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  1. I couldn't find anywhere else to post this and thought this was the best place! I'm back and going to be playing more PokeMMO!
  2. Masquarn


    [quote name='Chestbrah' timestamp='1363155172' post='227289'] hey and i suggest arcanine for your 6th [spoiler]or machamp[/spoiler] [/quote] Thing about that is that I don't want another fire pokemon.
  3. Masquarn


    [quote name='TheOriginal' timestamp='1363153385' post='227239'] Hello and welcome, I suggest Tyranitar [/quote] I've always liked Tyranitar. I'm gonna guess he is your favorite? Your Signature gives it away. XD
  4. Masquarn


    Hey! Me and my friend Axterin have just recently started to play PokeMMO and we think it's awesome! I just wanted to say Hello to everyone and hope you welcome me to the amazing world of PokeMMO! Current Team: Charizard Lv. 36 Pidgeotto Lv. 30 Alakazam Lv. 29 Dugtrio Lv. 29 I'm working on training them. I just recently got the 4th badge. Goal Team: Charizard Pidgeot Alakazam Starmie Dragonite (Looking for a Sixth, Suggest below!) -Mas
  5. I've leanred my lesson. :3

  6. I'm new to the PokeMMO community. Be nice. Please.

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