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  1. Malorne


    SirTrump in the making, i like it.
  2. Malorne

    Steam/Appstore app Purchasing option

    Impossible under legal circumstances, PokeMMO is a fan-made game with no holds over the copyrights of Pokemon and steam sure as hell wont allow a game like PokeMMO to be featured unless gaben is feeling frisky with nintendo.
  3. Malorne

    Please create a F.A.Q.

    No darling, the whole point is to create a F.A.Q. for those questions which are mostly being asked to reduce the unnecessary 20 topics about the same question. And if they do, disallow them to create a new topic for a x amount of time till they learn to fucking search.
  4. I will not acknowledge either of you unless the get out hat is up for purchase.
  5. Malorne

    Once you complete the pokedex...

    Still waiting on that Nerd Badge @Desu
  6. Malorne

    new generation

    When u look at the right corner, there is a search bar. Use it!
  7. Malorne

    Please create a F.A.Q.

    Send them back to school, that'll teach the lazy bastards.
  8. PayToTest at its finest, i call bs
  9. Malorne

    stop making pheno only pokes

    Since this topic has came to the point where even the mods have started derailing, i'll go ahead call for a lock.
  10. Well, as useless as it is and doesn't really bring much to the table. I can see a little diversion happening between bred and caught pokemon (especially breeders or comps) i don't see why not.
  11. i play it for the lolz, is that fine?
  12. No, it will be annoying.
  13. Malorne


    use anything usable
  14. Malorne

    Illegal to Stream...?

    Not necessarily, we give staff the most shit on the stuff they do. The "defensive" attitude is usually when people dont know what they're talking about and complaining to no end. Which is basically granting them what they request in the context provided ; Making a fool out of themselves. That said, one key point is that u need to tag original pokemon games on your stream due to copyright and not PokeMMO.

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