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  1. Saw a drunk or injured bird get hit by a car on the freeway today. Not cool.

    1. Moetal


      If it was only @Munya...

    2. RacheLucario


      Wishing that someone would get hit by a car in its place isn't cool either.

    3. Moetal


      Munya ain't someone though. Don't treat it like a living thing.

  2. Can't say you didn't deserve that when you are constantly posting garbage mudkips. @notmudkip0 and I don't appreciate that. Mudkips are love. Mudkips are life.
  3. You wanna bet 500k on that rat king? OU, pick a time
  4. I see no god here. Only a rat king
  5. "Moetal has defeated DoctorPBC in chess." (͡o‿O͡)
  6. I don't recall betting and backing out that first time. As for the Tor 1.3 m, it was more like a week, but as I told you before, I honestly forgot about you because that's how important you are. I did offer to have a match at that point for whatever I had on hand at that point, but you said no. Seems like it was you who backed out, not me. @Sashaolin just send me the 100k, little kameme is too scared to face me.
  7. @SejuaniSupport vs @giantpipe any tier
  8. Are you going to bring shoes? @DoubleJ
  9. That too. Then again you lost plenty of games despite knowing what I run
  10. We both don't take defeats well. This will surely damage our friendship. Not worth it for that lowball.
  11. I only know one god, and it's the earthquake one @Arimanius
  12. But does dest likes you?
  13. Moetal vs @Kamimiii OU @DoubleJ vs @gbwead your choice @TJXD vs @DoctorPBC doubles bo3
  14. @DoctorPBC EDIT: GG NORE