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  1. Not sure how the Matsuda method would work in PokeMMO as the game is not regional, I mean sure you have different OTs but the regional difference is what makes the Matsuda method the best.
  2. Children of the Moon, gather to listen to your Mother's thunder.

  3. Children of the Moon, gather to Listen to your Mother's thunder.

  4. Children of the Moon, gather to ;isten to your Mother's thunder.

  5. Creepin time is among us.

  6. do you know who i am?

  7. rip

    1. Fabel


      I'm here, lurking in the shadows. One day, I will return....

    2. ShinyChansey
    3. Newdisplayname


      hi fabel i herd ur ded lol

  8. I like the old you better.

    1. Fabel


      No one else did QQ

  9. Your Avatar, omg.

  10. Bugs are tastey

  11. Congratulations on the "promotion" to Bug Moderator :)

  12. Voze

    Congrats for be a Moderator

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