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  1. 我的账号在八月份被封了说是使用第三方软件在这期间我进行了申诉账号,我本以为等两三天就应该有通知,哪知道这一等就是两个月,八月中旬我试着重新发过(中英文),找过客服可是给的答案就是等,你说等我现在已经等到了九月27号然而你们官方一点行动都没有,我不说你们游戏有多好但是服务这块你们是最烂的。
  2. I registered in August account, was blocked, said to use third-party software but I know myself and did not use any plug-in script, listen to friends said you can go to appeal, and then I went to appeal in mid-August but until now there has been no news so was blocked to find customer service really useful?
  3. I am a Chinese player and I would like to raise the shortcomings of the game here. One is the probability of flashing. I hope the official can reduce the probability of flashing a little. I am a player who likes to collect flashing elves very much, but every time I collect a flashing, I have to brush it for a year or two before it comes out. Besides, I also have a job, but I like to play this Pokémon elves very much, so I will take time out to brush the flashing elves, but after two years of brushing, there is still nothing or a little disappointed, so I hope the official can reduce the probability of flashing a little. Thank you.
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