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  1. I really appreciate appreciation threads because they help us appreciate what needs appreciated.
  2. The following Limited items are now available in the Gift Shop through April 3rd: Lillipad Sombrero
  3. I have a doubt.

    Ah right, I forgot that is still missing. No promises though, still too much other priority work to be done.
  4. Account Security???

    By an hour, you mean 5 minutes. And it was delivered in less than 60 seconds. You're already in game.
  5. PokeMMO update schedule?

    Don't forget TM™
  6. Make multi-factor authentication optional

    You're unlikely to be bothered by it unless you change devices super frequently. We store all passwords hashed with a strong hash function (bcrypt) Nobody thinks things will happen to them until they do. This makes me uncomfortable with the idea of letting players assume full risk. An opt-out functionality isn't completely off the table, but even if it gets implemented, I would probably reserve it for the most extreme circumstances.
  7. Make multi-factor authentication optional

    Your account is not yet enforcing 2fa. Are you sure you were actually prompted for 2fa? Did the prompt include your email address?
  8. Mod install under Linux (KDE)

    This means the folder exists, simply navigate to it (It's likely hidden by default) and add the mod files here. Or use the terminal and cp to copy mods from cli.
  9. Mod install under Linux (KDE)

    Open up a terminal and run mimeopen ~/.pokemmo/data/mods
  10. Mod install under Linux (KDE)

    Should be ~/.pokemmo/data/mods
  11. cuales son los requisitos para ser moderador?

  12. No. At the base they follow the same IV rng, but 30% of the time it rerolls until at least 1 stat is 30+. If the base roll has a 30 or higher, nothing changes.
  13. Add DPI Scaling

    Soon™ (Maybe)
  14. pls help me i dnt do anything and i has banned 

  15. He tenido un problema. Estaba en mi juego cuando de repente como q me banearon, y sin motivo aparente. Espero q se solucione pronto. Gracias por tu ayuda <3

    1. Auraa26




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