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  1. Or, they could just add nametags next to the pokemon, like they should've done right from the start... They should keep that for when they actually add custom arenas for tournaments. For now, it would just be a massive clusterfuck, as we don't have any good area to hold tournaments at.
  2. This. Completely pointless, to be honest, and would cause more trouble than it's worth. They should focus somewhere else, there's still a lot to do before the game is playable.
  3. Stop trying, you're embarrassing yourself.
  4. Yeah, but you don't make a will when you're 10, 20 or even 30 either, why would you do it in an MMO? A FUCKING MMO FOR GOD'S SAKE. If I died in real life, I'd like to think that people I played this game with and that I talk to every day on our TS would actually miss me and feel bad for me being gone, not go "OH YES, NOW I GET HIS POGEYMANS!!!!!!1!"
  5. What the fuck. You're not going to be playing this game until you're 80 or 90, you know. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.
  6. Implement them, but at the same time, have the option to disable them. Disable door/teleport animations Disable HM animations Disable moves animations These are the options we need. These animations need to be ingame eventually, completely dodging them is impossible, but I think that the option to not have them is even more important than the animation. Also: inb4 fishing animation (I hate it as much as all of you do)
  7. This is what I call a non-issue, and doesn't really deserve the attention it's being given. Even if the players can't find the arrows to change the moves at first, pressing on more key or moving their mouse a bit to the side is NOT a problem. There are many problems in this game, and this is not one of those. This is a pointless suggestions. Sure, it may even get "implemented", but it's not needed and doesn't deserve the time spent on it.
  8. Here it is, found it: Also, I did make a thread about it, but they told me that there really isn't much they could do. I really didn't mind it that much, tbh
  9. My first screenshot was a shiny Cubone that I found in Spooky tower and had to kill because my party was full. This was in August 2012, and you couldn't catch pokemon if your party was full, because they wouldn't get transfered over to the PC. I'll try to check up on that, I must have it somewhere.
  10. Gotcha. You couldn't get to Cinnabar until maybe September or October even, because that's when Strenght and Surf were implemented. You couldn't get past Celadon City, because like someone said, Pokeflute was only implemented in late August, which means that you couldn't even get to Fuschia city to know if Exp Share was implemented or not. Seriously though, why do people try to tell everyone else that they have been playing before everyone else? Is it just to show how cool and hip you were?
  11. So, when exactly did you start playing in that pre-alpha? How was the game back then? I'm curious.
  12. I was the guy that came up with that. It wasn't meant to be exclusively for tournament winners, but it was close to that. I eventually lost interest in the game and didn't continue the project. If the staff does something of the likes though, I'd suggest that they should appoint an exclusive staff member to it, because this staff member would have to be in all tournaments every week and have stuff ready to ask the interviewed, and that is something that is time consuming if they want to keep these interesting.
  13. Or it shows how interesting the tournaments are
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