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  1. How Can Masks Be Real When Our Eyes Aren't Real? Yellow bird hat pls. If u lost my prototype let me know and I'll pm you again.
  2. Going to quote some things from Egg's post: Market prices are determined by demand and supply, not a GTL system. The GTL system is merely there to improve economic efficiency which leads to lower prices (in other words: less time to spend looking for sellers and buyers, time is money). Secondly, since there is no transaction history available in the GTL, it's not a reliable tool to find out the value of certain shiny pokemon, since they are simply not up for sale at any given moment, nor is there any history of them being for sale for a certain price. Value discussion posts by known shiny traders are mostly value estimations, not instructions. These estimations are based on demand, supply, desire etc, not an arbitrary number they have come up with to look knowledgable or to enhance their own capital. The idea that these shiny traders were using Value discussion to manipulate prices of shiny pokemon is silly for the most part. (in cases of extremely rare shinies such as starters, it 'could' be possible, but anyone rich enough to be part of the group trading those knows how it works). For any standard shiny, it's simply impossible to manipulate the price, since the supply is simply too large. Benefits of Value Discussion: - More transparancy -> More shiny trading -> More active economy - More forum activity TL:DR Value Discussion was removed due to false beliefs, bring it back.
  3. It's the system letting you know to take a break, cause you've been grinding for too long and it's unhealthy. How to fix: Complete the captcha Log out, get a snack and some fresh air. The system will believe you are healthy again.
  4. I recall asking dev's opinion on the matter before making the post. Which is the answer I obtained. My mistake was believing that the original fundraising plan (donations) was permanent and I had no reason to believe it would not be the case. I had tried those surveys while playing Runescape three years ago and the experience was awful. That bad experience likely added to my negative reply at the time. I'm still against the use of such services, but was probably overstepping my bounds by claiming it was a shared vision alongside PokeMMO devs. I was wrong
  5. Egg moves should remain breedable only. Disregarding a canon game mechanic such as that, just to cater to lazy players is silly.
  6. I dyed it teal and still have it
  7. Belgium, loan me comps and I might play some games and carry us to the cup.
  8. Hello, can you contact me when you can? I need to talk


    1. Tyrone


      What's up?

  9. OHKO moves should've remained at 0% accuracy. No-counterplay mechanics are obviously broken, even in PvE.
  10. This already exists in the form of buying an item for BP and selling it on the GTL. That promotes economic activity, whereas just being able to convert BP to yen doesn't.
  11. Hey There is a subsection of the forum dedicated to stories, although it is not very active. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/40-writing/ Also, a few times a year the staff will host a story writing contest with in-game prizes. Check the Official Events page for more information when they appear. Example below. As for in game guilds / teams that do RP, I believe there are only very few players into that, so it will be take some time to find one.
  12. Au contraire my French friend, there will be even more move animations added eventually because it makes the game look nicer. Making these animations is a lot of work for the designers, so creating an option to nullify their time and effort would be completely contradictionary.
  13. oi gostaria sabe como eu  posso organizar um torneio no pvp tambem 


    1. Tyrone


      Faça um post aqui. Https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/45-unofficial-tournaments/
      Incluir hora, local, prêmio e Nível (OU / UU / NU)
    2. brun4566


      pode coloca nome do torneio depois vai aparecer  automatico no pvp 

    3. Tyrone


      Os torneios automatizados só podem ser utilizados pelos membros do staff
  14. Why not get rid of the middle man and buy mystery boxes directly for 65k? Casino coins aren't interesting at all in their current state. Roulette, Blackjack and Poker when?
  15. Doubles usage is collected. But I haven't done anything with those numbers since it seemed a waste of time back then, only a few players would be interested in the numbers. A staff member can access the raw data for usage though, so you'll have to convince them there is a large enough incentive to do so.