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  1. We are not going to help you debug a problem when you're running Vista still.
  2. This isn't new, we've said before we plan to do it eventually™ We're not actively working on it now.
  3. No, there's too much state that isn't persistent.
  4. This latest change correctly sets the cap to 5% profitability after fees.
  5. We gave a 2 hour window from when we turned off the entrance npc. It's a balancing act on online population, off-peak time, and how long nobody can play for the sake of people with longer runs. Our shutdown timer only does the full effect for the last 10 minutes unfortunately, we announced a bit earlier but not everyone would have seen that. I avoided shutting down when anyone was past 25 score, but there's a point where it has to be done.
  6. Desu


    This is a visual only issue that we're looking into.
  7. I've updated he link it sends you to to https://adoptopenjdk.net/ for next client update. Thanks.
  8. https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/security/SecureRandom.html
  9. This is called price discovery. Someone who doesn't value it as highly as you do lists it cheaply to sell it, and if someone else values it more than that they will buy it. This isn't a problem, and if your items aren't selling, you've priced them too high. Buyers and sellers aren't always equal forces, sometimes prices wax and wane for seemingly no reason. If they're as cheap as you suggest, you should be buying them and relisting them to take advantage of their lack of patience compared to yours.
  10. I'm 99.9% sure nothing changed with XP like you're suggesting. Are you using an xp share?
  11. Nah, it's fine. Also you don't have to do any ADB anything to get the folder, just open the .apk from the website with a zip extractor and look at `assets/data/themes`
  12. You heard the people @Darkshade make it happen.
  13. It has nothing to do with RP anything, it was just incorrectly balanced.
  14. Changelog 26/12/2020 - 2 Balancing: Added 4 extra Present pickup items in Twist Mountain's event area. Tweaks to Offensive Grass's starting moveset.
  15. You think we want to be doing this now?
  16. It probably did literally nothing. That's an extremely early screenshot.
  17. It's just a bug, it will be fixed Soon™.
  18. As for the main subject, the user was not left unbanned because of some friendship, nepotism, pity, or any other reason. To better understand, here is some context. We have had an internal amnesty policy where users can voluntarily admit to attempting to or successfully purchasing items via RMT. If a user reports their purchase in a reasonable time frame, before it is noticed, we will simply confiscate the item and let them off with a warning. Sellers do not get any leniency. As a slight extension to this policy, this also extends to RMT scammers. If you attempt to buy
  19. Did you even read my reply? Ban appeals are not a place to argue your innocence, they are a place for oversight and review of bans and for us to be able to inquire about specific actions taken. I can assure you we do review evidence in every appeal. I'm confused as to why you haven't sent it already if you have more proof. Send me everything you have via PMs.
  20. This isn't a full response, it's only my initial thoughts. First of all, to address your complaints about being being banned "unfairly", you can't provide proof you didn't do something. You can provide all the proof in the world that you had some legitimate transactions and exclude the parts you don't want to admit. Everyone claims to be innocent, points to a few things they think clears them while pretending there was nothing else. We do not publicly discuss bans, so users feel impunity to claim their innocence without fear of being called out. Ban appeals are not a pl
  21. It ends on 05/11/2020 00:00 UTC. Approximately 22 hours from now.
  22. Pumpking drank 100 Monster Energy® drinks. He's immune to sleep now.
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