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  1. How did this one end?
  2. There was actually an extra "l" in the name I wrote here. The correct name is Ricardoignacioo. Sorry about that one. Also not sure it has 2 or 3 o in the end, I've seen players from Chile to use both forms. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Can you add me in the forum PM with these people?
  4. Have you forum PMd @cjmystogan ?
  5. Rendiz has been subbed in for Kevola's matches. This is a second full replacement substitute Team England makes, which I wasn't a fan of from the start but I decided to accept it because of the fact it's clearly done for the reason to make the match more likely to be played. Kevola is known for being much more dedicated to play OU instead of Rendiz so you can objectively argue this substitute was made solely for activity reasons. Rendiz is forum banned and therefor I expect Rendiz to frequently update his possible playing times for the last 8 days with in-game PM to his opponents, or have the captain KaynineXL report the available times for Rendiz in this thread. @Maekaaay and @KoolT93, please schedule accordingly.
  6. Alright there's only one more weekend after this left. Better get some of your matches done asap so you don't have to complain that you were busy 2 days before the deadline.
  7. @Murcielago I have still yet to call out anyone in this thread. The fact you seem to get offended by the things I've said here kinda tells a lot, though.
  8. Alright, alright. Fine. Since enough people are confused enough about this I'll explain this. Yes, it's sarcasm. There has been a number of incidents where it has been getting a bit pathetic that different kinds of threads start to miss the point of actual topic and the discussion sheers towards stupid shit where people either call some people bad or brag about their own accomplishments in a thread where it's in all ways irrelevant. So this thread was like a joke that whenever said behavior is seen from these forums, instead of derailing the thread any further you could just tag them in this thread and congratulate someone for their success in the game so they don't have to derail another thread any further. I did not want show any concrete examples of this as my point was not to call out any individuals of this community, more than to point out this ridiculous forum behavior that has been going for a while. If this ends up getting the thread locked, then be it.
  9. Brazil defeated both Argentina and Germany 1, this means Brazil will be the one to move on to the next stage of this tournament. Rest of the matches does not have to be completed but if you want to do so, feel free to play the matches and report the scores.
  10. Administrative decision: KaynineXL has subbed himself in for Team England. Kaynine told me that Zymogen and Kevola have told that they're not active in this game. It was agreed that the matches are more likely to be played with Kaynine subbed in for them. We agreed that the fairest thing is to sub Kaynine in once vs. every team. Therefor Kaynine will be subbed in for OU match vs. USA3 and NU for rest of their matches. Im on phone so cant update OP now
  11. Once in a while things get a little bit heated in these forums. This is a competitive game and as the theme song for this franchise goes, we all want to be the very best and want everyone to acknowledge that. However, sometimes people get sad when other people don't acknowledge their achievements in this game and they start to derail threads in PokeMMO forums and they won't stop unless someone will acknowledge their greatness. The purpose of this thread is that whenever we sense that someone's motivation to post something is only to get people acknowledge their greatness while posting to a completely unrelated thread, instead of turning the thread into a flame war we can just jump in this thread and congratulate them for their past success in this game. This prevents threads from getting derailed and we're all happy. Isn't that amazing? If you're unfamiliar with the concept of congratulating someone you may follow these examples: "Congratulations for reaching top 20 in ranked matchmaking. That must have required lots and lots of dedication to reach there and that is an accomplishment you should be proud of!" "Congratulations for reaching it to the finals in an official back in 2015! I'm sure that will bring upcoming success in your life in the future tournaments in this game! "Congratulations for winning the Team Tournament 6 months ago in a team that doesn't even allow you to play! With these following kind of examples we all can be friends with each other by giving acknowledgement to greatness whenever someone clearly needs it.
  12. Kinda unfortunate that two players of Spanish teams has been responding to you. So far I have only heard complaints that scheduling with them isn't easy. And the fact they haven't used forum accounts much at all. Regardless, DQing only part of the matches at this point doesn't make sense.
  13. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: VVVV Registered Players: Aerun Tranzmaster Parke Yggdrasil Draekyn OrangeManiac StriderxD Fujimura YungTor xNebula Team Captain: Draekyn
  14. @KaynineXL I hope to get a decision to this as soon as possible.