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  1. I think that when the OP starts to use this kind of font, the thread should be automatically locked and trashed.
  2. Your current analysis is "in the vacuum" and Pokemon is a game where you cannot make competitive decisions like that. You need to look at the metagame. Is there something I want to outspeed in this tier? Is there something that if it outsped me I would be in trouble? You need to figure out what you want to beat and choose your nature accordingly.
  3. You definitely need a break from the forums based on the threads you make. What comes to your lack of enjoyment to the game, do you really think anyone cares - especially when you don't even explain what is a problem.
  4. From all the useless threads you've made, this must be somewhere really high up there.
  5. Your elitism is showing

  6. I know I'm probably gonna sound like a smug VGC elitist... but calling anyone from PokeMMO a "Pokemon World Champion" shouldn't be a thing. I'd be even hesitant to call anyone PokeMMO Champion as it's very tier dependent and time dependent. Nothing wrong with calling someone just the winner of tournament or tournament series xyz, and that's that.
  7. It may sound weird but quantity over quality in PokeMMO if you play tournaments. Having a larger selection of Pokemon to choose from is far more helpful than having a couple of additional IVs on a stat - since the increase of 2 IVs is literally only 1 stat point at lv 50 (so almost nothing).
  8. Yes but it's a damn good reason for why Dusclops is better.
  9. First step would probably be having ownable legendaries. And that's not even entirely a competitive discussion, it would be a discussion to the entire concept of PokeMMO. The devs do what they do regarding the MMO aspect, it's up to community to decide their tiers with the Tier Council. All of this discussion is pretty useless until we even have any specific confirmed legendaries that may be owned and thus used in PvP. What are you even trying to say here. None of the Pokemon available for players are currently Ubers at this point, so Ubers practically doesn't exist. If you think something like F.E.A.R. is a competitively viable form of teambuild to counterplay something, I don't think you have the slightest grasp of the concept of competitive Pokemon beyond watching some Youtube video where some guy sweeps a team with a F.E.A.R. team.
  10. Basically what Suigin said above but I'll specify one more thing: If you have 31 IV, the first 4 EVs will give 1 stat point to your stat. If you have 30 IV, the first 8 EVs will give your first stat. Because 252 is not divisible by 8, this means that if you go for 252 EV investment you can only reach max stat with 31 IV. So as mentioned, 30 and 31 IV are only equal when investing no EVs on the stat.
  11. Dugtrio got banned on its time because Dugtrio was able to remove the main threats to defensive play without any effort. The best wallbreakers on its time were Metagross, Heracross and Ursaring - and all of these Pokemon Dugtrio was able to remove from the battle once it had a free switch in after sacking a Pokemon. Basically the way to win battles was sacking your Pokemon to these three offensive Pokemon just to get Dugtrio in safely and after removing those wallbreakers, just stall your opponent to death with Chansey/Skarmory/Milotic core. It was deemed super unhealthy and uncompetitive for skill based competitive play. Now, if you want to be taken seriously in these forums, please stop pulling false stories out of your ass.
  12. This is just my way to it, there's lots of different variations to rain teams :) I recommend to check out some tournament replays to give you more ideas. The only point I really recommend to stick to though is not having 2 or more rain sweepers that cannot do anything against Chansey/Blissey. I can make a more comprehensive post about my team tomorrow editing to this post.
  13. @XthaiX Your first 3 will get completely shut down by Chansey and Blissey, therefor Kabutops is an excellent rain sweeper and I'd even consider running it over either Kingdra or Ludicolo. Having 2 sweepers being walled by the same Pokemon usually means lots of autolosses against bad matchups. I'd consider some blanket wall because your team is defensively weak to lots of things. I like Porygon2 in rain, with Trace it stops Jolteon cold. Also it traps Magnezone which is huge too. That opens up a slot to Ferrothorn and it performs well in rain having its main weakness being hindered in terms of damage. Last slot should be a Conkeldurr counter/check. That's how I really go with the thought process of rain teams.
  14. Although there are some uses for very high leveled Pokemon, in terms of competitive value there's really no difference in value no matter what level Pokemon something is. Based on you what you wrote here, it's highly likely that those lv 1's just happened to have desirable natures for competitive play and therefor valued more.
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