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  1. yuly2

    wait, why did you close the topic? I asked her she told me that she traded seeds with someone else with her pokemon and she sold those yesterday and today she sold the ocarina. that's why she got 2450000 today. Was that count as RMT for exchanging pokemon with items?

    1. yuly2


      Hi, Desu

      Dude, thanks for letting me know the the situation here. I understand this time it's her fault for sure. Is there any chance she can get her banned appeal this time by delete the money she got from selling the seeds and only keep the ocarina income? It's not good to see a friend got disappointed by a game thinking of all the effort she put here. Please?

    2. razimove
  2. Maybe ask her where she got the money this time too. I'm sorry your friend is so insistent on lying to you, but there's nothing more we can do if you refuse to acknowledge this.
  3. Unsatisfied with the first ban she RMT'd again on her new account, and got caught again. No it wasn't related to an ocarina.
  4. Sorry, but your friend is lying to you. PS: Thanks for making me look at her new account too. She did it again.
  5. We don't ban people for no reason, nor do we enjoy banning people. No, that isn't why she was banned. Go ask her for the real reason why she might have been banned. I don't know if the gold seller could have possibly been more obvious, but I guess he has her money already so why would he care if she gets banned?
  6. Miss the Makise Kurisu GIF

  7. Tinypic added, but no guarantee all of their subdomains work.
  8. Diano

    Hello there, how have you been?

    It says ".gif is allowed" but it doesn't work.

    Are you planning to tick the profile wallpaper option for everyone?

    1. Desu


      Non-animated gifs exist, but regular members aren't currently allowed to use animated gifs.


      Profile cover photos should now work.

    2. Diano


      Perfect, thanks

  9. Kyu


    1. AurumPegasus



  10. Desu

    Changelog: 08/02/2019

    23/02/2019: Bug Fixes Potential fixes for some fatal render errors certain users are experiencing. test
  11. You do not get the link effect if you have another of the same type.
  12. Desu


    Should be yes.
  13. Desu


    Nope, we just suck.
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