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  1. If you could like hook up an NFC reader right on the PC and then from there let me use my amiibos on PokeMMO so I can use it on more things that could be great. This is a serious suggestion don't lock it and give a comment saying why this isn't possible I know you guys are smart don't say no to me so quick.
  2. They muted the IRC channel so how can I talk to random passerby's and pretend I actually play this game? Well, at least #lobby is still up.

  3. Why.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FrankIero


      i thought u were ded

    3. JWingWangWong


      I am dead there's nothing for me here anymore. I just twitter with the same username and study university. That's all.

    4. FrankIero


      dont say that man, have the will to go on man, never give up man, etc

  4. y u no return uguu

    1. JWingWangWong


      I literally read the forums but I have no reason to post.

    2. Malorne


      implying there should be a reason lol

    3. JWingWangWong


      Well yea why would I post if there's no motive to do so it's literally a waste of time.

  5. I am 12 according to Batman this means I have achieved going back in time.


    1. JWingWangWong


      You already know this batman you're late to the party!!!

  7. Alright so Obnoxious doesnt visit my page as often since we talk on IRC.

  8. Desu you are in the wrong IRC channel you are literally alone since the sub domains goofed. Move to jeger.binhex.org NOT nyan.binhex.org

    1. Bestfriendss


      Don't insult Desu's intelligence, she was smart enough to give you a MMO service to play on! Be thankful instead of a snob!

    2. Mariout



      This also wasn't an insult against Desu's intellligence, JWong was warning Desu that the IRC bugged and split off and had left him separated from the rest of IRC (Which was, by the way, a hilarious bug)

  9. Just came to say your profile is funny as fuck.

  10. Actually the reason why I won't participate is because I have no room to produce music so my keyboard is in peril in my closet. Not to mention I got university. In the mean time I'll be making stuff like this: https://soundcloud.com/jwingwangwong/get-no-test-barely-updated
  11. Can't participate mentally scarred from last time a music battle happened.
  12. Rip Jan 26 2014 - Jan 26 2014

    1. Cameron


      Who are you even, uguu.

    2. JWingWangWong


      fkn uguu I wrk u on rust 1v1 me qs

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