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  1. ciky


  2. Hola, buenas noches.

    Quisiera saber si es posible recuperar mi cuenta del año 2017. Esta petición se debe a que no recuerdo mi contraseña ni puedo acceder a mi correo. El nombre de la partida era arkant, desde ya muchas gracias y disculpen por las molestias.



    Hello Goodnight.

    I would like to know if it is possible to recover my account from the year 2017. This request is because I do not remember my password nor can I access my email. The name of the game was arkant, thank you very much in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. An update that should resolve this issue has been released. Please restart your game clients.
  4. This is a false positive, we will be contacting Kaspersky again shortly.
  5. I just wanted to catch rare pokemon... As did everyone else... And you profited off that same feeling in others.. And you had your staff close and lock threads for years.


    It's wrong.. I was wronged. I can't even be sure I'm playing a fair game anymore and I genuinly advertised and contributed it thinking you were a community of active devs who cared, but the opposite is what I've seen.

  6. Wow. Just learned about the shiny scandal back in 2015... I bought donator on my account back in 2015 in an attempt to help me catch shinies, but after hundreds of people telling me the system was rigged I moved to [Edited by staff as mentioning other Pokemon MMOs is against the rules]. I wanted to come back and try pokemmo anew and it turns out all those people were right and I just wasted my money on lies in 2015 and I just did it again when I don't even know if you guys learned your lesson and changed the system. If your still punishing players for looking like cheaters and penalizing people who specifically who shiny hunt and look like bitters by changing the static chance to something per individual, then your still just robbing people blindly.


    Additionally, Why is the only thread I needed to create an account to see the same one where you all admit to your wrongdoings after being caught and then closing the thread before answering what you were gonna change about your system built on years of lies? You bet if Nintendo knew exactly what you did your little loophole wouldn't be enough to stop the shutdown. You promised a service you were actively lying about. The evidence is so pronounced, yet all you do is say sorry and post emoticons and no answers... I want an apology for the wrongdoings from 2015. The thousands of hours and dollars people wasted because of a lie that helped line your pockets.


    Can you do that for me? Can you show us things have changed and admit to the falsehoods instead of simply dodging them? What happened to no bullshit... Just games?


    Own up. No bullshit. Just games. Confront it and make it right.


  7. We are not going to help you debug a problem when you're running Vista still.
  8. This isn't new, we've said before we plan to do it eventually™ We're not actively working on it now.
  9. No, there's too much state that isn't persistent.
  10. This latest change correctly sets the cap to 5% profitability after fees.
  11. We gave a 2 hour window from when we turned off the entrance npc. It's a balancing act on online population, off-peak time, and how long nobody can play for the sake of people with longer runs. Our shutdown timer only does the full effect for the last 10 minutes unfortunately, we announced a bit earlier but not everyone would have seen that. I avoided shutting down when anyone was past 25 score, but there's a point where it has to be done.
  12. Desu


    This is a visual only issue that we're looking into.
  13. I've updated he link it sends you to to https://adoptopenjdk.net/ for next client update. Thanks.
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