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  1. Tyrone

    Value Advice

    187.789 exactly
  2. It's not public information
  3. What else is new? #Colonization
  4. Tyrone

    Player Titles

    I agree The titles should come alongside a change in how the player names are shown in game. If a mouse-hover tooltip (such as runescape) could be implemented instead of permanent names over the head, I think that would clear a lot of the clutter.
  5. It's still in the works. A certain vanity item designer commented 'soon' on the arrival of the golden bird nest hat. So ETA 2020. (This meme was funnier a few years, nowadays it's only 1 year away and too realistic) The crowns would be goddamn epic though.
  6. I'll be economic GM if I get access to data containing yen faucets and sinks. I'll make inflation rate policies and improve the official event rewards. Tyrones seasonal vanity crown tournament will become a reality. Plsvote #Tyrone4GM
  7. I don't like the idea. Leave the big rewards for the staff to hand out and keep ur labcoat.
  8. I posted a similar idea last year.
  9. Limited vanities have increased in value exponantionally in the last year mainly because of following 2 reasons: 1) Playerbase explosion (aka Chinese invasion) -> Demand for the items increases significantly, increasing its price 2) Yen inflation -> More Yen in circulation means that items without static prices go for higher prices. The playerbase explosion isn't something that can be fixed. So Yen inflation NEEDS to be addressed. Look to where the majority of the Yen is generated (Be it berry to NPC selling, gym leader rematches, e4 runs, w/e) and adjust those methods fairly. Increase the money sinks from gameplay activities such as shiny hunting to be on par with competitive play. The main idea is to reduce the amount Yen coming into the game while increasing the amount of Yen going out. This will make the Yen worth more over time. It will not be an enjoyable change for many players, because it's going to become more difficult to obtain currency and it will leave your pockets faster. But in the long run, it's the only way to save the Yen from inflating any further. To address JJ's suggestions: 1) Money Ceiling doesn't work because alts. 2) Reintroducing time limited vanities has no impact on the Yen inflation and would only hurt the credibility of the devs. 3) Lootbox system is terrible, let the player decide which event vanity they want to buy rather than rely on RNG. 4) Increasing tournament rewards is definitely needed, as competitive play is the most Yen-sinking and canon activity of the game.
  10. I've sent the money. It looks good, except I'd like a more neutral/serious mouth if possible.
  11. Hey, Could you make a bab based on my pokemmo sprite? I'll pay 650k, just name your ign and I'll send it to you afterwards :)
  12. You had me at money sink. I love money sinks, yen inflation is too high already. The exp removal doesn't break anything, so it's a net positive QoL improvement.
  13. 0100 1110 0110 1111 0010 0000 0111 0101
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