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  1. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    gimme my bby
  2. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    Embiid,CJ and Kawhi for Westbrook and Hernangomez
  3. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    I'd trade you for Rondo Toast My team is stacked with stat stuffers Jokic is a beast Milsapp Lillard Westbrook Myles Turner Horford Vucevic
  4. Hey you, hows the vodka coming along haha ?

    1. RealLifeAngel


      Soul warming, that's how it is my friend! Hbu

  5. Ayy 

  6. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    No preference I can hop on my phone and draft whenever
  7. I'll offer 5 mill for the Pikachu
  8. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    ESPN categories is garbage, plus their interface is way worse than yahoo.
  9. Food/Cooking thread

    @Rigamorty Those counter tops look like they were made in Detroit, the plate might have been brought it from a different state though
  10. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    Use yahoo please, espn is garbage
  11. How's things been for you ? It's been ages lol

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. RealLifeAngel


      I miss OT, & the spin off forum! Now, I has no contact w/ anyone anymore I cannot remember the log in to my Skype for the life of me ;~; 


      Owell, doubt they give a shit anyway lol some of them didn't really like me tbh 


    3. TJXD


      Well some of us still do so dont be a stranger

    4. RealLifeAngel


      I know & I am humbled by that! It was mostly just Kelarr & King & the other weebs that did not like me. Rly miss OS though 


      i will try not to ^~^; I have a nasty habit of disappearing I know 

  12. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    havent lost a fantasy league in 4 years, count me in ez wins
  13. kangaroo vegemite surfin on the barby
  14. its always funny when toast thinks his jokes are funny
  15. Terresa's Shiny Shop 2.0

    Can I get the OT on minun please ? Trying to find my old OT squirtle one, it was lonely as well

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