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  1. But how did you had fun back in 2013? With Patrick around there was no fun allowed D: Also, Hello!
  2. Lol, THIS IS AWESOME. Gotta see if i can drop u somethin in game.
  3. Here I go: Text: Greck Team (If you want it added): [Kult] Character/Pokemon: Abra Background: Anything you think will fit best. Animation: Not a fan Donation amount (If there is one): Ask @Bearminator Cheers ;-)
  4. Sup stalker

    1. AwusBooha


      Actually...you viewed my profile first, then I veiwed yours. So I should be the one asking that question....so "sup"? :p lmao

    2. Greck


      so we are a pair of stalkers

    3. AwusBooha


      I was just trying to see who my stalker was :p 

  5. Jump in game whenever u can, want to donate some for this PSL as im over with the game.

    1. DoubleJ


      Omw on DoubleJJ

  6. Greck

    Been a while.

    quiet? sis, the forums are ded compared to 2012. Anyways welkomm back, have fun, even if its still not allowed.
  7. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  8. Greck

    Are u back brah? ;-D

  9. This has been a thing for 2 years now.
  10. In my times this has been called "PokeDaily" +Rep, good idea tho
  11. (Its called webkit not chromium)
  12. XML use dependencies, but what i had in mind is the number and the load of the final app. (Lets say XML Dependencies = 1, all web related stuff dependencies = 10). Anyways if you suggest rebuilding only the UI to HTML (what still is gonna be a hard work), why not rebuild the whole game to PHP, port the Java code to an independent server (no more client java installing problems, and the connections between java and the php outputs its like 10% of the code), then develop that HTML (even responsive for smartphones, pokemmo on mobiles coming??) and let the app run on web browser. It will take like half of the year to do that, but the result would be amazing.
  13. Libraries, Libraries everywhere, if you want to use cavnas and javascript is not that easy at all, you need dependencies, code interpreters, etc. The XML maybe is not so popular and adaptable as HTML (+ the other codes you suggest) but is easier to implement to an desktop app. So thats all, have a nice day mr. web developer
  14. Okay Okay, all good, all fine, but... WHERE IS HAPPY!
  15. Greck

    Android App

    You copied the images from another suggestion, and you say "Maybe".
  16. Greck

    Android App

    Eeee, copyright that images baby, where is the link reference!
  17. back in 2012 there was more drama than pixels in the game
  18. Because we have not reach that year yet, u know, the "Phantom time hypothesis"
  19. Nah, the world ended that year.
  20. Just order by price and don't scroll beyond the value you want to spend
  21. We have reached that point where people with less than 100 posts becomes moderators

    1. Otoya


      I prefer only one moderator than a lot of new players acting like kids, lol.

      RIP PokeMMO Staff.

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