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  1. Good evening dear administrator, I am a Brazilian player recently banned on all my Pokemmo accounts, according to the warning I was banned for using "BOOTING", but I WAS NOT USING ANY UNLAWFUL WAY OF PLAYING, I was simply training my Pokemon. more than 5 hours when suddenly I get a permanent ban. I don't know what happened, I'm still in shock for losing all my accounts today and yesterday, even though I was not doing anything wrong in the game, I didn't use any third party programs or anything, I was just investing my time in My bills, and I lost my bills by simply TRAINING.

     Please admin help me recover my accounts, I invested a lot of my time in Pokemmo because I love this game, and getting an unfair ban like this makes me think about giving up the game, I beg help me recover my accounts. Account emails are:


    - [email protected]

    - [email protected]

    [email protected]


    Please I don't deserve this punishment, I didn't break any rules, I was just training my pokemons using my time, I love Pokemmo, please help me.

    This message will be passed on to other Administrators for help.


  2. 5252

    Hello Admin,I'm a chinese pekommo player.I have a game account number,I haven't played in a while.I have a friend in discussion group.He like this game too,so I want give he this account number.But I can't revise his Email in https://pokemmo.eu/ add.So I trying Contact you and get help.

    Plese help me replace my old email add by his email add.

    Keep the reply.

    Thank you very much.


    account number:as2mi

    my old email add:[email protected]

    his email add:[email protected]

  3. Feel free to simply not purchase an item if you do not like an item.
  4. I think this has gone on long enough. We have no plans to adjust the difficulty. Nobody is forcing you to to play the game. If you find the current difficulty to be incompatible with your desired play style, I suggest you find another game to play.
  5. It's a bug, it will be removed soon enough.
  6. Hello, my two game accounts (the same as the mailbox account, a total of 6 characters) were banned at the same time last night, suggesting a third-party plug-in, but I have never used such software, the usual login device is normal The computer has a mobile phone. Everyday things are almost the same except for the daily planting and watering work. Now I have already appealed. I hope I can pass it. I still like this game very much, but I feel that I have no energy to play again. The account is up, I hope the official staff can help me.
    Account name: 131241, INFOREN6
    Email: [email protected]
    Email:[email protected]

    1. SneakyTeddi



      Place this request in the correct area and provide the required information:

      Thank you!

    2. losepp



      so sad bro


    3. INFOREN2



  7. I don't understand what you are asking, pvp should already play 1168. What sound id shows when you use /bgm ?
  8. If I understand you correctly, maybe an "alias" system would be better? Like having "sounds/1/XXX.txt" that contains "2 1168" would instruct the client to play 2 1168 when 1/XXX is attempted to be played?
  9. My character seems to be missing form my account yet its still on my brothers friends list. Is it possible to get it bound to my account again or am I out of luck?

  10. Hello, staff, my pokemmo's email is not my email. From the beginning, I filled in the wrong email. I didn't notice that now I want to modify it. Can you help me? I don't want to start a new battle. My English is not very good. Please don't be rude. I'm a Chinese player.

    1. SneakyTeddi


      Hello! ^^

      We will need more information to help you, can you please talk to us in this link about it?


      Thank you!

  11. This thread has gone on long enough. We have no intention to change how we handle appeals for certain punishment types. That said, we already do provide detailed evidence and reasoning to most social/behavioral punishments during appeals.
  12. We already regularly show chat excerpts in reply to appeals for chat/behavior based punishments.
  13. We're not going to teach you how we detect botting/RMT. Yes, that's what he's complaining about.
  14. Administrator, I want to discuss something with you. Do you have time

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. 460424588


      Well, I sent a lot of messages and he ignored me, but thank you anyway

    3. SneakyTeddi


      He didn't reply, doesn't mean he didn't read.
      If you have new infos, please share in the request and he will see. The investigation is still going on.
      You're welcome! :)

    4. BobTheBuilder


      Man, you do know that he is doing bigger and better things with his time. Leave Desu alone.

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