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  1. yeye, managers get ready for some players' shitty attitude and host get ready for shit loads of inactive decisions. happy end of story
  2. pls just 8 tiers, I thought it's called player "super" league, only super players can join this event every matches should be hyped, imo some players without passion, lazy to schedule matches and even just get on and grab random teams don't even deserve to play.
  3. ohh ye, fogot this one. I'll mail the cash.
  4. @Torinnnnn just blacklist me till I wanna start betting again.(I'll pay u when that moment comes.) I'll mail when I get on.
  5. IGN: yangsam Country: Taiwan
  6. sure
  7. finally someone made a reasonable team bet, may I take it aw?
  8. take take
  9. take these wow, I'll take these take
  10. take
  11. mine
  12. happy birthday bro <3

  13. take these 2 The Outraging Lions (0) vs [MISC] Aesthetics Crew (0) OU: KingBowser vs enchanteur OU: Schuchty vs Raaid UU: xSparkie vs Sebat NU: SidClassic vs Lazaaro NU: TheBloo vs Dolittle torin DPP: Gunthug vs Btooom! sweet VGC17: BlueBreath vs xVolvagiax Spartan Warriors (0) vs Giant Legends (1) OU: Walpayer vs Kriliin VGC17: Kizhaz vs Zigh zigh The Human Caterpie (1) vs VALE (1) OU: Aerun vs LucasCisneros 200k each
  14. how I owe u 150k xD DPP: Gunthug vs Foggi (Taken by Yang) I won VGC17: BlueBreath vs Linken (Taken by Yang) I lost UU: Burntzebra vs Predakiller (Taken by Yang) I won VGC17: Oltann vs Tryss (Taken by Yang) I lost UU: FABBROoo vs Forfiter (Taken by Yang, ew) I lost think 50k?