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  1. idk, if i can get a sprite that has the middle finger up, i could prefer it over dungeons
  2. I guess this depends on how lazy @Darkshade feels about re-spriting some cosmetics to match various poses
  3. /w <person username here> where are you? type in the name of the game on google add them on steam or ask directly, what the hell is up with all this stalkerish mentality stuff that u wanna know about people jeez.
  4. Can we pin this? This gem of a thread needs to be on display for all to see
  5. Went from statistics to heroic speech, u had a good run young one. Now rest with the rest of the failed topics in the chasm of GD.
  6. Nerds Btw, from this day forward u shall be known as Uguudlight. For the sake of memes
  7. Are you talking about the Unova unique weather displayed on other regions? or randomized weather effects on routes & cities in hoenn
  8. is this what it came down to? vanities via bribery?
  9. while you're at it, bring back off topic as well.
  10. Promotion eh? about damn time

    1. Darkshade


      I would say it's more of a declaration of my role - but thank you, I appreciate it.

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