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  1. Smh, when we get a downvote feature and a handful of people use it to downvote the one decent suggestion I've seen from Xatu in a while. An in-game calendar with a dot on particular dates of scheduled events would be nice.
  2. Yes, yes. I'm sure everyone screamed "FUCK SHIT" in their DS microphones when using Chatter. You're pitching an idea to a developer to create a script to create a small Discord(3rd party service, that I'm pretty sure PokeMMO doesn't officially use) server, and have the players voice chat on that, which is not worth the time and effort to create and implement when I'm certain there are other things that are much higher on the "priority list" for the developers. Aside from that, you could create your own Discord server for your friends if you want someone to coach you mid-battle.
  3. Yes, an immersive competitive massively multiplayer online game so realistic and astounding, and its about.. pixelated Pokemon. This isn't the hottest FPS game on whichever console is best these days, so it isn't necessary. The futility of this suggestion is like getting on a seesaw where a Groudon is on the other side.
  4. linwe

    Shiny Sparkles

    Ye I'd love to have it in there ASAP, but I can only imagine what the dev's priority list looks like atm. They'll probably touch up on side projects after Unova's released.
  5. linwe

    Shiny Sparkles

    I totally enjoyed the shiny sparkles in Gold/Silver/Crystal. Where the shiny sparkle came first and drew a lot of attention, and THEN the cry of the Pokemon came after. Would like to see something like this in PokeMMO. You know - after other animations are implemented.
  6. linwe


    I imagine they'll get seasons working in the older regions AFTER Unova is implemented and completely working and stable. After all, they have to make the Unova stuff work before they can put Unova stuff on Kanto/Hoenn stuff. I also wouldn't expect a "Yeah we'll be working on that" from the devs in the next hour or so, but this suggestion is something that the devs can keep in mind for after Unova is completely finished and polished.
  7. Let's not try to incorporate pay to win into this fine MMO. While it might be a poopedly expensive time-saver, it's an abominable pay to win concept that should be burned at the stake.
  8. Sell their info then don't report it as completed jajajajaja
  9. Kek at this. Also good suggestion, reddit has it - why cant we? /lenny (?)
  10. I can definitely relate to the brainless shiny hunt. You get so used to clicking "Run." But someone can argue that the same concept applies to reading text in the chat -- rather than recognizing a different color, making this kinda useless in a way.
  11. and if you aint no punk, holla "we want prenup"
  12. linwe

    better start shitposting

  13. That was a very shallow response.   Aerodactyl needs Rock Slide to be tutored onto it to be able to use in the Battle Frontier 50s. Very weird workaround for folks who just want to grind some BP.   I swear if anyone says Aero doesn't need Rock Slide.
  14. I made a similar suggestion not long after the BF was released. Sadly it didn't really garner much attention and fell into the depths of the "Ignored Suggestions"   https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/56428-battle-frontier-lv50-challenge-to-scale-pokes-down-to-50/
  15. On top of that, a "close all windows" option would be neat.
  16. Congratulations to shocker for winning KSEM's Week 1 UU tournament!

  17. KSEM is hosting their first 6v6 UU weekly tournament in 30 minutes! Silph Co Ch7, entry fee 5k -- prize: 100k + entry fee total (Unlimited spots)

  18. but isn't the only thing that changes from gen 5 to 6 priority is follow me? 
  19. xFatex   Feb. 15, 2013     i love you
  20.     Definitely not saying that berries cost too much, because I know someone is probably going to see it and misconstrue it. If you use a berry every battle for 7 battles in a row, and you're trying to grind for .... let's say, a special move. Extremespeed for Dratini, Surf/Fly/Espeed on Pikachu, etcetera -- the money can add up to be a good amount.   Perhaps this can go hand-in-hand with berry farming? That we really hope for it to be implemented in the future.
  21. If I'm not mistaken, in the Battle Maison on the Generation 6 handhelds they replenish your berry if it's used. I know they did it for the Pokemon World Tournament in the Generation 5 handheld games too.   The folks in charge could just implement Option 1 (rip berry sink) and have it be done, because it doesn't give that much of an advantage boost to begin with.   Or maybe I'm thinking that it's too easy to get BP by slapping a Choice Band on an Aerodactyl/Tauros/Salamence and sweeping. Wouldn't hurt to add this for some folks who are trying to get CBs/other items, or testing their stuff on Frontier NPCs.   edit: RIP just remembered that Mental Herb and White Herb are consumable and cost BP, that's why this won't get implemented, cri
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