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  1. OrangeManiac

    The PokeMMO Gym Challenge - Looking for challengers!

    I forgot about it, thank you very much.
  2. OrangeManiac

    World Cup week #4

  3. OrangeManiac

    World Cup week #4

    me vs suneet in 50 mins from this post
  4. OrangeManiac

    The PokeMMO Gym Challenge - Looking for challengers!

    Well, seems that this thing has died down for good now. This is why I will be shutting this down. I will send reward to FlaFlaPT and Cali for beating a significant portion of the gym challenge and also sending all the gym leaders a small reward for taking their time to make this happen. Thanks to everyone who took part of this.
  5. OrangeManiac

    World Cup week #3

    me vs Axoa in 10 mins or so edit:
  6. OrangeManiac

    World Cup week #2

    Me vs Nowall in about 10 mins Edit: won
  7. OrangeManiac

    Dear competitive community, help me decide

    Mailed back Kaynine his stuff as I'm not hosting any events for the forseeable future. I'm super grateful for the opportunity, though. This thread can be archieved.
  8. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    Okay, I'll admit that this exceptional ruling was my idea in our host personal message group and us immediately agreeing about this is what we should do was a misunderstanding. I understand that other teams in said group feel like they're unfairly in a disadvantage and they would be right saying that they are. I understand that ruling wasn't exactly good but kinda how I've been raised is that if you promise something to someone, you will keep onto it and that's why I didn't let go of the requirement that France B will not be taken away something the hosts have promised to them. The same exact way other hosts had promised the Chinese team they had won their week. I have decided to step down as co-host in this tournament from administrative perspective. I will remain as a consultant to Rox, I can edit the spreadsheets, scores, anything that will make her life easier but I will not take control of the administrative perspective of this tournament. After self-reflextion, as of now with so many hosts having strong opinions of how things should be done (being completely contradictory to each other) there is no way a competitive event could function properly. Rox has done an incredible job negotiating the teams with over 200 people and this is something I would have never been able to do. What comes to me as an adminsitrative person, I am very stubborn and do not negotiate with people a lot. I do not feel like it is correct for me to have a voice while having such a completely different type of running things in an event like this, than the host who started all of this. Currently in the host PM we're talking about that this ruling wasn't a good idea and I understand why. However, if the decision my suggested ruling will remain and the other 4 teams are negatively affected by this I will personally compensate with my in-game bank each of the team for an unfair point distribution idea. To be perfectly honest, this shit is really getting to me. Being enforced to make incredible tough dilemmas at 2 AM and then not being able to sleep is something I can't do to myself anymore. Especially now I realized I am not a right person to run this kind of an event and that's why I have decided to step down from making administrative decisions in this event from now on. Sorry about all this mess.
  9. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    There was a massive lack of communication and consistency by the hosts ruling this whole case. We really need to improve on that and I can be the first one to admit that. But having a justifiable outcome was no longer an option due to the inconsistencies with the hosts and what we had publicly announced to both parties involved. From the bottom of it, it all came from us not agreeing with the core issue whether in this case a timer loss results in an indisputable loss.
  10. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    Not exactly, so don't try your luck. It was just considered that if we would take away something that was effectively promised to the French team, we would fuck them over in a way that would be unjustifiable.
  11. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    On another note, me vs Coolio in 15 mins. Verm 4. Edit: Won, super unfortunate miss for Coolio at the end.
  12. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    I remember this tournament. We played in finals and you had nearly guaranteed win over me in the finals and you disconnected. That's why I immediately announced to the host that I will accept a rematch if Nik comes back within a reasonable time. There was no forced rematch by the host of the tournament and I could have claimed the victory right there. I didn't. It was my decision, and rather my initiative to announce that I want the rematch for which Bluejim agreed to. This is a different situation because the opposing player does not want a rematch, and claims the win by the timer. And so far, I have stated that as a host I cannot enforce a rematch demanded by the player who lost by time. If both parties wanted a rematch, I would allow it without a question. That's why comparing these two cases does not work. Edit: I removed my second paragraph as I'm unsure what was your intended message even with this comparison.
  13. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    The precedent in PokeMMO since the introduction of the timer is that if your timer runs out, you are declared as the losing player. Since we didn't make any rule that "we could analyze timer losses if they were wins by playing", the only correct way to rule as far as I see is to follow the PokeMMO precedent, which is that a player who runs out of time loses the game. If Smogon or someone else doesn't see the timer that way, they're free to have that interpretation but seeing how timer in PokeMMO goes, this is the only interpretation I have from this situation. Lots of common games (such as chess) will declare the player whose time has ran out as the losing player, even if anyone with half of a brain cell could tell that said player would win. The way I see it is that this is game dependent issue and I unfortunately feel that PokeMMO so far has followed the chess-like standard more than Smogon-like standard. The other three hosts may have a different opinion but this is going to be my personal stance to this matter and it's not going to change for me. It's a shit situation and probably doesn't feel fair but it's the only correct call in this situation, as far as I'm concerned.
  14. OrangeManiac

    World Cup Week #1

    Really hate seeing something like that happening in such a decisive match. Still, I'm afraid I have to agree that a rematch cannot be enforced from the administrative perspective.
  15. OrangeManiac

    Allow us to show in-game which device you play on

    Yeah, this exactly.

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