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  1. Well, I might not do that anyway xD Could you quickly show a screenshot showing where the colours are that PokeMMO changes depending on what colour the player chose at the start please? :D
  2. No, Cheryl. The green lady who accompanies you in the Eterna Forest :D http://bulbapedia.bu...net/wiki/Cheryl
  3. WOW, It works like a charm!!! I just need to do the overworld sprites then im done! :D Do you think after the OW Sprites are done I could possibly add Cheryl from DPP as the female character?
  4. Thank you so much for this! Its awesome :D I finally made a great Steven :3 The Green parts change depending on colour, Black doesnt look too good though :P Any chance of a backsprite tut? I might make a patch with this :P (The only hard parts are the running, biking and sprites like that, I hope)
  5. I did it again, FOllowing your rules this time. I have one question though, Can we somehow change the colours in the pallet so we can get a better image of the character we want? EDIT - My character colour is black, As you can see by the straps. EDITEDIT - Stevens trousers match his jacket xD
  6. I made the Purple straps that he has as being the chosen colour, I didnt follow your tut completely but meh xD
  7. This is an awesome Tutorial! Heres my try at it xD
  8. It used to be the Jump Stone then HM Jump now Jumpeon But we all know Jumpeon is a myth. (Thanks to KudzZ)
  9. Its how I roll.

  10. OMG Hey!!!, This is the first time ive seen you around! :D Welcome! :D FHlfgth
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