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  1. Anybody else getting the error message "Fatal Render Error" when attempting to open the game? Never had this before; not sure why its coming up. If anybody can point me to a fix so that I can enjoy the new update, that would be great. Thanks,
  2. Hey all quick question..., Is it illegal to steam Pokemmo on Twitch...? Is there any complications with streaming or recording video from this game to be placed on YouTube, social media, etc? I don't really see anybody recording or streaming this game.
  3. Personally don't care what you IMAGINE. I asked for an exact answer. Not interested in your smug answers.
  4. What EXACTLY was added? I have NOT played Gen 6.
  5. Can somebody explain this concept to me please? " EXP is now granted when catching wild species " Haven't played in a year or two and Ive just been looking at the updates and reading some forum posts. Just looking for some clarification on this new update. Thanks :D
  6. im having trouble in the warehouse, any guides that can tell me the path to get to the main room?
  7. Guide is very very helpful thank you very much, can you add w.e other pokemon are missing as well?
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