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  1. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    I am op. ty @DoubleJ
  2. [LTS] Event Rules & Description

    question, so the round robin first 6 weeks is to keep team completed(if u win and can keep all players) and w/l ratio doesnt matter much right?
  3. DoubleJ Presents... Featured Fights!

    I am at work that time, just get on now nub.
  4. [PSL 8] Awards

    saying enhan didn't get best overall cause he dodged all best players is just BS srsly Tiers he played every week is on me and JJ, he didn't even complain at all
  5. lmao Joey, u just can't quit this game.
  6. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    ye ofc, its on
  7. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    ye, I am ok for Zeb be the middle man, you?
  8. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    but...I dont trust u :)
  9. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    Take monkeys, and I need a middle man to hold the cash
  10. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    I take kiz and gazelli
  11. DoubleJ Presents... Featured Fights!

    I nominate me and @Arimanius for an eq rematch cause just too bored
  12. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) UU: LeJovi vs Axoa 100k DPP: Kimikozen vs XPLOZ 100k SM: Forfiter vs Telf 200k The Hungry Salamences (0) vs The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) UU: Frags vs Mkns 300k SM: Kizhaz vs Raptori 200k @Kizhaz can you be good this time?
  13. DoubleJ Presents... Featured Fights!

    gg kanzo bro, ez growlithe https://gyazo.com/6fb94d859e95545489262cd7d340fd05 https://gyazo.com/ce45e2bed48eddf8f73c449a1e5805b0
  14. DoubleJ Presents... Featured Fights!

    @KingBowser and @eggroll airbone donate 250k

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