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  1. As the title said I hope we have sort by "egg group" and "Type" we already have the sort by "Tier" why don't we add "Egg Group" and "Type" on the pokedex too so we can search the breeder(pokemon) based on their egg group that we want to find on my case: if i want to search the egg group, i always open the GTL (when i forgot which egg group the pokemon(breeder) is) or open the go*gle first i don't know i prefer pokdex as a guide than a GTL (Global Trade Link)
  2. Voze

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    don't forget about the face slot too... and for my own suggestion:
  3. Voze

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    i already posted it, so @Darkshade 2 person already @Punccinello nice sprite btw, i hope it's as an outfit more than back. bc you can add broomstick if it as an outfit ps: mismagius hat more larger than that on the sprite
  4. Voze

    Monogatari Series Thread

    i suggest don't watch it Chronologically but watch it based on the realease date..
  5. Voze

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    not as vanity but as a emote, we need more emote tho
  6. Voze

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Haloween themed Vanity for girl Mismagius Hat (Pointed hat as basae) and Mismagius Cape (Collared cape as base with ribbon on the neck)
  7. that's the challenge :)
  8. Voze

    The IOS version

    if the time come i hope they release on the ios, without jailbreak it like delta emulator and gba4ios
  9. or maybe they can add checklist option to delete as an optional both "claim all" on the gtl and mails
  10. Voze

    Pokeball changer

    let's see what happen next,then.. @Kyu are you remember this ? if yes, are you guys already planning it, making or put the idea up?
  11. Voze

    Pokeball changer

    It would be nice if we can change our pokeball you know lot of use probably misclicked the undisired ball when breed it or we catch a wild poke that have nice ivs that we don't want to breed as a accomplishment or you got shiny from breeding or any thing similiar to that case so i just want to suggest we can have a ball changer like the name changer/rater on the lavender for the example
  12. Voze

    Vanity | Particle Suggestion Thread

    Fox Mask on the side : on the front (different suggestion) :
  13. Voze

    Voze's Hut (Voze的小屋)

    Ditto sold
  14. Voze

    Voze's Hut (Voze的小屋)

    i'll consider it message me in-game, bit busy on irl

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