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  1. BaoJi

    官方的吗?你好,为什么我在PVP的时候突然说线下交易被封了?可以去查询看看  根本不可能的

  2. is there a place to apply to help develop? I'm currently working as a react-native developer and though app experiance isn't needed here maybe it can be if we can compile a build for apps / ios for people to download. There may not be an application held on the appstore as it may get knocked for copyright but I can at least develop an app that can be installed if users give permissions (non jailbreak) as i think roms can be loaded and depending on how the client works its a possibility. if not I have experience in other languages as well I hope I can be of help because this looks like an amazing project

  3. It ends on 05/11/2020 00:00 UTC. Approximately 22 hours from now.
  4. Pumpking drank 100 Monster Energy® drinks. He's immune to sleep now.
  5. Special candy rate is fair™
  6. What is the actual error message you are getting? Everything I can see looks to be correct, and it is using last seasons ELO for priority.
  7. Hello!
    I was trying to get help with accessing my old account. I had the username 21darklink12, and I dont remember or have access to my old email at all. any info you need to verify its me, just ask. Thank you in advance, Desu 

  8. Not sure if you heard otherwise, but we just took it, unset the OT, and sent it back. Whole process took 2 minutes.
  9. Hay alguna forma en la que me vuelva un moderador, ya llegue a las 500 y me interesaria saber como 

  10. Turn on toggle run in settings. Two speeds are required for gameplay reasons. Sometimes you have to go fast, and sometimes you have to go slow.
  11. Each season starts each quarter. Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec. The first one is going to be slightly shorter due to when we updated, it will end on Oct 1st.
  12. One thing you're overlooking is that even if giftshop items were not tradable, players could (and did) do it anyway. Player A has $5 he wants to turn into ingame resources. Player B wants a $5 vanity. They somehow come to an agreement and Player A logs into Player B's account, adds the $5 to their account, and afterward the ingame resource is traded to Player A. So now that we know this is still possible to do, let me explain to you why this is even worse than the current system. Player A can use a stolen credit card, and Player B gets banned with no obvious link that Player A was actually who committed fraud. Player A can just steal things from Player B while he's logged in. And a few other stupid scenarios. This makes rule enforcement harder, takes more staff resources, leads to players being banned for things they didn't do, and just... doesn't accomplish what you want.
  13. Desu

    UU Reward

    Rewards got reshuffled during the update to handle the new scaling of mmrp.
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