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  1. huh, guess i should've checked it b4. My issue would be the level cap tbh, due to the level your only reliable resource would have to be EVs and possibly good mons. Not to mention u'd be screwing them over with random battles all the time (if you're a beginning on your first region and dont have access to previous ones). Guess i'm looking for a shortcut in a sense, well the idea is there if its not viable, could be locked.
  2. vitamin benefits 10 EV per usage, hard to compare when u can get upto 18/36 EV's per battle. plus wont go above 100 . What i want is a money sink at the cost of time consumption reduced to be a viable solution. At the off chance, even help new players to prepare themselves with early availability to EV training areas.
  3. Vitamins costs more tbh
  4. Problem is the time consumption, especially when there are mixed ev yield areas or the area in question is too high level for a horde battle. so when u add low level option with +1 +2 or +3 ev yield pokemon battles. you can easily top what EV you're farming way more faster.
  5. Not really, u can just add the fee onto the ev service price provided.
  6. Main concept : A building with one entrance, you must talk to the guard to enter a room dedicated to the EV you wish to train in. Infinite NPC rebattle with level either to your choosing or default (choosing suits better for ev'ing low levels) without any exp or cash reward Entrance : You must pay a required amount of fee to enter and stay for a specific time (much like repel, extended duration will cost extra), switching rooms will also cost a fee.
  7. not many ppl are gonna like u
  8. That was to prevent people to do alt runs till badge 1 and just trade starters away. Thats pretty much every mmo out there Those can be easily cheated or end up preventing people to send links all together if not done properly. Regardless, unnecessary
  9. Nope, no paytowin bs here.
  10. Malorne

    Player Titles

    Tell that to my pending report for 4 hours ingame
  11. oh i'm not, just saying the people "can" change and that shouldn't be judged on their past mistakes but what they're doing currently.
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