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  1. Breloom.

    Salamence is a good switch-in too. Intimidate + resistance to both fight and grass stab. If you know Breloom doesn't have Thunder Punch, a Gyarados also works.
  2. Wobbuffet

    Wobbufet is
  3. Pls respond

  4. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    Thanks for the carry @Spaintakula
  5. PVP problems

    But that's not his main argument. This is. Do you agree with his statement that 120 bp outrage makes it considerably easier for dragons to sweep over the current 90 bp outrage? Trying to pick apart one sentence which isn't even the main gist of the post, just to push your own agenda is pretty stupid and you should know better.
  6. Good job mr Holmes
  7. Secondary keybinds

    I hurt my left shoulder, so I would like to bind my movement keys to my mouse without having to change my normal keybinds. Having two inputs for keybinds will make playing the game easier depending on how you want to play it, including controller I would imagine.
  8. Get rid of crafting

    I think crafting accessability is an issue. Having to locate an npc to view the recipes and have him craft it for you, without any directions from storyline or game feels unnatural. A personal crafting interface accessable anywhere would make more people aware of the function and creates the sensation of actually crafting something yourself as opposed to talking to an npc vendor
  9. The Pokemon's Lottery !

    I'm in Metapod, Ratata, Gloom, Paras, Venonat
  10. Soft ladder reset

    At this point, re-doing the matchmaking system to a greater extent is preferable to a simple soft ladder reset. More like the suggestion you wrote below (which doesn't match your title?). I would enjoy seeing a system based on the frequently used in other games -bronze, silver, gold, platinum - ranks. Those may soft reset every 3 months and reward additional prizes at the end of the season based on current ranking. Instead of just showing the top 100 on scoreboard, extending that to with ranks enables people to see where they are compared to the rest better. Another possibility it creates is accessability to rank exclusive tournaments.
  11. Automatic Fly

    Ocarina works fine, don't be a cheapskate.
  12. Search for Moves in Pokedex

    It would be useful to be able to look up pokes which can learn a certain move by searching for the move directly. Just a QoL feature which eventually could be implemented when higher priority updates have been completed.
  13. [TV] Dragonball

    Still waiting for the fusion ... Vegitopls
  14. [PSL9] Manager Sign- Up Thread

    IGN: Tyrone PokeMMO Team: [VVVV] Experience: Player in PSL Seasons 1 - 6 (Winner of PSL6). Resident ADV OU (Gen 3) Prodigy. Motivation: After taking a sabbatical year off PokeMMO in 2017, I wish to make a comeback to the competitive scene in 2018. Since I am new to Gen 5 as a whole, being a PSL player isn't viable as there is no tier or format in the current metagame in which I feel comfortable. Recruiting the best players to my team, I will be able to give them a platform to succeed as competitive players while they in turn will help me figuring out the new metagame. Main motivation is the construction of a roster balanced with new and upcoming talent, alongside a few veterans. Where the upcoming talent is given an opportunity to grow and make a name for themself in the best PSL team of 2018. Fluff: I have 1.5 years experience managing the official PokeMMO Tier Council. Proven my trustworthiness and dedication to the game by being part of PokeMMO staff from 2014-2016 during which I have hosted over 15 Team Tournaments. Managing people using clear communication and respect is a quality that I'm sure comes in valuable for the position of PSL Manager. Drama and thrashtalk albeit fundamental to PSL, isn't something I will personally give in to as it would distract from the true goal, becoming champions.

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