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  1. 1. As usual, I do not list what is updated and prefer the players to explore the world themselves 2. Off topic
  2. Patch 2.6 has been released. You can find the latest link on the first page.
  3. Fred you wanna write the greatest love story ever told and PLOTs?
  4. Is crusades against Jews and Muslim controversial enough?
  5. And they have $45k backer? Good lord do I need to start selling moes?
  6. Hey Moetal, I wanted to share my opinion with you on one of your many amazing Moemon sprites. Looking at Persian, the backsprite is great, but her frontsprite seems to be incomplete. If I could give a suggestion, I would say to make Persian smile, and maybe even wink. Also, I would highlight her ponytail, as it seems a little weird in its current state.

    From an appreciative fan


    1. Moetal


      Come to our discord

  7. Most developments and updates are moved to discord. https://discord.gg/bC6RwQp Also, now you can use the below Patreon link to support Moemon Development Project! https://www.patreon.com/moemondevelopment
  8. Why do you keep viewing my profile

    1. kloneman


      Because you're cute

  9. Hello

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      You make me so happy.

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    4. BilsSisterIsFriendly


      None to be given. I just came to tell you you're my #1 

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