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  1. I'm not entirely sure if I missed the submission time, or if we can still post, given the dates in the title of the event and time for submissions- but even if mine doesn't count, I still wanted to share the story I wrote. ❤️ 🙂 A Melody of Sacred Fire by: BeyondSpacey I sat against the great tower of Ecruteak City. There was a gentle breeze, that along with it, blew around auburn, orange and brown leaves. It was mostly quiet, except for the creaking of the tower. Maybe the occasional rustling of Pokémon lurking inside the old Burned Tower- where legend says three ancient dogs were brought to life by Ho-Oh, after they perished in the fire. What an enchanting story, for an enchanting city. I sat against the great tower of Ecruteak City. A notebook in hand, twirling my pencil through my old and frail fingers. I was surely lost in thought. I've written so many songs before, but I wanted to write something that would spark an ancient fire. The faint sounds of bells were heard, ancient tones echoing all the way outside, from Tin Tower. It was as if the tower was welcoming it's legendary dweller back home. I glanced everywhere, to see if I could spot a rainbow, or hopefully sight the Pokémon that is said to grant your greatest desire. I've spent ages looking for it... Ho-Oh. I pulled out the beautiful and surprisingly intact Rainbow Wing, from the pocket of my journey-worn jacket. "Will this be the day I see you, oh, great Ho-Oh? I'd like to write one wonderful song in my lifetime and it would surely be your song, one that would take no orchestra to hear, one that could be heard as you soar in the air. The bells of this tower that sound with your presence, would chime fervently along with a song like this. Your song..." Gently placing the feather back in my pocket, I sat back and stared up into the clear sky. Ding. My mind had surely encountered a roadblock, in which no HM could save me from. Dong. After a huge inhale of the crisp air, a long, drawn-out sigh escaped from within me. I closed my eyes and swayed from side-to-side along with each toll of the bells, until I fell into a hypnotized slumber. "Shaoooh!" I opened my eyes, and felt the instant Pressure to look around me. I was aghast at what appeared before me. I have to be dreaming. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever laid my eyes on. Rainbow colored wings, the smell of an ancient burning fire- this great phoenix perched before me, was gazing upon me. I reached up, to pet the creature on its feathery cheek. Then, to my surprise, it sang. A Round of a song for me. The song that I've wanted to write for so long for this majestic Pokémon. The notes of this song and the Rainbow Feather appeared on the notebook along with the Pokémon's singing, as if it were magic. Though, it was surely magical! The notebook was clutched tightly in the hands of the sleeping old woman. When she and her notebook were found by the town's Kimono girls, they took this as a sign from Ho-Oh. A sign that an old woman's wish came true and she had finally finished her song that came to be known as Ho-Oh's song, Sacred Fire. She sat against the great tower of Ecruteak City and her life's greatest work had come to fruition.
  2. Thanks for the event! Congrats to all of the winners & it was super fun~
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