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  1. pidar when you will give me my money back

    1. DimitriPidaras


      patryk here if you dont rememberer


  2. Np, we got chu.
  3. Run: cd /Users/NAME/Downloads/PokeMMO-Client-PTS-8888/ then ./
  4. Looks like a "This file is new, it might be bad", but extra dumb. Give it a few minutes/hours to see if it becomes less dumb.
  5. Can I get a screenshot of whatever windows is bitching about?
  6. Moemon gen 5?

  7. Having her just be a different way to buy from the GTL isn't inherently a bad idea, it wouldn't spawn any new items but just sell the existing GTL items. That being said, I would rather have player find and figure out how to use the GTL itself.
  8. Banned for leaking top secret communications.
  9. All of you.
  10. pls no human trafficking. especially of me.
  11. Where do I accept my prize?