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  1. Probably. We'll try to get it down as much as possible later.
  2. Here a mistake happened and I do not know why, they were supposed to give me a "lucky egg" in a cave and a scientist (black pokemon) had given it to him and he had not given it to me, they would have to give me the lucky egg to enter the cave but I do not have the egg of luck
    1. YukkiWhite


      they did not give me the egg thing that you have to give when you enter a cave
    2. YukkiWhite


      Could something be done? How to give me the lucky egg or do I have to conform? I did not sell my egg, I did not throw it away, I did not put it together .. I checked in my backpack and I did not have the egg, I checked everywhere and I did not have it
  3. Munya

    Hello, you have the worst taste in characters and this profile smells.

  4. If darkshade gets to code, can I do the art?
  5. As has already be stated, releasing vanities that are already in the game client does not take away any dev time.
  6. hello all good night I do not want to bother anyone I just need help to recover my account dawned blokeada need help says impersonation staff that I think is scam but not scammed to anyone my respect to the other players is mutual and they consider me a good friend I would not do anything to scam others I need help I hope you understand me and give me back my account please

  7. Desu

    PokeMMO Coming Soon to Android

    Sorry we suck at ETAs. 2 weeks™.
  8. The following items are now available in the Gift Shop: Frog Hood Frog Costume Samurai Helmet (Colourable) Samurai Armor (Colourable)
  9. Open up the giftshop "Get more RP" link, then check history.
  10. Desu

    Freedom of speech

  11. Can you forward these emails to [email protected]? Thanks
  12. We use libgdx as the base framework.
  13. Depends on how shitty we allow it to be. We ended up losing a lot of time to optimizations for several things.
  14. Desu


    Desktop updates should happen just fine, even during android beta. At least once the required fixes to things like GUI get stable once again.

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