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  1. But how did you had fun back in 2013? With Patrick around there was no fun allowed D: Also, Hello!
  2. Voze

    hey greck, how are you doin?

  3. Lol, THIS IS AWESOME. Gotta see if i can drop u somethin in game.
  4. Here I go: Text: Greck Team (If you want it added): [Kult] Character/Pokemon: Abra Background: Anything you think will fit best. Animation: Not a fan Donation amount (If there is one): Ask @Bearminator Cheers ;-)
  5. Sup stalker

    1. AwusBooha


      Actually...you viewed my profile first, then I veiwed yours. So I should be the one asking that question....so "sup"? :p lmao

    2. Greck


      so we are a pair of stalkers

    3. AwusBooha


      I was just trying to see who my stalker was :p 

  6. Jump in game whenever u can, want to donate some for this PSL as im over with the game.

    1. DoubleJ


      Omw on DoubleJJ

  7. Greck

    Been a while.

    quiet? sis, the forums are ded compared to 2012. Anyways welkomm back, have fun, even if its still not allowed.
  8. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  9. Greck

    Are u back brah? ;-D

  10. This has been a thing for 2 years now.
  11. In my times this has been called "PokeDaily" +Rep, good idea tho
  12. (Its called webkit not chromium)
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