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  1. Regular anniversary chest: 2x TM Firethrower 2x TM Giga Drain 10 Red fireworks
  2. I don't believe that even exists. First event was Xmas in 2015.
  3. @Tranzmaster should have a couple of original ideas like: "Equip Choice Band only or pretend to hold it" or "Pick and ban system to teambuild before a duel" or "School of Brock" Seems like OG staff were just more original with event ideas.
  4. Tyrone


    AY THE LIKE COUNTER IS BACK! Hype - Please help me get to the front page
  5. Thank you to all participants and helping refs. Was great to have you all here! 3rd place: GavinKlavier 2nd place: Branaso 1st place: SoleFlyDavid
  6. Idea by: @Tranzmaster Explanation: Brock is searching for a new apprentice! Prove him you're worthy by showing off your battling and trivia skills! The trivia questions will be asked in shout chat. The player who answers a trivia question (in normal chat) correctly and is first, moves on to the next round. The others battle each other for a spot in the next round. The tier is Randoms. Round 1: 31 players: 5 trivia questions. The other 26 battle each other for the 13 spots in the next round. Round 2: 18 players: 4 trivia questions. The other 14 battle each other for the 7 spots in the next round. Round 3: 11 players: 3 trivia questions. The other 8 battle each other for the 4 spots in the next round. Round 4: 7 players: 1 trivia question. The other 6 battle each other for the 3 spots in the next round. Round 5: 4 players: 0 trivia questions. All players battle eachother for the final round. Loser Finals: 2 losing players battle eachother for the third place. Final: 2 winning players battle eachother for the victory. ------ Details: 31 Players Randoms Tournament/Trivia Hybrid Challenge Single Battle Date + Time: Date: Tuesday 30th November Time: 3:00 PM EDT | 8:00 PM GMT Registration: Date: Tuesday 30th November Time: 2:30 PM EDT | 7:30 PM GMT Signups start 30 minutes before Tourment begins. Location: Pewter Gym, Channel 4 Prize: 1st: Shiny Onix + 1M 2nd: Shiny Geodude + 500K 3rd: Shiny Sandshrew Registration Method: Post your IGN in this thread once registration moment has occurred. Registration will be first come, first serve. Referees: @Tyrone @Tranzmaster @KaynineXL @Zehkar @Bilburt @Mike Notes: Jack Black will not make an appearance in this event. Volpi Clause (requesting to change channels for your matches) will not be allowed for this tournament. Challenge your opponent to a Randoms duel by 1) Selecting Advanced Option and 2) Selecting Randoms as Standard Tier Questions will be asked in ENGLISH only.
  7. IGN: Tyrone Time: GMT+1 Tiers: OU + ADV OU Fluff: Winner of PSL 6 - record of 6-1 in ADV OU in PSL 4. Tier Council member since 2015. 80+% winrate in OU Ranked this season. Beat gbwead in an official Tournament last month.
  8. It's not a feature which is available nor will it be made available.
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