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  1. or on osx you can use "multipatch" app
  2. see this man https://i.gyazo.com/43f7621174429455c191863266288976.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/c0b783124a12a693e06c5508c3097926.mp4 shiny ferrothorn kinda not fitted
  3. recommend : bungou stray dogs 文豪ストレイドッグス
  4. i thought it's bc my pc haha, btw thanks yes i already did it after a couple crashes
  5. sometimes it's the app chrashed: - when it's go to pc - after the battles btw i'm on osx
  6. are using mod? i think youre using a mod, if yes turn the mod off
  7. ah @Sateva, @Purpleherpe, @veganatidae, @Shinybambangs, @dedegendut, @Zoubek & @Fabel those all is who made my day on pokemmo back on ..
  8. Voze

    Team War!!

    like this?
  9. I just wonder, if you guys can extend link play into : - Story; So, new players can link play with their link partner{friend/couple/stranger} (i know this one might be hard to implement) - 2v2[4] Player Battle (PvP) ; Like pokemon XY Wi-fi Battle (might be new tier on pokemmo later, correct me if i'm wrong) - Late game; For re-gym so we can do re-gym together with link partner i know it's already implemented on the dungeon (including event dungeon), but these above is whole new Something like this:
  10. Voze

    Vanity Thread

    Red Dragon(Gyrados) costume Chinese dress (cheongsam & Changshan) Paper umbrella (Back item) for Chinese new year
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