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  1. This isnt the Tienamen square, you cant just pretend we dont exist anymore cause no one says anything. These new mods SMH.
  2. 1 Mill on Enchant 1 Mill on Frags
  3. I feel you, the only episode that had promise was the uber one. None of the episodes had the build up or tone of the earlier good episodes. Shut Up and Dance is still on top for me - the one where the kid gets text prompts to do stuff
  4. Send me a mail and i will return with bet money
  5. LC: Cali vs yosoyarca  Doubles: Frags vs Rendi NU: Nikhilr vs Hopy OU: Tawla vs BlueBreath 500k on Bold names.
  6. @MadaraSixSix IGN: StriderXD Whenever you can, no rush
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