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  1. @Desu Believe in me who believes in you
  2. [Art] [Shop] ♥ Kitty's Art Shop! ♥

    Ok. Here's another reference for her and her silly bridge. Also do you mind making her braid thicker while you are at it?
  3. [Art] [Shop] ♥ Kitty's Art Shop! ♥

    B-but that's part of her identity. Without it, she's just a generic blonde with a braided bun.
  4. You brought this on yourself Noad. Skitty smells, Skitty smells, stinky all the way.
  5. 12 Days of Moemon?


    1. Moetal


      Moemoe is dead along with moemon 

    2. Noad


      That's sad, hope you have a nice Christmas 

    3. Moetal


      So a certain bird told me to tell you the results won't matter and my entry already won.

  6. [Art] [Shop] ♥ Kitty's Art Shop! ♥

    Missing her silly bridge hat and her deadpan eyes :(
  7. The Cavendius and the Shedviper were actually my favorite, but good job everyone! Congrat to the winners.
  8. 2D girl appreciation thread

    This is a 117 years old warship.
  9. Third Regional Dock

    Just land on water. Use your imagination
  10. Well, with the Black/White update and making FireRed obsolete, I really don't have the motivation to work on this at the moment. This is whatever rough draft I had so far, feel free to pick up where I left off.
  11. Yes, Shu?


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