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  1. PokeMMO.exe is a combination jar and exe created by http://launch4j.sourceforge.net/ Due to the nature of automatic updates inherent of an MMO this isn't really something which can be worked around. Using this format all desktop (Windows/Linux/OSX) share a common inter-compatible main executable and therefore automatic updates. Our default linux packages are simply a bootstrapping mechanism which invokes the updater (.jar) to automatically download the client files. We have an email for the linux package maintainers at [email protected]
  2. Creation of Follower Sprite Mods

    Initial documentation is up, if you have any questions or issues please feel free to ask.
  3. PokeMMO Mod Documentation

    Follower Sprite Mods: Certain files in the /sprites/followsprites/ folder will be loaded as overworld follower sprites. The naming format is 'ID-Gender-Shiny(-FormId).png'. ID is the ID of the monster Gender is 'b' for both, 'f' for female, 'm' for male Shiny is either 'n' for normal or 's' for shiny FormID is the form id for monsters that have multiple forms. If a form id is not specified it will be treated as form '0'. These sprites are expected to be a single atlas image containing all frames for the follower gender/shiny combination. Please use sprites that are represented with a 1-1 pixel ratio. PNG files that have sprites at 2x normal scale will lead to scaling/artifact issues. (Batch resize applications exist so please do not do this manually.) /sprites/followersprites/atlasdata.txt is required to supply the atlas layout and structure. An example of a functioning atlasdata.txt is as follows:
  4. effectiveness visible in moveset

    The game isn't a roflstomp anymore for storyline content. This change highly benefits casual players who might otherwise not understand certain type matchups.
  5. Creation of Follower Sprite Mods

    We'll probably get something written up shortly explaining the expected values.
  6. Voice chat in game

    This will not be happening, sorry. It's not within the scope of the project.
  7. The update today added support for loading mods that end in .mod instead of .zip Mod creators are encouraged to utilize the new file extension when publishing mods to avoid the confusion of whether to extract the mod or not. You can still use .zip to test/create your mods and legacy mods ending .zip will still function just fine.
  8. Not yet sorry. Random things have taken longer than we expected.
  9. Character Customization upgrade

    Press the arrows...
  10. Yes. Updates take time out of the normal development time to push the update, write notes, monitor for issues and so forth. (This doesn't even account for testing or needing to backport fixes if we have already started on other work) When we already plan to do an update within a reasonable time frame it just doesn't make sense to push out hotfix updates for non-critical bugs. Admittedly this update has taken longer than we anticipated but the general logic still applies. And this would be for every single "easy" fix, how many "easy" fixes would we have to have restarted for so far?
  11. PokeMMO Linux Client won't start with java 9

    It's on my todo list.
  12. i can't get RP

    Use this to submit a ticket.

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