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  1. Looks like they all sold except one (which is still listed) to me, and they're waiting for you to claim the money.
  2. https://imgur.com/vSpnSZ8 

    hello is it normal that the gym medal disappears from me?

  3. Ufotable pls, you're making everyone else look bad.
  4. Virtually every instance I've looked into claims like this the user had the wrong account (And the character was still there). The only exceptions were a few instances where we could find no reference at all and the user likely never existed on PokeMMO.
  5. Android themes are not currently supported. As you have also guessed, editing the APK is highly discouraged. Maybe after gen4 is released I'll find time to make proper theme support.
  6. We've just pushed a new build (14441) which should hopefully address this. Can you please redownload? Desktop ZIP: https://pokemmo.eu/download_file/?id=20 Android APK: https://pokemmo.eu/download_file/?id=21
  7. Diano

    that's a lot of ppl

  8. Are other player's names placed incorrectly too?
  9. You need the PTS client which we'll be posting a link to shortly once we finish up initial verification.
  10. Desu


    The news feed has a cache on it, so it's not instant.
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