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  1. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Those are some great predictions though, probably top 1%
  2. Selling a scarf

    If you'd let me know the offer I would have overbid... oh well, your loss
  3. Selling a scarf

  4. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    I still have hope for C9 though
  5. Selling a scarf

  6. Team Tournament October (28th, Saturday)

    It wouldnt be a true TT without shitty prize though.
  7. I reckon this should eventually be the case for all vanity items. Having source information on tooltip is really helpful for everyone.
  8. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    It will probably be another video contest I imagine
  9. Forfeit Button

    Then you lose the match like usual. Forfeit should not be used in situations where you lose within the first few turns anyway as a means to take away the true victory of your opponent because you got salty due to an outplay or rng.
  10. Forfeit Button

    No, if it's too short like you proposed, win-trading becomes possible in ranked matchmaking. (Surrender spam with a friend/multiple friends to gain rating). That is what needs to be prevented by having a minimum game time of at least 5 minutes. An average match takes about 15 minutes anyways, so you should definitely be prepared for such an amount of time before you sign up. What are your arguments for a 1.5 minute minimum?
  11. PoW/PoM?

    On what would this be based? Competitive tournament results? Most rating gained in ranked matchmaking? Best results in catching contests? Most questions answered on forums / in game?
  12. League of Legends. Lets talk.

    Another flashy play
  13. Character Name: Tyrone Pokemon your evolved form is based upon: Ditto Name of evolved form: Dittevillo Typing of evolved form: Normal/Fire
  14. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Do a complete 5v5 TT next month. Increase the prize pool accordingly.

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