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  1. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Gopnik gathering at the unova breeding playground will be lit.
  2. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    What about a runescape-esque 'report player' option when right clicking on name? Report for: Offensive language, Selling in channel, Wrong Language, Scamming etc. Staff can be notified and act accordingly. Abusers of the report system could be blacklisted from using it again by a GM.
  3. Disable Tourney Spectate

    Hits the nail on the head. Due to the short time after update and amount of effort required, most players do not have sufficient comps to build multiple teams yet. Players who have access to a big amount of comps always will have an advantage over players who dont in an mmo like this. It's a trade-off between mmo aspect and competitiveness of the game. Difficult to balance, undoubtly.
  4. Show the most selled items in the GTL

    Leppa Berries are uncontested #1
  5. Confuse Ray

    pun intended?
  6. [Sig] Yumi's Graphics

    Welcome back Pls respond
  7. EXP. Share

    Not exp, that's for sure. Balancing wise I think exp gains with exp share are fair enough as is.
  8. EXP. Share

    Exp is not matter.
  9. Make TMs craftable

    Sunk cost fallacy. Whether comp players lost millions on comps that aren't usable is completely irrelevant to Darkshade's explanation as to why TM's cost pure yen. Maybe prices could be lowered by a little bit, as I also believe they are overpriced at the moment. But the general idea of TM's as money sink is a good one.
  10. Bank in the game

    @jiffilstainty Since you're a bank, I'd like to request a small loan of 10 Million Yen to begin building my Tyrone imperium.
  11. League of Legends. Let's talk.

    Dont forget that Parth is no longer head coach, but Ssong is now. Pretty sure that will be an important changing factor in TSM as well. TSM is more EU than NA now though.
  12. Rain animation isn't working for drizzle (not even the in between "it's raining" text). Only when it stops raining, there's a message again. This is obviously an annoying bug and would explain your frustration with the gym fight.
  13. Depends on the speed. If your ttar is faster than politoed, Drizzle will activate after Sand Stream
  14. The Soothopolis gym leader uses a Drizzle politoed and swift swim pokemon. So that basically doubles their speed.
  15. Question about pokemon

    When I play, I try to use a balanced team of about 4-5 pokemon to do storyline with.

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