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  1. I've got a smaller issue with the town map that may pose an issue with those who don't remember where exactly every route is. As of right now, I cannot move the cursor in the town map in Kanto, it is simply locked to the town or route I am currently in. A viable fix could be simply making the cursor able to be dragged across the map, or having the controls float above the town map interface so that we can move the cursor with the d-pad + buttons.
  2. linwe

    A lot of text is unreadable

    I think you misunderstood. The image you attached looks like the thumbnail of a screenshot, rather than the actual screenshot.
  3. linwe

    Trouble with Android Emulator

    Using Nox? As in the Android emulator for PCs? (A quick google search returned that) If so, why not just play PokeMMO using your PC? Its probably better to test the PokeMMO *.APK on an actual Android phone anyways.
  4. linwe


  5. The only method I know of off the top of my head is to access the Gift Shop ingame on your computer and go from there. It'll automatically open up the donation page for your PokeMMO account.
  6. If no one has said it yet: Welcome to PokeMMO.
  7. linwe

    List catching event's in game

    Smh, when we get a downvote feature and a handful of people use it to downvote the one decent suggestion I've seen from Xatu in a while. An in-game calendar with a dot on particular dates of scheduled events would be nice.
  8. Yes, yes. I'm sure everyone screamed "FUCK SHIT" in their DS microphones when using Chatter. You're pitching an idea to a developer to create a script to create a small Discord(3rd party service, that I'm pretty sure PokeMMO doesn't officially use) server, and have the players voice chat on that, which is not worth the time and effort to create and implement when I'm certain there are other things that are much higher on the "priority list" for the developers. Aside from that, you could create your own Discord server for your friends if you want someone to coach you mid-battle.
  9. Yes, an immersive competitive massively multiplayer online game so realistic and astounding, and its about.. pixelated Pokemon. This isn't the hottest FPS game on whichever console is best these days, so it isn't necessary. The futility of this suggestion is like getting on a seesaw where a Groudon is on the other side.
  10. linwe

    [Roleplay] looking to start up a roleplay

    Cut the guy some slack, guys.
  11. linwe

    Shiny Sparkles

    Ye I'd love to have it in there ASAP, but I can only imagine what the dev's priority list looks like atm. They'll probably touch up on side projects after Unova's released.
  12. linwe

    Shiny Sparkles

    I totally enjoyed the shiny sparkles in Gold/Silver/Crystal. Where the shiny sparkle came first and drew a lot of attention, and THEN the cry of the Pokemon came after. Would like to see something like this in PokeMMO. You know - after other animations are implemented.
  13. linwe


    I imagine they'll get seasons working in the older regions AFTER Unova is implemented and completely working and stable. After all, they have to make the Unova stuff work before they can put Unova stuff on Kanto/Hoenn stuff. I also wouldn't expect a "Yeah we'll be working on that" from the devs in the next hour or so, but this suggestion is something that the devs can keep in mind for after Unova is completely finished and polished.
  14. linwe

    New RP Only Item : Pokerus Pill

    Please spare my life

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