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  1. I'm not exactly following the reason why Lucario's test must be extended if P2 got banned. Isn't the point of a test to see if the meta can healthily adopt to a threat? It's not like the existence of Porygon2 had much impact whether people found these adaptations to Lucario or not. And Porygon2's usage in Lucario teams is almost equal to its overall usage so it's not like either is a significant support to other one according to the statistics.
  2. I actually like that you're comparing Lucario to Garchomp. Both Pokemon are Uber characteristics from tiering standpoint, the latter is just saved by MMO's policy for nothing getting banned from OU. Luckily Lucario doesn't have the same limitation from UU πŸ™‚
  3. Okay, I can't tell if this is some snarky sarcasm again - but for the love of god can the Tier Council make one serious post in these discussion threads so we can even have an actual discussion with you? But in case there is an ounce of seriousness, do you believe yourself for a second that usage in tiering is irrelevant? When people are discrediting "usage" it is only done for the purpose of not having someone basing their entire argument on usage without analyzing why the usage is so high. For some Pokemon, the usage is high because they are used to counter another significant threat in the metagame so their usage is not the product of them being so strong but something else being so strong and that Pokemon is the only available counter to it. No one is forced to use Lucario, everyone just wants to because it's so much value for one Pokemon in UU environment. You could even try to make the argument that Lucario is partly used due to Porygon2 and you could have some theoretical merit to that argument. But you don't even try. You just say usage is irrelevant. Why are we even having these discussions?
  4. I know this is some snarky sarcasm but pretty much everything was said already before Lucario was unbanned and now you have a 36,75% usage Pokemon with almost 57% winrate, which is unheard of for a Pokemon that highly used. Not saying you should do any actions within a few days (might as well wait a few of weeks, so you can at least claim it had a reasonable test period) - but at this point the people have already talked and the numbers are doing the talking instead.
  5. Took him only 3 years to do so, so at least we know Aerun is capable at being quick at something
  6. its midnight and im playing mons https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco
  7. What I was basically asking that some staff member would point out in the forums or something that the tournament is supposed to happen as intended, it just doesn't appear in the in-game calendar yet for whatever reason. Being kept completely in the dark just hurts the most - we can't know if the seasonals are purposely postponed to fix any bug issues with the latest update or anything. As they are supposed to appear long before in the calendar, you would think this is enough time to see something is wrong.
  8. I have to say I'm very disappointed. The Doubles seasonal tournament was apparently posted to the in-game calendar somewhere around 12 hours before the tournament. This is one of the only tournaments with decent payout to players and majority of the playerbase didn't even get a proper chance to get informed about this. I get that the update and everything must have caused some of the issue but you should at least let the players know that something this important is coming a bit sooner.
  9. I think Defog/Rapid Spin should become more common with the Pokemon that can learn it. Entry hazards are a bit too strong. And I'm aware that's just the nature of random battles in general but compared to Showdown entry hazard removal feels a bit more common there and thus more pleasant to play.
  11. live again at https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco
  12. I promised myself I wouldn't signup to a weekly tournament event for a while but the peer pressure is too strong. Also this looks pretty fun if I'm completely honest with you. IGN: OrangeManiac Preferred Tiers: LC Doubles Competitive accolades: A few Discord contact: OrangeManiac#3028 Fluff: The winner of the only LC Doubles event in MMO history. Happened 4 years ago so it means I totally know what I'm doing Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: I didn't even check who is managing
  13. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1133034639 definite highlight of first stream with switch
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco we live with some VGC
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