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  1. Oop, typo in the title. Meant to write "Another way to implement legendaries. Fixed
  2. Currently, there are only 4 legendaries available and can not be permanently kept in the party, which kind of sucks. Most people enjoy the progression through the games to obtain the legendary Pokemon at the end of the road, and I may have a solution. Last year, I had been working on a Pixelmon server (Pokemon mod for Minecraft) and struggled to figure out how to give legendaries to players, until I created a system that assigns players a random selection of legendaries that they can get throughout their run. The way I programmed my system was that each player was assigned a random value between 1 and 100, and all legendaries had a "minimum" and "maximum" range that players needed to be within in order to be able to encounter it. Legendaries inside of a family/trio/due were evenly spread across the 1 to 100 range, while mythicals and legendaries that aren't part of a family would not be spanned evenly across the range. Here's an example: The weather trio could have their values be: Groudon - 1 to 33 Rayquaza - 34 to 65 Kyogre - 66 to 100 So that every player can catch atleast 1 legendary from the weather trio. Mew - 30 to 60 Mew is not apart of a trio or family, so it could be only caught by about 30% of players. In my server, this system worked well. It allowed players to have unique experiences with legendaries that they could encounter and create an incentive to trade (what if I can catch a Kyogre, but I prefer Rayquaza?). In terms of PokeMMO, the value could be tied to the players entire account or a per-character basis (that might not be good for the market) but I genuinely think this would be an interesting way to implement legendaries. All feedback is welcomed!
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