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  1. Tyrone

    Draak y Edniss are bots (+ pruebas)

    0100 1110 0110 1111 0010 0000 0111 0101
  2. Tyrone

    Lunar New Year Charm FAQs

    If they can't answer it, it's very likely that they don't know themselves yet. Since it's a debut for these mechanics, I reckon they would like to see how they affect the game before deciding on continuing.
  3. Tyrone

    Bot security information

    Doesn't take long to catch a botter. Also don't try it, associated accounts will also get banned, so making a dummy one doesn't do anything.
  4. Tyrone

    Is team preview here to stay?

    It's here to stay
  5. Tyrone


    Rip perry
  6. Tyrone

    Friendlist Expansion Ticket

    Shouldn't require RP or BP, a flat doubling of friend list capacity would be nice overall.
  7. Tyrone

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Reading @RysPicz comments about IV's of shiny rewards for a huge pvp event I'd like to chime in on the subject. The reasoning behind the current IV distribution for shiny pvp rewards is outdated and stems from a time where the community (and therefor the amount of shinies) was far fewer than nowadays. With more players and shinies in the market, the impact a perfect IV'd shiny reward is a lot less than it used to be. The main argument in favor for the sub-optimal IV's was always 'economy'. Now it's time to adapt to the new state of the economy and realize the amount of rewards contributing to the market are but a drop in an ocean. Especially in their untradeable state. A perfect IV'd gift shiny reward should become the new standard. Rarity of those gift shiny rewards would remain a limiting factor to their obtainability, as that's a fair factor. This feedback is intirely objective as I do not personally gain anything from having it implemented, but I believe in 2019, it's time to improve the rewards.
  8. Tyrone

    Dear competitive community, help me decide

    Blow it all on a one round hide and seek contest followed by a metronome 3v3 lvl 30 duel between the two people who first found you.
  9. Tyrone

    Question about Thief

    To improve cost - benefit relation. A lvl 100 one-shotting all wild encounters with thief while obtaining items does not cost anything, therefor it shouldn't be too beneficial. By restricting the thief mechanic in order to force your party to take some damage, a cost is introduced, allowing the reward to be more worthwhile.
  10. Tyrone

    about pvp

    Sounds like it should be against the rules, as it's win-trading / ranking manipulation. Just don't queue up two of your accounts for ranked matchmaking at the same time to avoid it.
  11. Tyrone

    Change Name

  12. Tyrone

    Make dyes able to dye default vanities

    Same I've suggested a tailor(shirt, pants, shoes) and barber(hair) in game to customize your character without the requirement for a makeover kit of which one doesn't necesarily use all of its functionality.
  13. Tyrone


    If they posted it only 1 time, it's not considered spam. A healthy recruitment in channel chat should have a message interval about every minute or so. If it's pasted every 15 seconds on channel cooldown, then it is considered spam.
  14. Tyrone

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Yellow bird hat @Dibbzzz
  15. Tyrone

    XP each steps

    Sounds abusable by simple bots

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