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  1. Aerun the kind of guy to pick Chikorita in gen 2
  2. Thanks for Deleting my signup mods. IGN: StriderXD Region: Taiwan Tiers: OU
  3. Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Senjutsuka, Zigh, Kanzo, SweeTforU, Spaintakula, OrangeManiac, Rynners, EverDaryl, Cali, Axellgor, Forfiter, Aerun, HXIN, Parke, Razimove, theworstt, RAVAEL Team Captain: Kanzo
  4. 100k on Bold names, void if unplayed games etc. OU1: ZeknShooter - Lkrenz OU2: Frags - Yosoyarca OU1: DoubleJ - Chuckunso Dubs: Zigh - AkaruKokuyo
  5. IGN: StriderXD Preferred Tiers : NU, LC
  6. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: VVVV Registered Players: CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Senjutsuka, JuniorPT, Forfiter, Aerun, HXIN, Umbramol, Spaintakula, OrangeManiac, Parke, zDaryl, Cali, Pachima, StriderxD Team Captain: Aerun
  7. First visual upgradte in 6 years ? @Draekynlooks good .
  8. Hasnt payed me either on same bet, no replies on forums or in game.
  9. 200k on Yettodie vs lotus - (Taken by Jovi)
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