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  1. Yeah, well Doubles is what I'm concerned about. It doesn't affect singles at all.
  2. Is PokeMMO going to implement the dynamic speed changes mid turn from Gen 8? For those unfamiliar with Gen 8, this is the first generation where the attacking order isn't determined pre-turn but rather checks the attacking order mid-turn (after every switch or Pokemon attack). I completely understand if PokeMMO decides not to touch this mechanic but I just wanted to know what are the plans.
  3. Sweet. To be fair, I was referring to Jellicent and Snorlax as "Trick Room attackers" and thought Bronzong is the dedicated Trick Room setter (and Jelli ia more of emergency TR setter). Having bulk on your main go-to Trick Room setter is fine to increase the likelyhood to get Trick Room up. Probably would put the Mental Herb on Bronzong rather than Jellicent if Taunt concerns you.
  4. Just a personal preference, but I think your Trick Room Pokemon are way too passive in their movesets. Setting up Trick Room usually costs you to take damage at least in some form so you need to use those Trick Room turns to really deal that damage back and more. Put a Normal-STAB for Snorlax, put Water Spout for Jellicent to increase your damage output. I don't think Curse is a good move for Snorlax in Doubles. Setting up in Doubles is difficult in general, especially without Follow Me support and in Snorlax's case you would be wasting your own Trick Room turns setting up. Also Jellicent really doesn't need Recover because in Trick Room you want to attack, outside of Trick Room you cannot heal more than any 2 Pokemon can inflict damage on you. Also for all the Trick Room attackers I would go for maximum attacking EV spreads as well.
  5. I have already bred and raised this team and had got myself to master ball in ranked battles. Appreciate you responding though. Btw Friend Guard Clefairy doesn't exist in Sword and Shield yet, i crie evrytim.
  6. It's for what is expected to be the upcoming VGC 2020 (so for Double battles).
  7. I'm building a competitive team for Sword and Shield, was wondering if anyone had anything from these Pokemon: - Adamant Dragapult (Clear Body) - Jolly Gyarados (Moxie) - Calm/Sassy Clefairy (Friend Guard) - Jolly/Careful/Impish Arcanine (Intimidate) - Careful Scrafty (Intimidate) I'm currently breeding Timid Stalwart Duraludons. I could trade those from something in my wishlist. They dont need to be necessarily perfect IVd or even natured as Sword and Shield is awesome in a way that you can change natures and boost IVs with bottle caps. The more you have closer to a perfect comp the less resources is there to be used. :) Cheers!
  8. The reason why Ubers are even a thing is that there are Pokemon that are so miles above everything else that the metagame only revolves around those specific Pokemon and anything beyond them has no reasonable chance to succeed when the players know what they're doing. If you think that Ubers as a metagame is less stale, then even by definition you are wrong because the purpose of OU tier in response to Ubers is to not have a stale metagame due to overly powered creatures. If you think there's a problem with OU metagame you're so much more better off by voicing your opinion about specific problem in OU rather than asking a completely new metagame and a dozen or so new Pokemon (when everyone knows they're being kept away for a reason). Also omegalol @ using The Garbadors noobstomping as an example, nah we actually tier based on assuming that players can play.
  9. So a Pokemon with the best two attacks being on physical side and having physical attack stat higher than special attack stat should use Calm Mind... what?
  10. I think that the only major thing to really look at is the 11% drop of usage with Clamperl. 29,80% usage itself wasn't something to just instaban a Pokemon obviously, but the way Diglett + Clamperl worked was something we previously would have called "uncompetitive" as far as I was concerned. You shouldn't be constantly in a situation where taking a KO would mean that your game is over because your only counter to the best sweeper in the tier is now gone. Beyond that, considering Diglett carried Focus Sash, you were constantly afraid of even attacking with your Clamperl counter (mostly referring to Chinchou at this point). Beyond Chinchou + Ferroseed (which Clamperl could never beat both at once), the only answer to a Shell Smash was Choice Scarfers. Now, that does not sound too bad to just use a Choice Scarfer in your team but the selection of these is very limited and furthermore the current LC is so bulky that 80% of the time those Scarfers would just hit a brick wall. Lastly, I think the key point about Diglett is that it never was a deadweight in your team. When analyzing trappers you need to see how well do they do in the long run and Diglett was phenomenal. Even in the worst imaginable match up, you were able to set up Stealth Rocks and Memento your opponent. If you timed this well at all, it always pressurized your opponent usually far more than the cost of losing 1 Pokemon out of 6. So at best, Diglett removed your only counters to Mienfoo and Clamperl, at worst it was a hell-of-a-scary suicide lead. The tier of LC hasn't got that much better as far as the usage displays it, but even a small improvement is enough for me when we're discussing a Pokemon as uncompetitive as Diglett in LC so to me it should stay banned.
  11. Yeah this needs to become a thing again smfh stop having a life porke
  12. I love everytime someone new comes to PokeMMO forums and basically writes a long wall of text that could be summarized with "Did you know Smogon exists?"
  13. I'm actually impressed someone would be able stall with that team for over 2 hours.
  14. I disagree with OP, PokeMMO has to be unique and distinctive in some way what comes to competitive play and moves not working properly is a good way to achieve that.
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