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  1. Lower the berry powder costs for pp ups

    The problem is that an alarming amount of viable moves in Generation 5 are either 5 or 10 PP, and you pretty much have no option but to PP Max it. This removes all kinds of "trial and error" type of teambuilding, and in addition so many times the newer players just don't have any better knowledge of how to moveset their Pokemon and end up having to change their moveset time after time the more knowledge they have gained from the metagame. It really often gets to the point the wisest economic decision is rather to breed a new Pokemon than change your current one's moveset every other day. I guess that's one incentive for people to breed new Pokemon, I don't know if it's exactly a good one.
  2. Team Tournament December (Saturday 16th) December

    Team Name: VVVV Team Tag: VVVV Registered Players: Parke, OrangeManiac, Aerun, Draekyn, Razimove, HXIN, Blindbluff, StriderXD, Tyrone, DynamicPyro, EricTheGreat, Ihzi, Tranzmaster, Dougii, Jate, Reevs, LordOfFluffs, Cheels Team Captain: Aerun
  3. Prioritize fixing competitive moves, over fixing economy

    That was when the game had literally 0 money sinks and everyone was a billionaire. Not exactly a likely scenario anymore. I mean, I think all the economic things that are upright broken (and by broken I mean clear oversights and straight out bugs) should obviously be first priority. Quite rather, I don't think an update should ever be released unless it is guaranteed to not have any game breaking economical oversights. For the most part I have to say the MMO devs have done pretty good job about it, in the past years there hasn't been really anything economy breaking oversight that has caused something irreversible. What comes to small adjustments for item crafting or whatever, I mean I agree that those can and should wait before we have the actual game (which is Pokemon) working as it's supposed to. So rather than making this game the most refined economy simulator 2017, I think the "Pokemon-part" should work first. This being said, devs are gonna do what devs are gonna do.. I guess they've made that clear multiple times by now lately.
  4. OU Viability Thread

    I highly agree with this. Even though I think Gliscor is the best overall Defogger most due to lack of SR weakness, there certainly are lots of cases where Mantine can be a better option for this role. I agree the biggest is being such a great Volcarona counter and an answer to rain. I would have no problem putting it B or possibly even B+, simply because we don't have that many amazing Defog users for OU. And the entry hazard setters are viable as heck, namely Skarmory, Ferrothorn and basically everything carries Stealth Rocks.
  5. OU Viability Thread

    About the Hariyama topic, I suppose if your team needs both a Fighting-type (for example TTar counter + general wallbreaker role) and a fairly reliable Volcarona counter (inb4 Hurricane, not meta yet tho) - then perhaps picking Hariyama over Conkeldurr isn't completely out of the question. However, as basically Hariyama is inferior to Conkeldurr in pretty much every imaginable way, I don't think we should give it too much credit. Because, however Hariyama does fulfill the combination of these two criteria arguably the best way I don't think it's completely out of the question to include it in the viability rankings. However, as this role is very niche I wouldn't rank it anything higher than C- for now. Especially because as strong as Volcarona is, we have not yet really found it to be S rank. In general, though: Glad to see this ball have been getting rolling. I'll probably start to include some ranks people are agreeing about to at least some extent and maybe rank the Pokemon according to the average of what people find it.
  6. OU Viability Thread

    More whispering from birds
  7. OU Viability Thread

    Posting behalf of forumbanned LifeStyle.
  8. OU Viability Thread

    I'd love to defend my boy Torkoal. I just can't. The most obvious problem is that the overall Sunny Day sweepers just aren't amazing. The special blobs will wall all of the special sweeping variants to hell and back. Now if you run Dugtrio to bring down the special walls, so let's give him that. But biggest and most crippling flaw is that when Tyranitar or Pelipper switches in against those Sunny Day sweepers, rip their chances to Solarbeams and all. One of the only truly viable physical Chlorophyll sweepers is Sawsbuck and it isn't that amazing as it struggles with steel-walls, especially Skarmory. It's far away from being this powerful late-game sweeper even with Sun. I guess you could sort of play around with the reverted weather by running HP Electric or HP Fight respectively to counter those other weather setters but it needs massive amount of prediction and certain situations to actually work. Especially Tyranitar will laugh at any HP Fights and Giga Drains from any of those Sun sweepers after it has reverted the weather and may even start Pursuit trapping these things. There's just so situational cases where Sun teams can work. I'd probably put Torkoal to C- just because if you really put thought on it and support it hard, I suppose you could potentially build a meta-countering Sun team. However, the drawbacks are so evident that it's hard to argue it being anything higher. Actually, now that I put more thought to the Rapid Spinning part, I have to give Torkoal some credit. It can Solarbeam incoming Jellicent which is preventing the removal of hazards. I guess this is a small niche for it as something like Starmie struggles with Jellicent but not enough to praise it too much. This all being said, like mentioned it's weak to Stealth Rocks and needs lots of prediction to play around spinblocking Jellicent. I suppose this would be enough to perhaps give Torkoal C.
  9. Planning to do all of these. This is a little bit of pain to write sometimes as I always do a whole Pokemon at a time and it takes a while. However, pretty sure I'm able to finish most of these during the Christmas break when all my exams in uni are over.
  10. OU Viability Thread

