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  1. https://gyazo.com/04748224f3c8fd2f5f16a82b46810975 gg Havs
  2. me and Tranz in 10 https://gyazo.com/a5466e659d1b093d6ca01df223c10bf1 gg bro, rip 8-0 tho
  3. I'll take it
  4. me and Blue start in like 20 mins
  5. me and @xXBlu3BreathXx Sat 4pm BST
  6. Take Spart and Predakiller
  7. The Hungry Salamences (0) vs Schwifty Shiftrys (0) UU: Aerun vs overToasted NU: xSparkie vs SejuaniSupport Doubles: Frags vs DoctorPBJ The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) vs The Machoke Artists (0) OU: EVLGOON vs enchanteur UU: Wiriketchup vs Arimanius Doubles: Sweendog vs EYL The Gain Train (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) OU: Walpayer vs MurcielagoSV NU: Parke vs Lazaaro Doubles: Zigh vs LordofAngmar The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Driftveil Dragonites (0) OU: Erayne vs SpartacusGD UU: Sebat vs BurntZebra UU: LeJovi vs Predakiller 200k on each also 200k on Machoke and Dragonites
  8. 5m that machoke make playoffs (top 6), odds 5:1 2m that machoke make top 4, odds 2:1 no limited takers @JIceJDragon I'll pay u 1.75m by mail when I get on
  9. IGN: yangsam Timezone: GMT+8 Tiers: PokeMMO OU / PokeMMO UU / PokeMMO NU / PokeMMO Doubles Fluff: 7 times psl playoffs and 1 time Champ
  10. yeye, managers get ready for some players' shitty attitude and host get ready for shit loads of inactive decisions. happy end of story
  11. pls just 8 tiers, I thought it's called player "super" league, only super players can join this event every matches should be hyped, imo some players without passion, lazy to schedule matches and even just get on and grab random teams don't even deserve to play.
  12. ohh ye, fogot this one. I'll mail the cash.
  13. @Torinnnnn just blacklist me till I wanna start betting again.(I'll pay u when that moment comes.) I'll mail when I get on.
  14. IGN: yangsam Country: Taiwan