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  1. What I was basically asking that some staff member would point out in the forums or something that the tournament is supposed to happen as intended, it just doesn't appear in the in-game calendar yet for whatever reason. Being kept completely in the dark just hurts the most - we can't know if the seasonals are purposely postponed to fix any bug issues with the latest update or anything. As they are supposed to appear long before in the calendar, you would think this is enough time to see something is wrong.
  2. I have to say I'm very disappointed. The Doubles seasonal tournament was apparently posted to the in-game calendar somewhere around 12 hours before the tournament. This is one of the only tournaments with decent payout to players and majority of the playerbase didn't even get a proper chance to get informed about this. I get that the update and everything must have caused some of the issue but you should at least let the players know that something this important is coming a bit sooner.
  3. I think Defog/Rapid Spin should become more common with the Pokemon that can learn it. Entry hazards are a bit too strong. And I'm aware that's just the nature of random battles in general but compared to Showdown entry hazard removal feels a bit more common there and thus more pleasant to play.
  5. live again at https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco
  6. I promised myself I wouldn't signup to a weekly tournament event for a while but the peer pressure is too strong. Also this looks pretty fun if I'm completely honest with you. IGN: OrangeManiac Preferred Tiers: LC Doubles Competitive accolades: A few Discord contact: OrangeManiac#3028 Fluff: The winner of the only LC Doubles event in MMO history. Happened 4 years ago so it means I totally know what I'm doing Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: I didn't even check who is managing
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1133034639 definite highlight of first stream with switch
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco we live with some VGC
  9. Well I'm sure it has got the attention by now :))
  10. As a someone who has been around for a while, there was something exciting about every new addition to PokeMMO to shake up the metagame. With every update, you always had to approach the competitive teambuilding differently which was fun. Between the beginning of PokeMMO and the implementation of Unova, there was quite frequently some mix-ups to the metagame and that kept the competitive play interesting. However, since the beginning of Unova basically nothing has changed in competitive play besides giving Pokemon Gen 8 moves which barely did anything else than slightly buff a Pokemon or three. This is why I'm suggesting that you would give us Hidden Abilities already. I know you had some great plans to implement them in some special way like in some dungeon or something, which is cool and all - the problem is that we have been waiting for that for like over 3 years already? And I haven't seen a single mention about actually making them a reality in anytime soon. That's why even though your idea was nice and all - I would suggest that you would implement an easy way to obtain Hidden Abilities, preferably to every Pokemon (besides the obviously broken ones like Speed Boost Blaziken). Hidden Abilities would shake up the metagame at least a little bit and it would give us a new way to approach competitive battling and give us something new to do competitively. Playing the same exact metagame for 3+ years is starting to get old.
  11. Bringing out the winrate of a meta-centralizing Pokemon misdirects the conversation quite badly. If you look at any large Smogon tournaments' statistics, the metagame defining threats often have sub-50% winrate because these Pokemon are so heavily teched against and when they win they usually won a mirror-match. When a trapper gains such significant usage as Dugtrio does, people are building entire teams to try to render Dugtrio as useless as possible. Is that a smart decision by the player to deal with the problem of Dugtrio's prevalence, probably. But is it good for a healthy and diverse metagame where people should have as much creativity as possible to build a well-rounded team? Absolutely not.
  12. vs Gasai in 10 mins edit: gg, got very lucky with Hurricane
  13. These are quite the mental gymnastics to address the simple issue of "people wanting hax items to get banned". Short answer: no. Getting games is already difficult enough in every tier except OU so we don't need to make matching up with opponents any harder than it already is.
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco live again
  15. 1 mil for Rest of Europe winning week 2 (bet open for 48 hours from this post)
  16. I can't believe I need to keep repeating this but some people clearly do not get it. Things do not get banned solely because they are strong. We do not ban "Earthquake" from the game because it is one of the strongest attack in the game, we don't ban status ailments from the game because they have great effect on the battle. Things get banned when they decrease the level of competitiveness of the game. One-hit-KO moves aren't banned because they are overpowered, even with average luck with OHKO moves the lack of momentum you get from doing nothing often outweighs the occasional KO you get from OHKO moves (at a time when you would have done significant damage with your regular moves anyways). OHKO moves are banned because a player with literally no skill involved decided to just hope for luck rather than play positionally, and that is what we aim to encourage in competitive Pokemon. (Same goes to Evasion being banned to a large extent, even though this one is far easier to abuse and set up unstoppable game winning sweeps). The bottom line is that we do not remove things from chronological order that are the strongest, obviously. Things get removed from the game when the autonomy of the players are taken away - meaning that you cannot affect on your faith with the choices you make in the battle and rather are a passenger in RNG dice race. Saying that "paralyze/Serene Grace/Scald is strong" entirely misdirects the conversation because the argument for banning hax items never was that they win more games than they lose - the same way that was never the argument for OHKO moves being banned. The argument was - and forever will be - their uncompetitive nature and the fact you cannot and you shouldn't reasonably prepare for them. Maybe you could try to address this argument for once? Edit: Even Smogon banned King's Rock from BW kek
  17. Can we not make ridiculous statements like "you need Kings Rock Cloyster to break through walls"
  18. If that's the case then it definitely looks like it doesn't work like in original games according to Bulbapedia and probably worth bug reporting it
  19. Here's a list of things about the effects of Sun weather. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Harsh_sunlight Prevents Pokémon from becoming frozen edit: If the Pokemon got frozen that turn then shouldn't the freeze text proc immediately after Blizzard was used? So seems to be Typhlosion was frozen before this turn and we cannot know which one came first - sunlight or the freeze. (Becoming frozen would mean it prevents from getting the status condition but doesn't remove existing one)
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