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  1. What generation does pokemmo follow?

    I might be an idiot on the base stats thing then, very likely. Thanks for the info on Gengar.
  2. What generation does pokemmo follow?

    Are all Pokemon missing the S/M base stat buffs? Also wondering why Pelliper was updated to drizzle and Gengar still has levitate, is this intended?
  3. Route Information

    It'd be really useful to have something I could click to see which Pokemon are on the route I'm currently on or something in the the Pokedex that will let you sort by route.
  4. Breeding place

    He's out front, not inside.
  5. New crit rate

  6. Why would you do the play through again anyway aside from playing alongside a buddy, where you'd both be playing the exact same game with the exact same rules with eachother? And if you wanted to breeze through it, couldn't you just play on your Gameboy? I don't understand your point of view in a genuine way.
  7. How do you even learn to play the game when you play with a busted advantage? How is that going to prepare you for pvp exactly?
  8. Knock Off

    Thanks a lot. Is there a list of battle items obtainable in game anywhere?
  9. VGC RU - Discussion

    VGC is like professional rock paper scissors. I wish it never existed.
  10. Knock Off

    Alright, thanks. On a side note, what would you guys suggest as a Gengar counter with knock off being out of the question? Gengar having levitate here doesn't give me much room for checking it. Edit: I can't run a Tyranitar with my current team. I need something faster than Gengar but there aren't many options it seems. Open to creative ideas.
  11. Knock Off

    Are there any intentions on bringing this move up to its current form?
  12. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    Big help, doing this right now. Thanks a lot.
  13. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    So, just what are some of the best ways to make money? I get around 200k and dump it into a comp nearly immediately, sometimes not even being enough.
  14. Is fairy type coming to this game?

    Alright, thanks for the replies.

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