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  1. Desu

    plz check donate ticket.

    EXP before donator bonus: 70 EXP after donator bonus: 87 It looks right to me, 70 * 1.25 = 87.5 (Rounded down to 87 due to integer arithmetic) Can you give a more specific situation to test?
  2. Desu

    Mod file extension

    Just rename the file back to .zip
  3. "Character name":JMTLZJ
    "Account name":lzj1239825268

    "What were you banned from?":game
    "When were you banned?": 21/9/2018
    "Take a Screenshot of the message": https://imgchr.com/i/inaHZq




    I am a Chinese player. My account was inexplicably named at 12 o'clock at 9/21/2018. I just played the 9-hour number and worked so hard for so long. I want to complain, but I can't find an entrance as a new one. I hope I can unblock it. I have no violations, but it shows cash transactions. I have no channels. Troublesome staff to help me with this senior pokemmo fan. I almost forgot, my big name is JMTLZJ, I am bothering you, sorry.

  4. hi mi name is zevrak on the game, yesterday i was playing normaly and now i log in and was banner for RTM i never sell for real money and never speak for that, now i cant play for a injusting banned place help me cuz i never do that i today i was banned


    place help me





    1. isamusen7


      mi acount in game is isamusen7

  5. Desu

    6 years of PokeMMO

    Only cool kids remember the elevator of death.
  6. axx

    remove shiny curse pls

  7. Raoer


  8. Hi, am i able to know when will the vanity item W Cat Headphones Blue/Pink LED be removed? I am trying to battle and earn the game coin to buy it but i am scared it will be gone before i can buy it..

    1. Lightningvolt


      There are no plans of removing it from gift shop right now.

      Only Time limited and seasonal vanities are removed from gift shop after some time.

    2. eveningsick


      Appreciate the response thank!

  9. finally

    1. Lightningvolt



  10. The following items are now available in the Gift Shop: Maid Outfit
  11. This seems to happen very rarely when exchange rates adjust during payment. I've credited your account with an extra 573 RP to make up for the hassle.
  12. Desu

    time to mess with the economy again?

    There's two different reasons for these changes. The first being the amount of active listings is starting to consume somewhat significant server resources. This is the reason for the increased base fee as well as decreased listing limit. The second, being the per-count fee change: The way that the fees work right now gives players an unintended advantage when trying to sell stacks which exceeded the fee maximum ($25,000). Currently, if you are trying to sell a stack of 10 items, you are at a disadvantage compared to someone trying to sell 99 stack sizes at the same price. This change makes the fees fair for every stack size. The base fee, listing limit, and duration changes are not necessarily permanent, and we're open to readjusting them after we can monitor what effects they have on the game and server resources.
  13. Desu


    Post isn't done yet. Give us a few minutes.
  14. No update, just a really dumb crash. Will be back very shortly.
  15. Desu

    Language in Chat

    We tried this a few years ago, but it is greatly problematic due to how language works. Romance languages have lots of overlap, and even words cherry picked for a filter will have usages. We currently do this for Han (Chinese) Unicode ranges, but that's one of the only cases where it's this clear-cut. Even then, it breaks Japanese, but that will be fixed next update.

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