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  1. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with moves showing as hitting multiple times. Possible fix for sounds playing during other sounds when music is disabled. Fixed an issue related to reconnecting during team preview.
  2. This is not feasible due to the cost of machine translation services.
  3. Dude basically the whole game is PvE
  4. It should be fixed sometime later today.
  5. Ah darn, I finally got time to look into this and it was missing the +25% leeway for the initial yellow warning. It was showing yellow if it's just $1 above the valuation. This should be fixed with the latest client update.
  6. Desu

    Changelog: 21/09/2021

    Changelog: 23/09/2021 Bug Fixes Seasonal vanity items will now use the correct blue icons again. Fixed darkness overlay in GBA regions. Fixed incorrect badge signup requirements for randoms. Added 3x GBA Zoom Level option to android. Fixed incorrect GTL coloration level. (Items were showing as yellow before they were supposed to)
  7. The prices are 100% based on completed sale prices (not unsold listing prices). There has been no manual effort in dictating the valuation. If people are willing to pay a higher price, the level at which the yellow/red prices start to show warnings will increase. The colors only indicate that the price is higher than what the item typically actually trades for. If you feel like a price is worth paying when it's yellow or even red, there's nothing stopping you. We may have to do some adjustment to lower-priced items to give them a higher acceptable range before showing yellow, but these colors follow the price, not dictate it.
  8. The price dictates the colors. If the price of an item raises, so will the level at which the colors apply.
  9. This issue happens with a lot more items than the RP voucher. And we're actively taking steps to prevent it both already on live and in next update. This thread's not helping anything, so going to end it here.
  10. Ah, I see what we did wrong. Should be fixed for next update and includes more detailed context. Example with 1 brace:
  11. Alright, this thread's been answered. Going to leave it outside of trash so people can find it if they need it, but locking it.
  12. There's nothing to add or document, it's the standard gen3/4 catch rate, which is almost identical to gen5's as well. The few changes we made to ball rates are already documented.
  13. There has been no modifications from vanilla with the exclusion of certain special balls having their rates tweaked. These tweaks to ball rates are publicly documented in the item descriptions. The formula is gen 3/4, and monster capture rates should be unmodified gen 5.
  14. The thread is a bit too heated atm, throwing insults and not really conductive to an actual discussion. I would have liked to reply earlier and leave it open, but for now it's better off left locked. We've wanted a value tracker and automated price limits for a while, it just gets extremely complicated with non-fungible items (monsters). So it never has really gotten enough dev time. We should probably have still already implemented it for fungible items. I edited my reply to address the anon aspect afterward. The problem is that these players have already gained (in some cases quite large) amounts of value from this. Announcing it wouldn't make that go away, we've already added upper bounds price caps to prevent further exploitation and will make this system better and less reliant on manual updates in the future. It should be obvious, but if prices were to get close to these limits they would be raised, but a few users in this thread don't quite understand this. The work is being done, but the users who have already taken advantage of other users is a separate issue.
  15. Okay boys and girls, listen up. It's time for an economics lesson with Desu. Free Market is only a free market if it has a few principals that are required to have a functional free market, one of which is informed consumerism. All parties on a contract must be aware of the terms and and conditions of what they are agreeing to. This includes the price and actual value of the item they are selling/purchasing. In these cases, there's a clear lack of consent made obvious by immediate regret upon realizing the true terms of the "contract" they just agreed to. Even some of the freest of markets have consumer protections and requirements for refunds build into the economic system for people who express regret. This keeps the system fair, there's no benefit in scamming someone if they can just return the item up for 24 hours. There's no mechanism to do this on the GTL, so we have to enforce additional rules to prevent this. In a true free market, scamming and ripping off other players will hurt your reputation, but the GTL being anonymous doesn't have any feedback mechanism. A true free market would be much more baazar style, where every seller has their own stall or business. Competing for customers based on trust, reputation, and reliability, in addition to price. The GTL is arguably, not a free market due to these limitations. High-pressure sales tactics are another highly regulated and illegal practice that conflicts with true free market informed consumerism. You can't have informed consumers if you do not have time to properly consider your options and responsibly make a purchase. The situation of listing an item which looks like it is under-priced and will sell extremely fast is exactly a high pressure sales tactic. This behavior of listing an item with a misleading price and creating a false sense of urgency is a textbook Illegal high-pressure sales tactic. Lastly, this scam has always been against the rules, but it has gone unreported due to the anonymous nature of the GTL. This isn't a sudden rule change, but an increase in enforcement due to the rapid increase in scams. No staff member, and to my knowledge, no friend of staff member has fallen for this scam. Enforcement has started due to the increase of players reporting and being made aware that they can report this.
  16. An update that should resolve this issue has been released. Please restart your game clients.
  17. This is a false positive, we will be contacting Kaspersky again shortly.
  18. We are not going to help you debug a problem when you're running Vista still.
  19. This isn't new, we've said before we plan to do it eventually™ We're not actively working on it now.
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