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  1. I don't think there has ever been one thing that the entire competitive community has ever agreed on, except that hax items are terrible for the game and competitive play would be better without them. I have yet to see one person defend them that has even the tiniest of relevance in terms of competitive achievements. But no, I guess we're stuck with them because we're getting the same response every time from people who never had to suffer to play against them that "hax items aren't good", which for the 28th time is completely missing the point.
  2. Asking the hosts permission so that I can use my alt (WeirdFlexButOkay) to play in this tournament in the case I have a simultaneous game going on with the Doubles official that is going on at the same time.
  3. So many things get mixed up here it's ridiculous. You expect Togekiss to flinch. You expect Drapion to crit. What you don't expect is a bulky Pokemon to out of nowhere go first and knock out your Pokemon and completely flip the board position while there was nothing you could have realistically done. Also you don't expect a move with 0% chance to suddenly flinch you. This is why these comparisons between hax items and Pokemon with RNG strategies do not work. The problem with the hax items is that you have really no way to take them into consideration, when building a gameplan for your battle.
  4. One archetype I would consider adding is the so-called "Goodstuffs" team or you can also call them "Counterbox" team. They are teams with no clear pre-determined strategy or theme behind it but rather they are reactive to most common metateams. An example of this I've seen recently is JosueFeng's Doubles team: Arcanine, Gastrodon, Togekiss, Garchomp, Gigalith, Rotom-M. At first look it doesn't have the same kind of hard speed control or a specific theme behind it, but those mons actually pressure many of the common metacores quite nicely. It would be annoying to play rain/sand/trick room again
  5. Can we get clear rules about what is punishable behavior in Team Tournaments now? I get that some of the rules were implemented to avoid that case where teams would just jump spots between tiers and not reveal who they are playing even when the 10 minute mark has been long gone. But the wording about this is currently just way too vague to even understand what exactly is acceptable behavior and what is not. The matchfixing part is self-explanatory, but at least in my own experience in Team Tournaments sometimes it may difficult to decide who to play in a certain ro
  6. RainRoom looks pretty sick, pretty interesting that RainRoom teams without a Swift Swim mode have done so well. I always considered the strength of RainRoom to be diverse speed options - can win the game either with Swift Swim boosts or in Trick Room. Surprised only 2/4 had a Ludicolo.
  7. vs Badbaarsito in ~30 mins from now
  8. Ah yeah, only saw this post and didn't look at the tiers of this month my bad
  9. There was an announcement that P-Z is tried in UU now, so I suppose it should be UU legal for TT?
  10. Why is Porygon-Z allowed in UU, when according to April Movement thread Porygon-Z is listed as "BL1 mon below cutoff"?
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