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  1. GG lost
  2. Since your tournament looks more fun and better thought out than mine at the moment.
  3. Orange can I forward all the MSL donations to this?
  4. Well I'm off to bed. I expect to see the bribes in my inbox first thing tomorrow @gbwead
  5. Prepare to pack your bags. You're going home.
  6. Big difference between "not believing in me" and "preparing ahead of time like what all good managers should do". Never hurts to be prepared. Did you prepare, gbwead?
  7. @XPLOZ Hit me up whenever. I'll be up for another 2 hours tonight, will probably be up between 8 am PDT till deadline tmr.
  8. Where is my King of Meme title?
  9. Overly shaded compared to Persian, so toning it down gets us the below sets... EDIT: And then some minor skin tone matching
  10. You tried Gunt, you tried
  11. Amerika continue to grow. Manifest destiny
  12. I thought you had me blocked. Why are you even quoting me?