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  1. the pokedex only says: hoenn safari zone - very rare there are 6 areas, so it would be bad to looking in the wrong one. can somebody help me, please? best regards.
  2. hello, thanks for answering. i trade "sunny cherrim" and the other player didnt get the register in the pokedex either. then he trade to me back and it return as "normal cherrim", so that hotfix don't work in this case (with rotom and burmy does work) i try trade castform but i cound't because is a gift. is there a especific area in the hoenn safari zone to cath it or is available everywhere on it?
  3. i accidentally faint mewtwo, will it appear again? or since i faint it once, my only option is to duel someone who catch it?
  4. in a vacuum (or for the overworld/story mode) i recommend to watch what are the best stats of said pokemon (speed and special attack for example), EV train those two more than the others, and select attacks that would benefit from the training (if they are STAB, the better). for competitive research competitive teams as said before.
  5. somebody knows why this happens?: the "???" info. is there an extra step that im not doing? best regards.
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