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  1. Your pun brought me back from the dead
  2. Atuan

    The Rival System

    Whole new generation of players, same recycled garbage ideas.
  3. Did they remove your ability to change sigs?

  4. A year and nothing changes.
  5. Can't you just use Portugal Portuguese and add some J's here and there?
  6. It's enough to predict a recovery move and kill a staller, so it should be used in this stall-filled metagame, but people are bad.
  7. Taunt should be set to Gen V mechanics and Oblivious should be set to Gen VI. Most of these utility moves should be updated to newer mechanics.
  8. Atuan

    Gen VI Oblivious

    Shouldn't you be complaining how there are no ways to deal with walls?
  9. Makes you immune to Taunt.
  10. if cant have more than two pokemon in tier why do this sound good?
  11. Atuan


    You're still not making sense, yo.
  12. It wouldn't really matter. You know I entered, right?
  13. IGN: Atuan Mega Nidoqueen [spoiler]mega nidoqueen no need nidoking bcuz she doesnt afraid of anything. [/spoiler]
  14. Atuan


    I never expected to see Emlee caught up in an argument. Anywho, I've had enough of my own suggestions regarded and implemented to know that they're not above/below it.
  15. Atuan


    What? Bought? Did you read the OP? It's just a tab in the summary window to add notes.
  16. Atuan


    It's not really about laziness, and I think anyone who supports this idea already uses Notepad as well.
  17. I wouldn't care if you could pay for instant hatching, as it wouldn't give donators a pay2win advantage. Altering the egg time wouldn't be balanced, though.
  18. You told JWong he looked great in his avatar. You never told me I looked great in my avatar.

    1. MarleyRose


      Well, this is awkward.

  19. lol At this dude calling me a script kiddie when his argument was totally invalid and he doesn't have a clue. I'm pretty sure reusable tutors are coming in the next update. Unfortunately, once again they are not listening to advice :s
  20. Atuan


    Due to lack of staff commenting, I assume this is either already planned for the near future or is so unlikely/cumbersome that they won't even waste their time.
  21. That's going to be fixed in the next update, otherwise how could we have a grand-scale PvP Event... right? Right?
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