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  1. I'm a Dragonite. Not from Driftveil, though.
  2. Alright, even though I'm a Hawks fan I need to change my Fantasy team name. We're now "Oakland Remoraiders". Thanks Pyro.
  3. 350k Magmar
  4. So I decided to start this new forum thing where I hold write-up competitions in terms of theorymon. Basically I give some kind of a theme/framework in which you have to make the best teambuild and/or build for a specific Pokemon with explanations and the best entry will win some sort of a prize. PART 1 Specifications below: Try to come up with a Pokemon that is not highly used in a certain tier but explain why this Pokemon could or should be used more. Try to explain what specific role does this specific Pokemon fill, what does it do that no other Pokemon can do and what Pokemon does it support or needs for support. Bring critical of your own suggestion also gives bonus points, such as explaining the biggest problems this Pokemon could face in the respective metagame and which Pokemon does your entry compete with in terms of a party slot. For example, explaining why Dewgong should be used more in NU is very hard when you have Walrein that is pretty much every single possible way a superior Pokemon. You can be optimistic about your suggestion but try to be also a realist. An entry which would clearly work better in practice will be placed higher than ones that do not make practical sense even if they had the slightest niche over some other Pokemon. Calcs are not an absolute requirement for an entry but obviously they give your theorymon much more credibility. The allowed tiers are PokeMMO OU, UU, NU, LC and Doubles. When explaining your entry's possible spot in the metagame, try to also briefly explain the metagame as you see it. So to recap, the criteria for the best entry are: Creative ... yet realistic and practical Comprehensive Just overall enjoyable entry to read PRIZE: The winner gets a move ocarina or two color dyes of choice, donated by me. Donations are always welcome but even with donations I reserve the right to work as the judge, at least for this first one. If we get decent enough of entries, I might host more of these and I could ask for more judges. Deadline: 20th of August, 5 PM EST
  5. IGN OrangeManiac Team name: Seattle Seadras
  6. Well the way I see it is: PokeMMO enforces variety and diversity in terms of official formats we play in this game, varying from lv 50 singles tiers (OU, UU and NU) to Doubles to Little Cup. Therefor I see no reason why this diversity shouldn't be enforced in Team Tournament as well, if we're to go with the 5v5 format. Therefor LC makes much more sense to me than... let's say adding a OU2 match. If OU was the pinnacle of "competitive Pokemon" in this game, then all the official matches should be OU. However, we prefer diversity and that's really good.
  7. @Munya You can lock the thread, though. It makes sense to me why they are (still) banned and I didn't intend this to be some kind of a discussion thread. More of an inquiry of what's going on.
  8. Uhm, yeah. Since Little Cup's damage variants are 0-3 HP for moves in general, I suppose that's a legitimate thing to worry about since the chance of multiple "too high" damages is relatively big. And in some cases the highest roll can be the most likely.
  9. No, I actually didn't know that. Okay all of this suddenly makes much more sense now. Thanks Munya. I don't really have any other confusion regarding this then. Feel free to trash the thread. It's just my personal opinion that even though the high rolls (when rounded) can do 1 HP more than they "should", I don't find it a valid reason to ban the moves altogether. I don't think "Broken Move Clause" exactly applies here because technically every move in the game is broken then. But if you consider this enough to call them broken, I'm not gonna really complain about it.
  10. Yeah my bad, when I read the post the first time I understood +1 as in "set up boost" that in some cases a hit in Little Cup could do +50% damage, which seemed really bizarre. Just after posting I realized you probably meant +1 HP damage haha. Well, it makes more sense now. However, is there any information about how likely is this? And furthermore (and I know this is a very difficult question): Why?
  11. So if I understood correctly: Every move can somehow do +1 damage in some cases? Is this case only in Little Cup and that would really beg the question: Why is this happening only in Little Cup?
  12. Because of the overwhelming presence of Onix and Little Cup becoming an actual tier of the biggest event in the game, I thought this question becomes quite relevant again. What's up with the whole multi-hit moves being broken in Little Cup situation? If I recall correctly, gbwead initially just pointed out that Rock Blast from Onix does too much damage than damage calculation indicate and two days later all multi-hit moves were banned from Little Cup. Seems safe to say that probably not all multi-hit moves were tested - if any. I thought it was a relatively smart move to ban all of them until we get further knowledge about the situation but it has been multiple months now and I haven't seen any posts regarding the situation by staff. And if you actually have made discoveries regarding this bug then I'd ask you to kindly explain about those in this thread. (If there ever has been announcement other than the initial multi-hit ban post, I haven't seen it). Why I consider this important is that Double Kick and Bullet Seed are such notably big counterplays to Sturdy Pokemon in Little Cup. Especially Onix is becoming such a beast in Little Cup that having Bullet Seed to keep on its.. toes?.. is kinda required to have a somewhat diverse and enjoyable metagame.
  13. Thanks for finally bringing 5v5 to Team Tournament. However, the question remains: Why only finals is 5v5? If you don't have 5 players your chances of winning the TT isn't really that good because everyone obviously wants to go for it all so it's not like we're protecting the smaller teams, which was the argument before. I don't think time is much of an issue either. If anything, 5 man can ironically speed things up. When so many TT battles come down to the last (stall) match to end because statistically 50% of the time the third battle determines the winner. Because these matches happen simultaneously, the chances that we have to wait that last stall match to end is notably lower. So hype for 5v5 but please do it for every round.
  14. Good catch, thanks!
  15. I'd like to wager for 2 million. Best of x, up to you.