    About Cloyster, I highly agree. I guess for it to really be S people should start running very obscure mons to counter it (such as Regenerator-less Slowbro, Poliwrath or something like that). Oddly enough it performs really well against the projected OUs so that's kind of hard Pokemon to approach. By the way, if there's lower tier mons to nominate then feel free. I think the aforementioned Milotic and Mandibuzz could possibly be even B rank due to fulfilling some roles specifically well. Double by the way, guys don't take Bluebreath's post too seriously, is just a conversation starter. I'm not going to include any ranks in this guide before a sufficient amount of people have agreed on a rank.
  11. OU Viability Thread

    It's kind of remains from the past. In the early 2013 when the early clauses were made, some moderator thought Hax Items are unfair. Then they got banned from the early tournaments and then we just got along with it while no one exactly wanted to revert that decision because "m-m-muh competitiveness". This being said, I'm not exactly in favor of allowing them either because it kind of turns the game into dice roll rather than strategy game. Someone could say that's what Pokemon is from the very nature of it and they aren't wrong but let's at least keep the illusion this is a competitive game.
  12. OU Viability Thread

    I've tried Cloyster in past two days and it has felt rather ridiculously good so far. I guess if (when) I bring it to officials I can see how the better players can counterplay against it and I might change my opinion. By the way, don't ever bring Cloyster without Defogger. I might underestimate a Wobbu a little bit but it's such a difficult Pokemon to rank. It has a high risk high reward factor to it: In some games it can be the biggest annoyance ever and in some games it might be a set up bait. Those mons are really difficult to rank. I don't really have any definitive opinion where to rank it. I just don't know how I would rank it.
  13. OU Viability Thread

    Pretty much my answer to this. There are so many reasons to run Tyranitar. Wallbreaker, special defensive pivot, rock setter, amazing stats. Good old Dino has it all. So many reasons to use it. It doesn't exactly shine but it's an answer to everything. Also about Ferrothorn being S, I don't really disagree. I mean, it's just so good. It might seem as a weird choice of "S" as its role is mainly to support its team but oh boi does it do it well. Like, you couldn't possible ask for better support than Iron Barbs, that typing, entry hazards. And the attack prevents from switching into. I'd gladly hear more input about this but I'm not definitely against considering Ferrothorn to be the very pinnacle of the metagame. Edit: The obvious flaw for Ferrothorn is Magnezone trap but Shed Shell doesn't exactly limit Ferrothorn from being as amazing.
  14. OU Viability Thread

    To some extent, yeah. Some set up sweepers are more threatening without Team Preview than they would be with Team Preview. However, I'd say the ranks could change only by a semi-rank in most cases as the chance for potential sweep will still change the playstyle of the player trying to avoid the sweep of this scary sweeper. That particular Pokemon probably has a bit lesser effect in the battle as it might seem without Team Preview, but those Pokemon won't inherently get that much worse even with it. I don't think anything A becomes B or B comes C when we have team preview but small changes obviously are possible.
  15. OU Viability Thread

    @suigin Fair enough for pretty much all of that. I guess we could avoid ranking things like Dugtrio for now to not mislead people for one way or another. What comes to Hidden Abilities, well I don't exactly know how to approach those as we don't even know what Pokemon will get Hidden Ability. Meanwhile we can assume mechanics are going to work as they're supposed to. But regardless it's probably smart to refrain from ranking things that aren't fully working for now. Nvm, I misunderstood that Skill Link Mamoswine sentence, I didn't realize the post you initially referred to.

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