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  1. Hay alguna forma en la que me vuelva un moderador, ya llegue a las 500 y me interesaria saber como 

  2. Turn on toggle run in settings. Two speeds are required for gameplay reasons. Sometimes you have to go fast, and sometimes you have to go slow.
  3. Each season starts each quarter. Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec. The first one is going to be slightly shorter due to when we updated, it will end on Oct 1st.
  4. One thing you're overlooking is that even if giftshop items were not tradable, players could (and did) do it anyway. Player A has $5 he wants to turn into ingame resources. Player B wants a $5 vanity. They somehow come to an agreement and Player A logs into Player B's account, adds the $5 to their account, and afterward the ingame resource is traded to Player A. So now that we know this is still possible to do, let me explain to you why this is even worse than the current system. Player A can use a stolen credit card, and Player B gets banned with no obvious link that Player A was actually who committed fraud. Player A can just steal things from Player B while he's logged in. And a few other stupid scenarios. This makes rule enforcement harder, takes more staff resources, leads to players being banned for things they didn't do, and just... doesn't accomplish what you want.
  5. Desu

    UU Reward

    Rewards got reshuffled during the update to handle the new scaling of mmrp.

    sorry for the inconvenience but I only ask for help they robbed me and I can not get my poke back an absol 5x30 I already created a news but nobody does anything I just ask for help pliz I have even photos in my news pliz help thanks.

  7. These are rewards for PvP players. Not everyone is expected to want to put in the time to get them. The actual time required may still need adjustments, but we're keeping an eye on it. The early reset for bi-weekly rewards was a one time thing due to rescalling of rewards. We're sorry for the inconvience it has caused players.
  8. Seasonal rewards do not reset every 14 days. You have until the end of September to get it.
  9. You can already requeue and play more matches, while the person stuck in a longer game cannot. Effectively "time spent" is a larger factor in rewards now. We might not have the scaling perfect just yet, but we think its a step in the right direction.
  10. You still have 307/1250 towards the seasonal item. Rewards were scaled to not penalize players for longer matches.
  11. It doesn't force you to do anything. If you weren't even a little interested in PvP this update just isn't for you. Let other players have something nice for once, it's not just about you.
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