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  1. [img]http://tf2newbs.com/newbs_upload/ihighlydoubtitbutfeelfreetotry.PNG[/img]
  2. [quote name='Demando' timestamp='1363023931' post='225429'] [img]http://s7.postimage.org/ly4dmihxn/LOL1.jpg[/img] 2 IN 1 xD [/quote] Everybody knows you need to evolve chansey through berries, 87 of them. Also scizz, if I'd known hat that was satirical I may not have posted it.
  3. [img]http://tf2newbs.com/newbs_upload/reallycantbelievethis.PNG[/img]
  4. bulllizzard


    I'm new here too, but welcome and enjoy your stay. ^-^
  5. bulllizzard


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the wonderful place that is pokemmo, where every Pokemon can follow you, not just pikachu.
  6. don't have many pictures, but i have a few explanations. For the surfing bike (presumably level 100) get on your bike before you surf, next get into a fight on the water, after the battle you should enter back on your bike (if you move it returns to normal). For standing on water just surf and try and get into a wild battle as you start to walk onto land (lag causes you to move back to the previous square) To surf on land, after starting to surf use fly and when you arrive you will be surfing on land. (I like to think this is snorlax, and people are drowning him) Now for one I've discovered, Go to cinnabar island and make sure you have a pokemon following you, that jut out and the rectangle underneath it are what you use. Now align your pokemon with the square where the sand and grass meet, (grass side) start to walk up the path and your pokemon will walk off the map and clip through buildings on the return. [img]http://tf2newbs.com/newbs_upload/start%20the%20glitch.PNG[/img] [img]http://tf2newbs.com/newbs_upload/end%20result%20sor%20of.PNG[/img]
  7. what a warm welcome, thanks!
  8. bulllizzard


    New to the mmo, not to pokemon. Joined in and I love the community. Though they should have a link to google or bulbapidea somewhere for the mass of questions people have o.0 Anywho names bulllizzard (bulll for short) I either run a charizard, snorlax, blissey, electabuzz, gengar, (undecided) team or my kirby team Blissey, Wigglytuff, Clefable, Gengar, Chancy, Clefairy. love the game guys! ~Bulll
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