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    PTS OSX(Mac)

    can't be opened on the 12041
  2. @Desu PS3 controller acting weird on OSX client, can you look into that too ? thanks
  3. or on osx you can use "multipatch" app
  4. see this man https://i.gyazo.com/43f7621174429455c191863266288976.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/c0b783124a12a693e06c5508c3097926.mp4 shiny ferrothorn kinda not fitted
  5. recommend : bungou stray dogs 文豪ストレイドッグス
  6. i thought it's bc my pc haha, btw thanks yes i already did it after a couple crashes
  7. sometimes it's the app chrashed: - when it's go to pc - after the battles btw i'm on osx
  8. ah @Sateva, @Purpleherpe, @veganatidae, @Shinybambangs, @dedegendut, @Zoubek & @Fabel those all is who made my day on pokemmo back on ..
  9. I just wonder, if you guys can extend link play into : - Story; So, new players can link play with their link partner{friend/couple/stranger} (i know this one might be hard to implement) - 2v2[4] Player Battle (PvP) ; Like pokemon XY Wi-fi Battle (might be new tier on pokemmo later, correct me if i'm wrong) - Late game; For re-gym so we can do re-gym together with link partner i know it's already implemented on the dungeon (including event dungeon), but these above is whole new Something like this:
  10. Voze

    Vanity Thread

    Red Dragon(Gyrados) costume Chinese dress (cheongsam & Changshan) Paper umbrella (Back item) for Chinese new year
  11. it was tradeable until they made it untradeable, bc someone maybe make a lot of character,trade into their main and sell it so they made it untradeable now
  12. One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day . Don’t clean it up too quickly. Savor and enjoy the moment. Merry Christmas!
  13. Voze


    @Ersi just talk to "mom"
  14. guess what year this is? and when the other things like this
  15. As the title said I hope we have sort by "egg group" and "Type" we already have the sort by "Tier" why don't we add "Egg Group" and "Type" on the pokedex too so we can search the breeder(pokemon) based on their egg group that we want to find on my case: if i want to search the egg group, i always open the GTL (when i forgot which egg group the pokemon(breeder) is) or open the go*gle first i don't know i prefer pokdex as a guide than a GTL (Global Trade Link)
  16. welcome back, and if you need a team please visit : https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/clubs/
  17. Voze

    Vanity Thread

    don't forget about the face slot too... and for my own suggestion:
  18. Voze

    Vanity Thread

    i already posted it, so @Darkshade 2 person already @Punccinello nice sprite btw, i hope it's as an outfit more than back. bc you can add broomstick if it as an outfit ps: mismagius hat more larger than that on the sprite
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