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  1. Jesus fuck how horrifying. How did Daryl win? How did Bilburt win? How is this possible??????????? Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
  2. 58k BP.
  3. This is a healthy discussion.
  4. Meanwhile no action has been taken towards my case. #Biasedmod @RacheLucario
  5. @Bearminator I would like to report a case of cyber bullying. I've censored the face and the name of the perpetrator. Please send help.
  6. You're*
  7. Not Spider-Man
  8. Darkest Dungeon is cheap now, under 10 bucks, shame the new dlc is full price at 9.99. For Honor is now 40 bucks but player base and reviews for it has been dropping hard and rapidly. XCOM2 is now under 20 bucks, great bargain. L4D2 is now 2 bucks, while Killing Floor 2 is 15 bucks. Dont Starve Together is under 10 bucks. For city builders, Cities: Skylines is $7.50.
  9. Top kecleon communications
  10. Don't do it. It's a trap. It's a better game than Civ 4 and Civ 5 by miles, but it's still a trap.
  11. @Bearminator
  12. I've seen worse. Did I ever mention I hate you the most among the mods? Oy @Desu make me a mod. I promise I will be a good mod and be completely unbiased to everyone. After all, everyone hates me and I hate everyone. Make me a mod so I can ban