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  1. while you're at it, bring back off topic as well.
  2. Promotion eh? about damn time

    1. Darkshade


      I would say it's more of a declaration of my role - but thank you, I appreciate it.

  3. Might take some time to come up with a collective answer, as it is not for one person to decide a CoC related answer.
  4. Did u bring it to an admin tho? (namely squirtle coz the others dont give a fuck about moderation)
  5. I'm not really defending staff though. Not always anyway... Its just one of those things that u just disallow one thing to save yourself a headache later on.
  6. Right, i'm not really one to get into petty arguments with barely developed people but this is getting annoying so allow me to shut you up. When i say "illegal" i'm talking enforcement level illegal by law (which in some countries it is death penalty) and these countries are only a handful. Other countries (like the one i live in) doesn't have laws against gay relationships, as in its not a crime to be gay like the other countries i stated above. Those countries unfortunately in the majority atm, which they don't grant gay relationship to be a legit maritial status hence not providing the social freedom for two man to marry eachother. EDIT: Not need to further derail it
  7. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/ If you provide sufficent evidence everything can be taken care of, you don't really have to wait for a mod to jump into the game when stuff like this happens.
  8. Indeed, instead of basing my every damn argument on the country i live like u muricans do, i take a broad view on every country to see a %.
  9. On the contrary, carrying & consuming weed is considered illegal in many other countries to this day and can be punishable with jailtime. Actually, it is illegal in only a handful of countries. Many other countries haven't really addressed the issue of accepting and providing relationship status (marriage etc.) but it is still allowed. Secondly, those two really don't belong in a comparrison. The safest choice is to disallow the general discussion about it in public chats, because you can't tell who is reading that might be bad example to, if you're really "dying" to talk about drugs with other people i'd suggest a team chat or a discord group chat rather than suggesting that the moderation of the entire game should amuse such discussions where not everyone would like to be a part of.
  10. In many other countries the usage of weed is being legalized, be that medicinal or social. This doesn't mean that the whole world has deemed it legal or it isn't harmful in other areas. Not the mention the age restriction that has been placed on it. Which annuls the legalization giving the fact that the game is PG-13. Hence, allowing the mention can fall under advertising or promoting. And yes, i dont see a rule in the CoC that the mention itself is punishable under chat rules. Ofcourse, in common sense it shouldn't be something you should be able to openly discuss among other players within public chats. Regardless, no rule means it cant be enforced. Probably something that should be added soon.
  11. Aye, plot was a bit boring. Heard they're gonna make a season featuring just that dude. We shall see
  12. same, was expecting him to ask of removal of vanity items in general.
  13. One thing i'm rather curious about is how the mechanics would work in terms of endgame. which i hope @Darkshade could help me out here: 1- Fixed IV's? 2- Breedable? (with the same fashion as genderless) 3- Unable to be traded
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