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  1. Oluthon

    Smeargle 101

    Actually, he cannot learn Struggle (nor Chatter, but that is almost a moot point). Just thought I would say that so people do not get confused. source     I did this with Murkrow and Smeargle. It isn't so bad if you can do it in a double battle the first time you fight a duo, since their Pokemon won't be as strong.   P.S.- Great guide, I love how much you praise Smeargle. I will be featuring this on my Team Page's Helpful Links section.   EDIT: By the way, catela, you may want to look into putting Odor Sleuth in the Utility Section for Smeargle. This move allows him to hit Ghost Pokemon with False Swipe, Pay Day etc.
  2. Oh I'm not talking about the actual game sprites, but the GUI/Interface/HUD, yeah. I'll check my monitor, but this option could help those of us who are blind as bats :P   EDIT: My computer says it is 1920x1080.
  3. That too I suppose, they do look smaller. I just figured they are all apart of a single thing. This is just how I have seen it done elsewhere, the text and all other aspects of the interface are made larger.   EDIT: So I just figured I would take three screenshots to better illustrate this. Look under the INTERFACE heading and you'll see a slider on a bar. The first screenshot is about what the interface looks like in PokeMMO to me on my new computer :P: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  4. If only I could record the "Interface Scaling" function in Elder Scrolls Online... But, yes, that is roughly the idea :P Maybe it is just that I have a wide screen, making the text seem small.
  5. Not quite what was suggested here.    How it is: Chat, menu, party etc. are a single size and cannot be modified.   How it could be: What I am suggesting is the ability to magnify: Pokemon party, Function Keys, the time stuff in the top left of the screen, the menu bar, chat box text. This isn't the current "make the chat box bigger to allow more chat to be displayed" option. ESO has this magnification function in it, and it's one of the few things that doesn't make me want to throw my computer out of the window when I play. I just think to myself "Well at least I can see text." I have a tough time seeing such small text on my big, new screen sometimes. I'm sure that other people have a tough time with the current size of the text and other interface features, as well. I really just want to read without my eyeballs hurting.    This is a really tough suggestion to communicate effectively without having a video to show you. I'll try to find one and post it.   [spoiler] This is how I feel after reading text for an hour: [/spoiler]
  6. Team's dead I guess. Not too choked up about it. Oh well.

    1. Akshit


      come back x_x

  7. So, what I am guessing is that (more than likely) it is too much of a hassle to do it. Will the players just start attacking each other until the whole game implodes on itself? I could see other social problems arising from this being implemented, not to mention the possible (and probable) explosion of player tickets regarding something not going the exact way they want. Personally, I can see why such things have been kept on a Staff/Game-to-Player level, and not a Player-to-Player level, since so much could go wrong from trading anything in the real world (effectively, since you have to buy the points), for something intangible.   The only instance where gifting your RP to another player would be possible, and it not be a real problem with the whole "chargeback" thing, would be to only allow people who won said points in official events the ability to trade only those points to other players...although that could make a whole other issue of Teams funneling all the points into a single account....or worse....
  8. I believe they are already creating an Auction House type feature to the game at some point. So, this is already being worked on. iirc. Linking a forum page would involve urls, and would be difficult to keep people from linking other sites.
  9. Ummm just a conjecture, but you could try using Photoshop (it has a nifty graph display function so you can see pixels). That is how i did egg designs....     By the way,  Moetal, would you be down for releasing a set of "default" or blank Moemon for those of us not so good at making human faces in the very stylized way you do it? I'd be down to kill some time making new Moemon!
  10. please do not make multiple topics with the same subject (https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/40166-just-got-back-into-playing-pokemmo-need-advice/)
  11. Something like this has been suggested and rejected: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/4525-user-created-channels/   At least, this seems to me to be something like the above post....
  12. This is why people are so sure they "bought" something. You donate to the game and they give you this buff if you choose to forgo vanity items. And shouldn't giant black wings and a demon mask with a bandana hat be enough to say "hey i donate", if you chose to look at like like that? Why should my name be green or w/e?   EDIT: Merriam Webster has this definition for donating "n. -a person or group that gives something (such as money, food, or clothes) in order to help a person or organization"...The admin allowing you to get something from credit accrued from a system they made up for people who donate is just an added bonus.     But these places that the Tickets go to are useless, so why have them in the game if there isn't anything at the destination to do? 
  13. I am taking this picture and never letting it go (#Misfits4life). And yes, don't try to be someone you aren't. Who cares who you are on the other side of the computer, just how you act while you play the game.
  14. It's such a big place! Out here in the world, there is this really high blue ceiling and green carpet everywhere! How do you keep from falling up?
  15. Ahem, so I guess I'll start with my name. Oluthon. That is Oh-loo-thon (like the word marathon). Where does it come from? World of Warcraft, actually. There's this random name generator and I just changed a couple of the letters. I have been using the moniker since then. WoW was actually the game I was playing before this. When they added this "Battle Pet System", however, I found myself only fighting pets. Then I thought, "Why am I playing WoW just to play Pokemon? Why not just find a Pokemon MMO?"   I like hunting for shiny Pokemon, catching new species of Pokemon (which is currently completed), and I have recently gotten into Breeding Pokemon. Haven't really started my breeding program, but I am getting close. I have only found one Shiny Pokemon in PokeMMO, a Slugma. Her name is 'Gallium'. I have one gifted Shiny Quagsire in PokeMMO named 'Undine', and a Shiny Larvesta I hatched on Pokemon X name 'Helios'.   I am co founder of the Cobalt Knights. We are a "Support Team" We help new players in chat with various questions, hold tournaments (coming soon™), and help out the players in the game as much as we can. The namesake comes from the anime franchise .hack//. I originally wanted Crimson Knights, but it was taken...but the new name has grown on me a little bit. Made it easier to figure out a mascot too, I suppose.   I have been playing since 2/22/2013, and have almost 2300 hours as of this posting (I am shy by about 8 hours or so). I haven't taken a "RIP" or anything like that, but I did get a job around the end of the summer and visited the folks over Christmas, which cut my hours quite a bit...But I guess those are good things, right?   For a fuzzy idea of what the player behind Oluthon is like... Well, I am in my mid-20s, male, 140ish, skinny white guy. OMG! A nerd! You probably wouldn't think I was the gamer type if you saw me, but the Turtwig necklace may be a giveaway...    That's about it, right? Am I done here? OK, good.   Btw, i wish I could have an  outfit like this for my Team, but the torso would be impossible with what we have currently D:   EDIT- Also my keyboard hates me, and I hate it. We hate each other. A hate/hate relationship, if you will. I do misspell words, but NOT on purpose...
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