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  1. Malorne

    Dev NPCs

    Thats easily avoidable, you either change the npc name color or dont host an event where that npc might be.
  2. Malorne

    Dev NPCs

    Rather than just devs, make it staff in general (aside from community managers coz they're basically trials)
  3. There is a system like this already. It works as follows; Player A: Hey, where are you? Player B: i'm at <location> ch <#> or in case of people like me Player A: Hey, where are you? Player B: None of your damn business. Incase it wasn't clear, i was talking about whispering
  4. You will know when it happens.
  5. yeah, not happening.
  6. Yeah, no. alt runs have been abused waaay too much. You can easily steamroll the storyline of all available regions in a weekend if you really commit to it and know what u're doing, so i dont really see why its a struggle. To me, this just looks like an excuse of saying "yo, make alt runs easier so i can grind more cash. also nostalgia, thats more important"
  7. I wouldn't be that pleased if i were you, caution is adviced.
  8. To be honest, the current "forum" community is less toxic than what it was a couple of years ago. Sure some of us from that toxic culture are still around and most likely abuse the hell out of it. But i dont think it will have that much of an impact nowadays. Anyway, i guess its upto the staff as per usual, which will probably end up being a "no"
  9. i see you're referring to this thread ; U dont really need a reaction to convey your thoughts about the matter, a simple youtube video would suffice.
  10. Can always derail it with spider-man thread or other memes.
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