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  1. Are you purposely trying to recommend a nonexistent city to indicate that he shouldn't do any videos or are you just that bad?
  2. Fake Abilities for pokemon

    And then he blames us for being toxic.....
  3. what's up with this

    Hold your PC very tenderly and tell it that u dont want protection this time, might work...
  4. Telling people to follow the rules counts as trolling, noted.
  5. PokeMMO's Official Discord Server

    Yeah, i don't think trying to dictate how people should talk to one and other is a good ice-breaker. good luck next time. EDIT: If you think discord and forums are toxic, prepare to lose all your faith in humanity when u hop onto the game, especially channel chat.
  6. Is it just me?..

    Not necessarily if you put the right amount of money sink in play. IV, nature random yes. but u'll also need to pay to receive the egg. 1 pokeball sink is hardly worth that much consideration into it. Main reason behind this would be to obtain rare pokemons faster if you are looking for a breeder but its a pain in the ass to get (i.e. final gambit riolu(u gonna hate riolu's when final gambit is in) or take down beldum) you'll just be easing up the method to obtain those rare pokemons for a price. Maybe vary the price depending on their rarity. Less annoying, more efficient. Lore reference is utter bullshit since u get parents back usually, regardless of comp breeding. 50/50 accuracy does not make it relevant enough to call it "lore-wise"
  7. Is it just me?..

    To be honest, i wouldn't mind two separate breeding methods, one being the old (clonemmo) where u can give two pokemon to the old lady and get an egg from the old man (random IV's overall) and IV breeding (from the old man)
  8. And you think you'll do fine in comp while u can't even finish the storyline?
  9. Rival's Name

    who the fuck names their rival gary anyway? what happened to good ole "Asshole" or "Gay"
  10. Why did u even post then?
  11. Shiny Rate of PokeMMO

    LF shiny rate for dummies.
  12. Shiny Rate of PokeMMO

    This is why i dont like math, ignore.

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