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  1. I gave you a 5 minute ban for being a shitty troll. Thanks for confirming it's actually you.
  2. From what I can see you've never bought any ocarinas, let alone 4. If I made a mistake, feel free to pm me your character name.
  3. We don't bother recovering forum accounts.
  4. You are misunderstanding the "fair play" aspect quite a bit. Adding an option to speed up the gameplay becomes a requirement instead of an option. Effectively you no longer have a "Make the game faster" and "regular speed", you have "regular speed" and "extra slow". This is different from item/effects which increase the speed in other ways, since animations are part of the the baseline rate. For an existing example, take a look at text speed. It currently defaults to the maximum setting. The option used to default to half, but users who didn't notice the option were at a disadvantage compared to who did. This was bad design so the default was updated to address this issue. I'm sorry if you dislike our decision, but we are not interested in adding this option at this time.
  5. Seitokai Yakuindomo? Yeah watched it years ago. You have my attention
  6. Is pretty good, it's got a Sora yori mo Tooi Basho feel to it. SOUNDS LIKE YOU TALKIN MAD SHIT ABOUT MILF-ISEKAI On topic, I'm just sitting here waiting for 10c to give me more Mo Dao Zu Shi
  7. 请官方重新调查。我的账号并没有购买或者出售。只是之前的邮箱密码已经忘记所以想改。真的很喜欢这个游戏。请求解封

  8. https://github.com/nothings/stb/pull/625 Probably not
  9. Diano

    Hi hii, the "Available RSS feeds" button shouldn't be available for public nah?

    Sorry if i'm wrong, but i just noticed it, and the link is giving us the .xml file of "Updates & Announcements"

    1. Desu


      It's fine, you can put that link into an RSS feed reader to keep up with new announcements.

  10. Ingles:

    Are they going to improve pokemmo?
    placing new regions, adding the mega evolutions and "Z" movements and adding alola in pokemon's?

    and that the pokemon's that evolve to have the evolutionary stones out of their pokeballs in mega-evolved mode?



    Van a mejorar pokemmo?
    colocando nuevas regiones, añadiendo las mega evoluciones y movimientos "Z" y añadiendo vercion alola en pokemon's ?

    y que los pokemon's que evolucionan al tener las piedras evolutivas salgan de sus pokebolas en modo megaevolucionados?

    1. Diano


      You are too far in the future, we don't even have Sinnoh and Johto yet

  11. So when we introduced the item we realized an extremely obvious issue, the item is a niche use utility item. Meaning you only need it for very short periods of time. A single tradable amnesia brace would be bought from the GTL for $X, used for a short while and then instantly relisted for $X. (Or just shared with a large team/friend group) This means nobody ever really needs to pay (Either ingame or RP) for the item. The two ideas to make this item viable were either tradelocking it or making it consumable. For better or worse, we chose the former. Even if we rework the item into a consumable, the preexisting versions will not be changed. Users bought an infinite usage item with a trade restrictions, we're not taking that away from people who like this. Nor would we give a free new item for users who already got usage out of their old versions.
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