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  1. Well, I might not do that anyway xD Could you quickly show a screenshot showing where the colours are that PokeMMO changes depending on what colour the player chose at the start please? :D
  2. No, Cheryl. The green lady who accompanies you in the Eterna Forest :D http://bulbapedia.bu...net/wiki/Cheryl
  3. WOW, It works like a charm!!! I just need to do the overworld sprites then im done! :D Do you think after the OW Sprites are done I could possibly add Cheryl from DPP as the female character?
  4. Thank you so much for this! Its awesome :D I finally made a great Steven :3 The Green parts change depending on colour, Black doesnt look too good though :P Any chance of a backsprite tut? I might make a patch with this :P (The only hard parts are the running, biking and sprites like that, I hope)
  5. I did it again, FOllowing your rules this time. I have one question though, Can we somehow change the colours in the pallet so we can get a better image of the character we want? EDIT - My character colour is black, As you can see by the straps. EDITEDIT - Stevens trousers match his jacket xD
  6. I made the Purple straps that he has as being the chosen colour, I didnt follow your tut completely but meh xD
  7. This is an awesome Tutorial! Heres my try at it xD
  8. how do i paste from paint

    1. Killjoy


      You dont paste, You save to your computer then upload to an image hosting site like photobucket then use BB Codes to get it on a forum

  9. It used to be the Jump Stone then HM Jump now Jumpeon But we all know Jumpeon is a myth. (Thanks to KudzZ)
  10. Its how I roll.

  11. OMG Hey!!!, This is the first time ive seen you around! :D Welcome! :D FHlfgth
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