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  1. Match manipulation is against the rules and is enforced equally to all players. It's a busy time of the year for all of us, and sometimes mistakes happen in report processing. We will do our best to fully investigate this report and handle it soon. Donations to the game do not give special treatment on rule enforcement.
  2. I saw this by accident254891962_SFYPP0I)WL(I@TL06EKNM.jpg.b75f1d2c42f2c5e0ab8bd6b93716a78d.jpg

  3. There should be nothing modified with the random status effect rate. One factor is that it matters a lot more here than on vanilla difficulty so you notice it more.
  4. axx

    The vanities release date is using the OS lang instead of the client's.

    Pls update again kthxbye.

  5. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with moves showing as hitting multiple times. Possible fix for sounds playing during other sounds when music is disabled. Fixed an issue related to reconnecting during team preview.
  6. Ah darn, I finally got time to look into this and it was missing the +25% leeway for the initial yellow warning. It was showing yellow if it's just $1 above the valuation. This should be fixed with the latest client update.
  7. Desu

    Changelog: 21/09/2021

    Changelog: 23/09/2021 Bug Fixes Seasonal vanity items will now use the correct blue icons again. Fixed darkness overlay in GBA regions. Fixed incorrect badge signup requirements for randoms. Added 3x GBA Zoom Level option to android. Fixed incorrect GTL coloration level. (Items were showing as yellow before they were supposed to)
  8. The prices are 100% based on completed sale prices (not unsold listing prices). There has been no manual effort in dictating the valuation. If people are willing to pay a higher price, the level at which the yellow/red prices start to show warnings will increase. The colors only indicate that the price is higher than what the item typically actually trades for. If you feel like a price is worth paying when it's yellow or even red, there's nothing stopping you. We may have to do some adjustment to lower-priced items to give them a higher acceptable range before showing yellow, but these colors follow the price, not dictate it.
  9. The price dictates the colors. If the price of an item raises, so will the level at which the colors apply.
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