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  1. They did a d100 roll, implying the numbers were squashed before the roll. So they converted the list before rolling, otherwise they would've done a d250 roll.
  2. I remember when we got surveys for a week. I flipped my shit, it's so disrespectful towards your playerbase. Selling players leisure time to 3rd parties is a scummy. Hard no on this suggestion
  3. Predictable and slow episode. Tyrion spending 30 seconds placing fucking chairs... Fucksake I didn't enjoy a single episode of this season, maybe 1 cause everyone gathered and prepared to fight a hype battle. (Battle was not hype btw). No plot twists or cool deaths, dissapointing shit imo Edit: No visible boobies or sex scene either all season... (Arya sideboob doesn't count)
  4. The E4 leaders use AI to calculate their damage and pick the hardest hitting move. It's not random like the cartridge games. Same goes for the team they use, it's based on a theme (agatha still uses ghosts), but it's not identical to the cartridge games. Also, the pokes have medium IVs and an efficient EV spread, so they might be stronger than yours. How to beat it... Use teambuilding and pick types that counter the E4 leader theme.
  5. He's advertising his pixel art though, he doesn't need photoshop to 'correct' his art because the pixels are visible. You're suggestion is like telling an outdoor drawing artist to just take a photo of it, because it's more accurate...
  6. @Senile quintessential qwilfish comeback?
  7. Tyrone

    Value Advice

    187.789 exactly
  8. It's not public information
  9. What else is new? #Colonization
  10. Tyrone

    Player Titles

    I agree The titles should come alongside a change in how the player names are shown in game. If a mouse-hover tooltip (such as runescape) could be implemented instead of permanent names over the head, I think that would clear a lot of the clutter.
  11. It's still in the works. A certain vanity item designer commented 'soon' on the arrival of the golden bird nest hat. So ETA 2020. (This meme was funnier a few years, nowadays it's only 1 year away and too realistic) The crowns would be goddamn epic though.
  12. I'll be economic GM if I get access to data containing yen faucets and sinks. I'll make inflation rate policies and improve the official event rewards. Tyrones seasonal vanity crown tournament will become a reality. Plsvote #Tyrone4GM
  13. I posted a similar idea last year.
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