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  1. All good, thank you!
  2. Haha all good, nice thread btw.
  3. OrangeManiac
  4. Alright, sounds good.
  5. As we all know, a major downside to competitive gift shinies is the fact that they're easily scouted (such as nature and IVs) and this is a major disadvantage in any battle. To a big extent we can't avoid this and that's fair enough. However, there's a one problem I think could and should be addressed. When the tournament system spawns you a shiny with 2 moves of your choice, if you select egg moves they aren't relearnable. This is kind of a bummer and makes your competitive shiny even more easily scoutable since you can't even customize the moveset again. You either stay with the egg move forever or you lose it forever. I think the system could be tweaked that when you pick egg moves for your prize shiny, they would automatically become relearnable like egg moves in general are.
  6. Can I get the info for shiny Spearow, Fearow and Pidgey? Thanks. Nature and IVs I mean.
  7. Serious post time at OP: I think the moderation has gone notably better. I think the moderation is now mostly fair and for the most part the staff knows when they should allow more free moderation (example: PSL threads). At current MMO I also wouldn't say that the unknown people only get chosen as moderators. RacheLucario, Kizhaz, Noad, Bluejim, Munya and Ronax to some extent were all players highly known in the community before becoming staff. In addition, there isn't known cases where a known player with good forum behavior wouldn't have got in. I think this issue was much bigger in the past when the staff was ran by people no one knew about and suddenly started to dictate rules everyone should follow with and people got mad. When these rules are given by someone as we feel is a "part of the community", it's easier to relate to them and follow them and I would say this is better now than before. My main issue with current moderation is the no-word-said removal of posts, unless the posts are straight out slanderous or distasteful. Removing posts and leaving some can destroy the context of the whole situation and make people understand the whole argument in the wrong way. This is really unfair and I think has happened a few times. In this regard, I'm more happy with "remove everything or remove nothing" but removing posts should really be a thing to do in extreme cases. People have kind of understood this and I feel like sometimes members of the community have purposely gone overboard with their posts to get the whole past discussion removed, which is an unfortunate outcome. I think the best solution is to make people hurt themselves the most by looking like asses. You're not punishing people when you remove their posts. If someone posts something idiotic then that post staying on the forums and explaining their post is dumb is actually the best justice you can do for said rule breaker. If someone makes a personal attack towards someone and that post is not removed that kinda asks for a retaliation from the attacked person. And that usually ends up in a shitstorm. So I guess in that regard I'm fine with post removals but then again we need to really make the distinction what is a personal attack and what is not. For the most part staff has understood this distinction but not always. Oh yeah, and communication is important. Always. Staff member asking to tone down unwanted behavior is always better than just nuking the posts. If the staff wants to go up a notch, I think staff whenever they remove posts should mention that any further disputes can be discussed in a private message. Or something like that.
  8. I think it's somewhat hilarious how Bestfriends is explaining how professional this game is while the admin of the game is just shitposting zero fucks given in the same thread.
  9. STUFF I'M SELLING COMPS: Jolly Marowak 25/31/31/20/23/31 Bonemerang, Rock Slide, Substitute, Swords Dance UTs: Male Careful Larvitar 26/29/28/1/27/29 with egg move Pursuit and DD Male Adamant Larvitar 28/23/21/4/30/25 with egg move Dragon Dance Male Jolly Larvitar 21/24/26/8/28/31 with egg move Dragon Dance Female Careful Larvitar 25/27/31/2/24/20 Male Careful Larvitar 25/23/29/9/22/28 with egg move Pursuit Female Adamant Larvitar 31/30/20/0/26/24 with egg move Dragon Dance and Pursuit Calm Ralts 28/13/27/26/27/31
  10. Alright I started this shiny OU team project and because apparently I'm too shit to win any further officials, I'm open to the idea of buying stuff as well. So basically I want shinies that have high IVs and a usable nature. IVs don't have to be that amazing but just decent enough. I don't have a huge budget for these (up to like 9-10 mil) so therefor I'm sticking to common shinies. Also, since male commons are worth more due to being possible IV breeders for possible high tier shinies I prefer these to be female. Because I'm a cheapskate. Comp Shiny Wishlist MALE SHINY 4x20+ CALM/MODEST/BOLD/TIMID FLYING breeder Linoone (Adamant/Impish/Careful) Tentacruel (lots of natures work, lower priority) Machamp (Adamant/Careful) Espeon (lol jk) However, these are not the only possible ones I'm after so feel free to offer any other specie. It just has to be even somewhat okay at OU.
  11. The Xatu cycle: Step 1: Create a controversial or very unrealistic idea about the game Step 2: Get community and staff explain why said idea isn't a very good idea Step 3: Argue back and assume everyone are just idiots for not realizing the greatness in this suggestion Step 4: Get community still point out that the suggestion is not good, while someone uses a little snark in the comment Step 5: Get triggered and start to flame anyone who disagrees with you Step 6: Get staff lock the derailed thread. And repeat.