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  1. But how did you had fun back in 2013? With Patrick around there was no fun allowed D: Also, Hello!
  2. Voze

    hey greck, how are you doin?

  3. Lol, THIS IS AWESOME. Gotta see if i can drop u somethin in game.
  4. Here I go: Text: Greck Team (If you want it added): [Kult] Character/Pokemon: Abra Background: Anything you think will fit best. Animation: Not a fan Donation amount (If there is one): Ask @Bearminator Cheers ;-)
  5. Sup stalker

    1. AwusBooha


      Actually...you viewed my profile first, then I veiwed yours. So I should be the one asking that question....so "sup"? :p lmao

    2. Greck


      so we are a pair of stalkers

    3. AwusBooha


      I was just trying to see who my stalker was :p 

  6. Jump in game whenever u can, want to donate some for this PSL as im over with the game.

    1. DoubleJ


      Omw on DoubleJJ

  7. I'll do that, if i'll dont have to include me as the 1st one... Someone make the honors.
  8. ? Can you tell me where did i said that? Jice left, only because someone told him "UFO is the team with less chances to win anything", and then he was like "Trade me pls, trade me pls..." Raaidn as a Lyle fanboy, also wanted to be traded like instantly.. And finally that one kid which nick i can't remember, who did not even show'd up for a single battle when i put him at least twice to fight. If i'm going to be picked as manager, i'm gonna be sure that this time i don't make the same error.
  9. I do, but what does have it to see with PSL7? You mean that because i have made picks, and 3 of my top players refuse to play for me because "we wanted to be in a different team..."? Yup, Greck's fault, like always.
  10. Are you sure? No worries, this time i'll have a plan (a better one than bid on players who turn me their back in the 1st week) ;-) Gut damn, expected a real heart attack, now i have to improve myself.
  11. It's a bird? It's a plain? No! It's your future PSL Champion! IGN: Greck PokeMMO Team: The oldest and greatest team [Kult] Experience: 2 total PSL's as Manager, First time got 3rd place, Seconds time can't remember, also involver in donations since PSL3 Motivation: New year comes, new goals to archieve, time to become the Master of PSL at least for once. Maybe the last season i was not so in (for you know what reasons), but this time we will manage to build the best team on PSL history ;-) As is, always Hype for a new PSL Season, hope you can have me in consideration ;-D Fluff: I'm Handsome. End.
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