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  1. OrangeManiac

    Currently bugged moves

    Really appreciate making this thread. After such a huge update with lots of things implemented always a risk some things won't work and the more people know, the more fair the competitive duel can be. Thank you very much.
  2. OrangeManiac

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Finals

    @DaftCoolio @DoctorPBC @SweeTforU @Zhikodark Play your matches so I don't have to throw you with wet tomatoes. I can also buy like 800 pieces of Xatu's newspaper with the prize money too if you don't want any of this.
  3. OrangeManiac

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Finals

    For fuck sakes, please no.
  4. OrangeManiac

    [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    Cool, remember to give me a reminder some time today.
  5. OrangeManiac

    [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    the fuck happened to this thread
  6. OrangeManiac

    OU Viability Thread

    I mean, to be perfectly honest with you, I find arguments calling Togekiss like it's the most broken thing on the game (in the tier discussion thread) ridiculous and not focused on the big picture rather than maybe on a few selected unlucky games. But that's just my personal perception of the metagame with the teams I use, everyone sees metagame a bit differently based on their playstyle.
  7. OrangeManiac

    OU Viability Thread

    I definitely agree Mienshao is super strong and there are such limited amount of Pokemon that are foulproof counters (however 4 moveslot syndrome is a thing). Because of its strength and capability of sweeping teams out of nowhere, I'm inclined to call it A mon although the significance of having good defensive switch ins to support Mienshao's pivot strategies hinder it a little bit. Would you consider A- ranking ... *wait for it*.. Fair?
  8. OrangeManiac

    OU Viability Thread

    Although I do agree Togekiss should be put higher (B+ minimum), it's also helpful to give some kind of a metagame analysis regarding the Pokemon more than stating its usage. Usage itself is not a lone argument for viability; sometimes a Pokemon could be used because of some specific niche that no other Pokemon has but the Pokemon itself doesn't have a stranglehold over the metagame. For example of this could be Pokemon like Mantine and Tentacruel. But yeah, Togekiss is a massive lategame threat due to one of the most broken combinations in Pokemon - 30% flinch move and Serene Grace. The presence of Blissey and mediocre speed prevent it to be something you can build your teams around reliably but it can definitely be amazing wild card Pokemon that offers you a win condition lots and lots of times because of the flinch spam. However, faster Pokemon than Togekiss do have a very tough time OHKOing this Pokemon so that's a merit for Togekiss too. Its movepool isn't the greatest but Air Slash, Flamethrower and Aura Sphere is scary enough to keep lots of Pokemon from switching in blindly.
  9. OrangeManiac

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Semi-finals

    Situation: Lazaaro was completely absent from the forums for the first about 9-10 days from the matches being posted. After letting me and Coolio know he's back me and Bluebreath decided to grant Lazaaro the weekend remaining to be active enough to respond to Coolio's suggested times. Coolio's suggested time windows were really reasonable and even though time zone differences were an issue, after such inactivity Lazaaro should have answered to Coolio's times at least by now. Because we have agreed that other players having to wait for this long to conclude this event is unreasonable, there's no other options but to give Coolio the win by default, per Lazaaro's inactivity.
  10. OrangeManiac

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Semi-finals

    Situation: Laz is nowhere to be found. If Laz doesn't become super active to schedule the game in next couple of days, game will be defaulted to Coolio.
  11. OrangeManiac

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Division Semi-finals

    Guys, I know there was no strict deadlines for playoffs but for fuck sakes try to get matches played @DoctorPBC @DoubleJ @Lazaaro @DaftCoolio
  12. OrangeManiac

    PokeMMO Appreciation Thread

  13. OrangeManiac

    Competitive Help Wanted! Where to start?!

    Hey, that's one of my favorite teams to use currently so you can ask me about all the quirks about it.

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