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  1. The eggs are overcooked in #4 ...blasphemy
  2. I use GIMP. Tutorial I like your profile pic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. WB to you too. Did you start from red or just jump to the new stuff? Everything is lookin great so far. The new breeding system has me excited thanks to matoka. Who strolled in here and dopped their giant master balls on the table.
  4. I was never top tier or anything mostly pick-ups and bong tournys. I just met Dannnno while making jokes in chat and got on perps team. I was friendly with, iirc bruh or chestbrah. Met some of misc through him. Or if you were ever in a team with Guyver I was in their discord often. I can't remember the name of it. I wanna say it was generation and also had walrus and rusty. But more than likely it was from /ch2? whichever one had JWingWangWong and rae. I was usually pretty tipsy and chatted more than farmed. I think I can remember seeing you in-game. which team where yo
  5. IKR I don't think I know Matoka but I do now. That's one hell of a first impression.
  6. R.I.P I would get on just to talk to Rusty every few weeks or so. I think that was around the beginingof the end. Did everyone just drift away or was there some fuckery? How can we get control of gambo? Have you been active this whole time or just keeping tabs on the forum?
  7. IS there very many OTs playing nowadays?
  8. Just looking for the big stuff. Like you no longer need "X" or broken aspects that now work. but more like the mods and stuff i need.
  9. Could anyone give me a quick rundown of major changes? What kind of must-haves do I need? Is there a built-in calculator now or do I still need an app?
  10. Made a new account. IGN: BusterSkeetin .
  11. I'll keep it short. Joined just after the wailord shit went down. played a few weeks just enjoying pokemon in what we all had been waiting for. Then i met either Purp or Dannnno while in chat. Noticed the team name was BONG so i asked for an invite, put in an application on the tables, and there you have it. I was in bong from Gambo>Bong>Pipe>Smog On several accounts from bans. Longest running was probably my second account as NotCarl. I just drifted away from the game. You know how it is. One day missed turns into two then next thing you know Rusty is chief an
  12. i dont see the point.     so i take my single button keys and change them to a diffrent single button one?(run and directions) or take my pre-existing hotkeys(bike f6, map f5, rod f1) and change to a diffrent one?
  13. i dont know if this gonna work.
  14. i don't believe we've met.
  15. [url="http://youtu.be/I3UQ6aqPNeE"]http://youtu.be/I3UQ6aqPNeE[/url]
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