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  1. Teach me the way of the Anime

  2. Well, at least it isn't a seizure inducing one...

  3. Moving avatars and Desu go together quite well.

  4. And I thought your last avatar was bad.

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    2. Risadex


      Too late for my cousin. RIP


    3. Vorred


      @Munya if i see you talking smack on VA-11 Hall A again and im gonna beat you up kid

    4. Moetal


      That's not even best Saber. Step it up Desu

  5. Don't link raw document files. If you absolutely must link a spreadsheet upload it to an online editor like Google sheets or Onedrive.
  6. Cheating:
  7. Why do they even make us go all the way to grass to use it too? Such a waste of time. They should just let us use it from the PC.
  8. I've actually been meaning to look into them, so quite possibly.
  9. RP is an account wide resource.
  10. Not really no. Good idea or not aside, forums are given super-omega-ultra-shit tier dev time priority. There's other more important things for me to be working on. Feature requests are entirely off the table.
  11. I don't believe Tyrone asked any of the admins their opinion before posting that response. As we did not originally plan on using an offer provider, we didn't feel the need to correct it. After it being brought up again internally we have decided to give it a trial run to see how it fairs. A lot of larger companies, such as Jagex already use this provider to monetize their own games. If an offer is asking for something you are uncomfortable answering or installing, you can simply not do it. If you find any suspicious ads feel free to report them. As far as surveys go, I believe each survey has a specific target demographic they are targeting. And if you aren't in it, they aren't interested in your response. Unfortunately finding out if you are/aren't in it can sometimes be fairly time consuming. For the online game that you believe should have paid out, press the "Get Help" at the top of the page and contact support.
  12. They're all you bro.
  13. Posts tend to get hidden when threads devolve into personal attacks, insults, and general flaming. Even posts that aren't inherently bad replying to hidden get hidden. Low effort posts/rule breaking posts also get hidden. Some examples: Moderation is a required aspect of forums.