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  1. I think you misunderstood me. The sick one is kameme.
  2. It's not proper for a nurse to agitate the sickly, JJ. Leave the poor inbred alone, though I understand your profession inclines you to do the opposite.
  3. Curly hair design is no longer on the drawing board. This is what we have working so far. Yes, the backsprites are still rough/not updated.
  4. Why are you ordering hamburger at a Pokémon center?
  5. Frankly speaking, the teleport will probably need a lot of restrictions to avoid exploits (such as teleporting into safari or E4 final). If you restrict to city only, there isn't really a point when you can just fly. If you allow outdoor, one could act as a warp point while the other teleport to that point for shiny/item/etc farming.
  6. 3 more shitposts for 7000

    1. Moetal


      2 more shitposts till you hit 7000

    2. RysPicz


      lmao if not for you I wouldn't actually notice, thx Moe xd

  7. Apparently time between September 4 and September 16 is a few months.
  8. @AY2018 the bold letter B means they have no backsprites. Bold I means they are incomplete and need improvement
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