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  1. Agreed On topic: yes, teams/guild system is long due an overhaul
  2. I disagree with this suggestion. No reason to change event items, actually think it's cool to have to have event limited untradeable items which indicate when a person was playing the game.
  3. @Tranzmaster hosted a tourny like this many years ago. It was a fun gimmick, but balancewise suboptimal to normal tournaments/duels, for a couple of reasons suigin said. It does require players to increase their competitive pokepool by a lot in order to generate synergous teamcomps due to bans.
  4. Labcoat was in gift shop even before trading vanities was a thing. Going off previous experience, I knew that early limited edition items were going to become valuable in the long run. (Runescape partyhat). Like Quakkz says, limited nowadays doesn't mean much when there's 10x the playerbase of before.
  5. You haven't heard of the rest-sleep talk-calm mind-eruption entei set? smh, how were you ever part of the Tier Council
  6. In the case of botting, wouldn't a fucked up captcha record suffice as proof? Everyone knows it exists to detect bots. As for RMT, definitely agree on the not showing evidence bit. Chat restrictions could use proof of chat history if asked. Plenty of those are given without sufficient cause I feel.
  7. Current Situation: Option in advanced Search on GTL. Particles: Yes/No. Proposed Situation: Option in Advanced Search on GTL: Particles: Dropdown Menu listing available particles (Shiny, Present, Ghost, Hitodama, Eye etc) Make it easier to find pokemon with the specific particles you are looking for. There is currently no easy way to find these, unless you open each listing seperately. This is very user unfriendly and could easily be optimized.
  8. It's not possible to open multiple instances of the game without a 3rd party software for regular players. This is an intended feature, so by using 3rd party software to bypass this restriction, you are breaking the code of conduct and opening yourself up for a punishment (Most likely a Temp ban at first)
  9. No to multiple instances of game on same device. Yes to mutliple instances of game on multiple devices.
  10. >Found gf on pokemmo >no longer has gf >2/10 would not recommend
  11. This is not an argument. "Surf has been overshadowed by Scald, do you want to buff Surf as well then?" As an example to make you realize the flaw in your logic. Why should Outrage become better than Dragon claw? What benefits does this bring to the game? The Dragons don't need a stronger STAB move. Dragonite, Salamence, Haxorus and Flygon are doing perfectly fine in their respective tiers. As Suigin pointed out, Garchomp is being released soon(tm). Even without 120 BP Outrage, we're not convinced it won't be overpowered in OU.
  12. Captcha is a bot test, if you fill it out the game knows you are human. If you don't or fail it multiple times, its banerino.
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