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  1. Aerun the kind of guy to pick Chikorita in gen 2
  2. Thanks for Deleting my signup mods. IGN: StriderXD Region: Taiwan Tiers: OU
  3. Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Senjutsuka, Zigh, Kanzo, SweeTforU, Spaintakula, OrangeManiac, Rynners, EverDaryl, Cali, Axellgor, Forfiter, Aerun, HXIN, Parke, Razimove, theworstt, RAVAEL Team Captain: Kanzo
  4. 100k on Bold names, void if unplayed games etc. OU1: ZeknShooter - Lkrenz OU2: Frags - Yosoyarca OU1: DoubleJ - Chuckunso Dubs: Zigh - AkaruKokuyo
  5. IGN: StriderXD Preferred Tiers : NU, LC
  6. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: VVVV Registered Players: CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Senjutsuka, JuniorPT, Forfiter, Aerun, HXIN, Umbramol, Spaintakula, OrangeManiac, Parke, zDaryl, Cali, Pachima, StriderxD Team Captain: Aerun
  7. First visual upgradte in 6 years ? @Draekynlooks good .
  8. Hasnt payed me either on same bet, no replies on forums or in game.
  9. 200k on Yettodie vs lotus - (Taken by Jovi)
  10. Its the opposite though, we put out the initial bets not xiao, and without any limits as well, his initial response to the bet was take and the post was later edited in to have the confirm message in there. Its my bad on not checking that far back into the thread since when I looked at the initial reply it just accepted the bet and then the edit which included the tags asked for a confirmation which you're right about.
  11. You said take, then edited in a reply tagging us later. your initial response confirmed the bet. no I didnt go through the thread and see your tag. Didnt expect you to pay anyway after you took 10 bets against you man and lost.
  12. This is how it works for you, not how it is done as a norm in our betting threads. you need to follow the same rules everyone else does. Once you reply to a bet with take its a deal. No one has to go through a 40 page thread and reconfirm a bet unless they specifically state only one bet per match which neither of us did.
  13. that was my mistake not replying so consider this bet void, but next time when you rely taken on a bet consider it done, even if you dont get a reply. I didnt end up seeing your reply among everything so its my fauly.
  14. TJXD


    Hey, Could you save the Gigalith and Stoutland for me, I'll buy them next time we're on together.
  15. @varietypaul paid 600k. @Quinn010 paid on Lifestyle bet @Shayeter owes 100k on Lkrenz bet @GhostZzz paid on Nikhilr vs starmind @Daifang paid 500k bet. @xiaolinggg owes 500k on Nikhilr vs starmind Cheers guys IGN: StriderXD
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