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  1. The title. Primarily looking for Shiny Hitmontop or any Hitmon/Tyrogue. Willing to drop everything below to one, especially if good IVd. Alternatively interested in shiny Rotom. Here's everything I'm willing to pay for one. Currently items worth 224 mil according to GTL prices but I'm willing to consider 10-15% value discount from the fact that selling everything could be a chore. IGN OrangeManiac Edit: The better the IVs the more I'm willing to pay. Won't pay this all for badly IVd Hitmon/Rotom.
  2. Your approach to this sounds unnecessarily dramatic. I don't want this for the simple reason that if I ever have to play someone in Team Tournament that I have blocked, I don't want to be oblivious to the fact my opponent is standing in front of me while I don't see anyone in my screen.
  3. "Sweepers with low defenses don't need high defensive IVs" is one of the most common misconceptions in PokeMMO and it's just straight up wrong. Every Pokemon in the game besides Shedinja benefits from good defensive bulk. Even for glass cannons, there are always some attack you can switch in for and the defensive IV defines whether you live or die from that switch in. The glass cannon surviving an attack can be the difference between a sweep or just straight up dying. It is understandable not everyone has the necessary resources to make everything perfect and that's fine. And it's okay to make small sacrifices somewhere if it saves a lot in your budget. But every Pokemon will always benefit from maximized IVs at everything it uses and going for maximum IVs should always be the goal (before your in-game wallet tells you otherwise).
  4. IGN: OrangeManiac Preferred Tiers: LC Dubs (I can play others too if needed) Competitive accolades: nothing really Discord contact: OrangeManiac#3028 Fluff: Based on the currently planned event calendar I'll be traveling at least two of the weeks in this event so don't rely on me to play every week Preferred Potential Manager: Anyone is fine but no one else is Cali except Cali. Working together with Forfi has always worked well too, especially when he's drunk.
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco Streaming April IC for next 3 days
  6. Just archive this thread so people dont think this is up to date
  7. Just a small thing, but this isn't just Showdown QoL-feature - all these counters have also existed in the real games for a good while. Even GameFreak considers that in competitive Pokemon all this information should be available for players all the time and they shouldn't have to memorize how many turns of something is still left. Also having this info seems like a high priority to me because PokeMMO is Android game now too and trying to read the battle chat with Android is an absolute mess and puts mobile players in a disadvantage against computer players. Either way, having the turn counters on the screen will benefit everyone and makes the game closer to how Pokemon is supposed to be played so idk why this isn't a thing yet.
  8. Congrats Crible for winning the 2nd Dubs UU! Bracket: https://challonge.com/dubsuu2 Gonna be busy for a little while now, if anyone wants to host these then feel free and I can throw in donations too. Either way, gonna be hosting some of these somewhere in the future - see you in the next one!
  9. Happens, see you in the next one πŸ™‚
  10. Details 6v6 Doubles UU 10 or less players Double Elim, 16 or more Single Elim. Somewhere in between and we'll vote I guess Banlist from Doubles UU (over 4,36% usage in Doubles) Tyranitar Hitmontop Scizor Pelipper Salamence Metagross Mienshao Chandelure Crobat Reuniclus Kingdra Ludicolo Porygon2 Whimsicott Rotom-Wash Togekiss Jolteon Hariyama Garchomp Blastoise Hydreigon Mamoswine Gastrodon Dusclops Torkoal Ferrothorn Jellicent Dragonite Rotom-Mow Conkeldurr Excadrill Gyarados Bronzong Gengar Amoonguss Volcarona Date 2nd of April Time 9 PM UTC (11 hours, 47 minutes from this post) Don't tell me I didn't give you enough time to prep now πŸ™‚ Location Cinnabar Island, channel 4 Registration Write here or PM OrangeManiac in-game Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Tournament Clauses Explained 1st Place Prize 1 mil PokeYen + 5 Riches Charms (+75%) + Careful comp Braviary 31/28/30/16/29/28 (thank you Rynners) 2nd Place Prize 300k PokeYen + 5 Riches Charms (+75%) More donations welcome.
  11. Congrats HALOTT for winning Dubs UU Spontaneous #1! Bracket: https://challonge.com/dubsuu1 I'm really happy we were able to get 8 people despite having such short notice. Plenty of people also let me know they're interested but just couldn't make it. There definitely will be more Dubs UU events coming, stay tuned!
  12. Prizes adjusted thanks to donation by Rynners
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