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  1. Its much more than a " professional place ". Yes , there are sub sections such as Suggestion box , General etc not meant for banter,silly threads etc and moderation to prevent such is fine. However Off topic (Whatever the new name for the sub section is now) , Round Table and Tournament threads tend to have everything in between and it kind should be at the behest of the OP of the thread to an extent how strict it should be modded after a certain basic level. Im not saying allow bullying,abuse etc . All Im saying is dont give people a platform to be idiots and then punish people for calling out such.
  2. Just send me an empty mail in game whenever you guys can, Ill send it sometime today
  3. 400k on Riga
  4. Get a tournament named after you. GG you win
  5. Creo que las salamences ganarĂ¡n, Equipo de buena suerte Amigos Ja Ja Ja
  6. Good conversation starter
  7. happy bday u uguu

    1. TJXD


      Thanks Calvin, you a real nigguh

  8. ez Also I didnt add people that quit 5-6 times
  9. I'm SK
  10. Im down for some games tonight
  11. Team Riga hype