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  1. The best Pokémons to make a solid Team.

    Farfetch'd, Farfetch'd, Farfetch'd, Farfetch'd, Farfetch'd, Magikarp
  2. Why

    Its back to the handhelds for you.
  3. cept team rocket, those fuckers are still there....
  4. Make Amnesia Brace Tradeable

    why is this still not a thing? seriously now.
  5. Moderation on ch1//moderacion en el ch1

    Solution ; hardcore moderation, dealing with other language speaking people is easy if they truly have no idea what to do and looking for guidance. The trolls on the other hand who keep spamming shit like "jajajajaja /kkkkkkkkkkk/xaxaxaxaxaxa" Solution to that :
  6. Really not liking level caps

    Well, thats the thing... Its not "Too hard" you lot are just used to the easy, boring storyline gameplay of handheld games, with the mentality of "meh, i'll probably sweep everything with some high lvl shit since npc's, gyms even the E4 doesn't upgrade to max levels" Which is fine in a handheld game i suppose, but in an MMO, you are supposed to have difficulties different from that of ordinary single-player games. If you've put half the effort about advantages and disadvantages you can have against opponents instead of uguuing about how hard the game is, you would've been done with the storyline and be on your way to whatever you want to do in the game. And no, you don't particularly need high IV or bred pokemon to carry you in the league. Type advantages, some cash for restoration items and a well versed team will be enough.
  7. But your crusade isn't finished? :(
  8. Happiness buff

    kay, can close. thx.
  9. Happiness buff

    Can we change the happiness increasing method too? Considering that more happiness based evolutions are and will be coming in. The per day grooming is kinda insufficient. Even including the secondary one in Unova (which doesn't have a cooldown atm). To be honest, i wouldn't mind a pay-to-groom method, mainly because the other method (run up and down with bike) is just boring and inconvenient at best.
  10. Nah, they skip one gen region and then add the one after ; Kanto, Hoenn, Unova. Sun & Moon confirmed?
  11. yo, hit me up ingame :P

    1. Quakkz


      will do tomorrow, going to bed now its midnight xD


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