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  1. @Giygas Teamspeak might be ded but most of us still alive
  2. Fred has been to Chicago. added to the Fredcyclopedia which will help me track his location.
  3. I asked Hannah to ev some LC pokemon, she did a great job and even gave me a shiny she found while ev'ing. 10/10 service.
  4. You forget the initial election where Hassan, who went by 'Oldmanhassan' at the time had hordes of new players fresh out of Pallet town creating fresh forum accounts so they could vote for OMH and join his team aptly named Team 'Old Man Hassan'. #Cults101 #PokeMMOHistory.
  5. TJXD


    Clippers land Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, new topic because screw all of you other bums. We finally do it. @SirAlbert fuck yea
  6. 500k Bluebreath 500k NikhilR 1m Frags
  7. He helps people out and get e-girls on the daily. She wanted to get on discord to talk to him. Bestfriends doesnt even have to try. all the haters just jealous of Giga chad bestfriends.
  8. This isnt the Tienamen square, you cant just pretend we dont exist anymore cause no one says anything. These new mods SMH.
  9. 1 Mill on Enchant 1 Mill on Frags
  10. I feel you, the only episode that had promise was the uber one. None of the episodes had the build up or tone of the earlier good episodes. Shut Up and Dance is still on top for me - the one where the kid gets text prompts to do stuff
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