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  1. Tyrone

    a question

    Level caps are region bound. So it stays at 60 if you haven't completed e4 in that region yet.
  2. Tyrone

    Pts android

    Nowhere in the patch notes says anything about legendaries or dungeons.
  3. Tyrone

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Needs a golden cane with it
  4. Tyrone

    Where can I find seeds?

    Harvesting berries and GTL. Get harvesting tools at various berry plots from a flower shop woman.
  5. Tyrone

    Pokemon riding qualification test

    I'd probably limit it to pokemon which are large enough and reins would be not missplaced. Such as Tauros, Rapidash, Arcanine, Rhyhorn for ground. Lapras, Gyarados for water. The idea itself is very good
  6. Tyrone

    Rules on Trade Corner & Club

    Could you give me a concrete example of what manipulation would look like on the forum in regards to value discussion? Because the way you worded it, implies that value advice is also subject to risk of manipulation. Which should be moderated, or preferably self-regulated by having the community call them out on it. The reason why it is heavily dictated by a few people is (in my opinion) because there is absolutely no transparancy on the market (guess why) and only a very limited amount of players actually have knowledge/information/experience in the market.
  7. Tyrone

    Rules on Trade Corner & Club

    A reason for value discussion to exist in clubs is because there's a demand for transparancy in shiny values. Value discussion belongs in the value advice thread, but that does not mean that it shouldn't be allowed in clubs. That's like saying "Plants belong in the outdoors, so having plants indoors is not allowed." Usually I'm on board with the actions of staff members as they are aimed to improve the game/community as a whole. Removal/Censorship of Value Discussion is one of my main irks when it comes to staff-made rules, as it's completely unfounded and baseless. I'd like to know, doesn't have to be directly from you Bear since I'm well aware you did not make this rule, Why is this rule in place? Before anyone answers, the answer I will not accept is "Shiny traders may spread false information to manipulate the market." The reason why I don't accept that answer is that it's simply not true, due to the sheer size of the market.
  8. Tyrone

    Rules on Trade Corner & Club

    What's stopping the OP from copying his list in the Value Advice thread? Let's say I ask for peoples opinion on the value of every shiny and he replies to me with his list?
  9. Tyrone


    Define abandoned accounts? What if the account owner is just taking a long break and finds out its been deleted? Edit: Maybe you mean the afkers in game taking up server space? There is an automated afk kick after a few minutes which handles that.
  10. The code isn't open source, so they won't disclose in which way the game works.
  11. Tyrone

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    Here it is. Im on mobile sorry for double post
  12. Tyrone

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    I actually made one two or three years ago, sent it to him but he didn't act on it. Probably somewhere in this thread there's a picture of it.
  13. Tyrone

    Hidden ability

    Or... the devs just implement hidden abilities as they intented to during legendary dungeons.
  14. Tyrone

    Shiny CHarizarrrddd

    Sounds legit. Try making an event in unofficial tournaments section of competitive alley forum. Set up details and a buy-in.
  15. Is planned to be fixed in the coming update.

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