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  1. I dyed it teal and still have it
  2. Belgium, loan me comps and I might play some games and carry us to the cup.
  3. Better freshen up our Spanish skills
  4. Hello, can you contact me when you can? I need to talk


    1. Tyrone


      What's up?

  5. OHKO moves should've remained at 0% accuracy. No-counterplay mechanics are obviously broken, even in PvE.
  6. This already exists in the form of buying an item for BP and selling it on the GTL. That promotes economic activity, whereas just being able to convert BP to yen doesn't.
  7. Hey There is a subsection of the forum dedicated to stories, although it is not very active. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/40-writing/ Also, a few times a year the staff will host a story writing contest with in-game prizes. Check the Official Events page for more information when they appear. Example below. As for in game guilds / teams that do RP, I believe there are only very few players into that, so it will be take some time to find one.
  8. Au contraire my French friend, there will be even more move animations added eventually because it makes the game look nicer. Making these animations is a lot of work for the designers, so creating an option to nullify their time and effort would be completely contradictionary.
  9. no adv ou aint got time for teambuilding and breeding in game etc
  10. oi gostaria sabe como eu  posso organizar um torneio no pvp tambem 


    1. Tyrone


      Faça um post aqui. Https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/45-unofficial-tournaments/
      Incluir hora, local, prêmio e Nível (OU / UU / NU)
    2. brun4566


      pode coloca nome do torneio depois vai aparecer  automatico no pvp 

    3. Tyrone


      Os torneios automatizados só podem ser utilizados pelos membros do staff
  11. Why not get rid of the middle man and buy mystery boxes directly for 65k? Casino coins aren't interesting at all in their current state. Roulette, Blackjack and Poker when?
  12. Doubles usage is collected. But I haven't done anything with those numbers since it seemed a waste of time back then, only a few players would be interested in the numbers. A staff member can access the raw data for usage though, so you'll have to convince them there is a large enough incentive to do so.
  13. Cause it is a lot of work to make since it's not automatically put into tables. Looking for automated usage system so that the TC leaders won't have to spend hours on something that could be fairly easily automated.
  14. Outrage is intentionally not changed to next gen mechanics since it's simply too powerful. It would only harm our metagame.
  15. I dont believe anything should be reset or changed regarding usage. NU usage doesn't matter anyway for movements and not many UU pokemon have changed to warrent action there either. Just chill and see how it affects the meta first and if something proves to be broken we'll look into that.