling them. So it would actually make more sense from the host perspective to make a "cheap lottery" where Lottery prize value > Ticket price + number of tickets, and give free tickets to team members. In that situation, hedging risk is more profitable.
  2. Tyrone

    Goodbye ma boys

    Daryl may leave, but DaryltheMeme will stay
  3. Tyrone

    Tree yield problem

    It means that the tree yields 2 berries, while he used 3 seeds to plant them. Resulting in a net loss. This is kinda frustrating, so OP has a good point.
  4. Tyrone

    Shiny Breed Item

    And sided towards males specifically, of those common species.
  5. Tyrone

    Please create a F.A.Q.

    What if you reward the horse for drinking? Update FAQ in game and end with a one-time questionnaire about the contents, reward successful completion with 50RP. 50RP by itself isn't enough to buy anything, but it makes buying more RP to be able to spend it more attractive. Noobs learn about the game and devs make money. Win-win situation.
  6. Tyrone

    A Player you will never forget.

    So, LYLE blacklist from NICE-dailies (except Thebloo cause he was on good terms with the pair) was initiated by me after I had an argument with Fishtickles and Bowser. They were making racist remarks and I roleplayed to be offended, after which NlCEGUY joined the argument at some point and straight up blacklisted the team. Just 2013 things I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Tyrone

    Changing Username/Player name

    Remember that It's a one-time service though, but you could make a support request on the forums. An SGM or admin will change your forum name for you, if the new name is still available.
  8. Wanting to promote the other tiers is a good idea, but I don't believe your solution in itself would work. It needs to be combined with other changes to the pvp matchmaking system. What is lacking with the UU and NU matchmaking, is simply clarity. By having OU tab opened by default, players are instantly more inclined to queue up for that by definition of the 'default effect'. Also the fact that there's a hidden minimum of players required to be queued up at the same time for a match to begin, yet there's no way for a player to tell if there are people queueing up for a certain tier, makes it a gamble (You either waste your time or get lucky). Additional suggestion: Improve the clarity! Remove the OU-UU-NU tabs and put them all in one window. Create a seperate tab for your rankings if space is limited. Show the amount of people currently in queue for every tier. Show the amount of BP you will win if victorious. (This is what I mean by the combination of ideas with Cody's suggestion)
  9. Well thought out and written suggestion. I like the fact that you want to keep the item rare enough by not allowing it to be tradeable and having untradeable offsprings as well. Perhaps the way to obtain it is still too easy though? Beating the elite 4 is rather trivial. Also limiting the maximum supply to 3 isn't longterm sustainable.
  10. Tyrone

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Regardless of football world cup, country flags is a neat idea.
  11. I appreciate @Tranzmaster for his memes
  12. @Desu How far back does the donator history go to qualify one for beta version of android?
  13. Tyrone

    A Player you will never forget.

    literally who
  14. Tyrone

    Catch Contest ???

    There are no unofficial catching contests
  15. Tyrone

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    Test the rework pre-release and give feedback on it most likely.

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