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  1. No to multiple instances of game on same device. Yes to mutliple instances of game on multiple devices.
  2. >Found gf on pokemmo >no longer has gf >2/10 would not recommend
  3. This is not an argument. "Surf has been overshadowed by Scald, do you want to buff Surf as well then?" As an example to make you realize the flaw in your logic. Why should Outrage become better than Dragon claw? What benefits does this bring to the game? The Dragons don't need a stronger STAB move. Dragonite, Salamence, Haxorus and Flygon are doing perfectly fine in their respective tiers. As Suigin pointed out, Garchomp is being released soon(tm). Even without 120 BP Outrage, we're not convinced it won't be overpowered in OU.
  4. Captcha is a bot test, if you fill it out the game knows you are human. If you don't or fail it multiple times, its banerino.
  5. Scary Hockey mask (vanity), pumpkin backback (vanity), christmas tree (secret base). Those are untradeable event items.
  6. Tyrone

    Game scaling

    >Playing a game designed for 240x160 gameboy on a 3840x2160 monitor >Wonders why the scaling is wonky
  7. Tyrone

    Vanity Thread

    Make Berd Hat obtainable in game pls
  8. It's a subtle sign that you need to gtfo Take a hint Mike
  9. This was my first reaction to the "Why isnt anyone playing UU/NU matchmaking?" as well. I believe I told Kyu about it directly, but I don't think he understood the importance of default effect in decision making or how it applied to the UI.
  10. [You need a PokeMMO Platinum Account to be able to read this post]
  11. Skipping tutorials after completing a region would be a mild improvement at best. I doubt it bothers anyone enough to warrent development time. Gym leaders do scale when challenged a second time. Johto isn't even available? Visuals should be uniform for all players regardless of roms imo. Just let darkshade continue to make it pretty.
  12. Just turn the android device upside down
  13. Only if the amount of time in between turns stays the same regardless of animations being present. It has to be like that, otherwise a duel between two players with different animation settings wouldn't sync. Would you still disable animations when there is no time benefit?
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