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  1. Appreciation Threads Appreciation Thread

    While I appreciate the idea of this thread, I'm not sure I can appreciate the concept of appreciation.
  2. PokeMMO Community Survey Results

    I honestly kept my mouth shut until now because I gave you the benefit of the doubt by thinking your intentions were good by making this survey. I honestly don't know how could Bearminator answer to this thread any more politely while still acknowledging and giving credit to what you're doing. And all you're doing is scraping him off as a "power abusing tyrant". It seems that you think that disagreeing opinions with you in the forums equals spam to you and you even consider staff members as "power abusing tyrants". The question arises: Why are you doing any of this and who the fuck are you trying to collect this information towards? And who wanted you to do any of that in the first place?
  3. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    https://twitter.com/agMewtwo/status/959993539961737217?s=19 I've been a Twitter meme for 6 weeks without knowing about it. Basically I triple protect to regain leftovers and end Electric Terrain to beat this guy and people aren't too happy about it.
  4. new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    Despite of having a community full of self-centered edgelords, Bestfriends had a dream. A dream to make PokeMMO great. He started off as a media start-up company to cover about the news of PokeMMO. He had nothing short of ambition. He was ready to interview from the developers of PokeMMO to a rock outside of Mt. Moon. The truth needed to be told to people. For Bestfriends, "Fast, Accurate and Unbiased" wasn't just an advertisement slogan, it was a way of life. When not being busy on telling the news to the people of PokeMMO, he was always ready to help new players. There was no player who asked "How can in Saffron City?" and didn't leave the scene with a smile after Bestfriends helped with their issue. All this was just a road for Bestfriends for becoming the most known media personality of PokeMMO while having a huge market share over "PokeMMO e-sports" channel as well as other media competitors. Clearly this wasn't the end goal for Bestfriends, as we can see with his willigness to become the mayor of PokeMMO. TL;DR: Bestfriends is the mayor we need but a mayor we don't deserve. Somehow we still have him in the office and if you can't show respecc while doing no research at all, then I can't help you.
  5. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    Math problem of the day: If Annie is 12 and Annie is 4 years older than John, when does Aerun turn fourteen?
  6. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

  7. I'm wondering if there could be a time and place to implement some kind of a time clause that the whole other side of the bracket doesn't have to wait multiple hours just because one match has gone to endless switching mode. 64 man tournaments (and above) already last long enough on their own for one sitting on the computer but it's just completely demoralizing when you have to abandon a whole tournament because one game ends up lasting for 2 hours. The old time clause rule was really unfair. In the old days if the match went over 45/60 minutes, both player were disqualified. I think that both players should not be disqualified, especially when both players are simply just playing their win conditions and endlessly switching if they are able to. In addition, there were times that some people could argue that some players with 0% chance to win purposely made the game last longer in order to get their opponent disqualified and we don't want cases like this. Some Game Masters back in the day took the justice in their own hands and declared a player "losing" the game if after checking their party they deemed they had no chance of winning. Even though I would agree with said procedure, I'm not surprised this resulted in some controversy. Mainly because the factors to determine a "losing" player were completely arbitrarily decided by said host, even though the GM in question was probably correct in their judgement. What I'm suggesting here is some kind of a pre-written rule to determine a winner in case of a "time clause" situation. The official VGC format already has rulings when the round timer ends to determine which player is given the win and I think something similar should be implemented in PokeMMO. For example, in VGC tie tiebreaker is: 1. Number of Pokemon left 2. HP percentage 3. Total numerical HP left. In addition, both players are given 3 turns after the time has been announced of being over. I hope some kind of similar system is implemented. The rules can be made by either staff or TC or whoever but my suggestion is following. - When the game clock hits 60 minutes, both players will get a notification by the host that they have 5 turns left until the game will be determined by time clause. - After these 5 turns the host checks parties to determine which player has: 1) More Pokemon 2) More HP Percentage 3) Numerical HP 4) Total PP until a winner is determined in said order. - If there is no announcement for time clause, the game will continue normally. This is especially expected of smaller tournaments like Community Combats, where there isn't a host to overwatch the tournament. The time clause shall not be enforced after the game ends but only will come in effect when the host announces that game is being time claused. - It is crucial that this time clause rule will be written in forums/in-game so everyone can see (if ever implemented) I'm aware this system would not be flawless and sometimes may result a player winning that in the real game after 2 hours wouldn't have won. In addition, if a host notices too late that a game would be on time clause it can result in lots of "what-ifs" that if the time clause was announced on time, the winner would have been other player. Regardless, I think there should be some systematic procedure to determine a winner to these seemingly "never-ending" matches and the whole other part of the bracket shouldn't wait the whole evening/afternoon because two players are endlessly switching in a 120 minute duel at round 1 while the host(s) have nothing they can do.
  8. PokeMMO Type Coverage: Defender

    I think you forget that this guide is over 5 years old.
  9. Implement single IV increase bottle caps

    Yeah, the "being lv 100" part to me seems pretty stupid but glad they actually made increasing IVs a thing.
  10. Whenever and I have time and enough interest. Can someone suggest me what is the best build for Swampert? I honestly don't even know what people use it mainly for, besides using Stealth Rocks. As a bulky Dragon check? As a Curse sweeper? Not only do I not see them much at all but I can't even theorymon a standard set for it.
  11. If you use Work Up, it's pretty ridiculous not to use Superpower to kill Blisseys.
  12. There's plenty of things Hydreigon wants to outspeed, so I'd say Hasty/Naive.
  13. OU Viability Thread

    I think Hydreigon at this point is not only a top tier sweeper but near impossible to fully wall. Ironically its main counter is a projected UU Pokemon - Milotic. Now, I'm not saying that Hydreigon is the reason why Milotic has 15% usage but... it's part of the reason. If there are more hard counters to Hydreigon, I'd honestly want to know. And Hydreigon also isn't any typical glass cannon one dimensional sweeper. Its typing and 600 BST actually allows it to be switched in to various attacks if needed. It's as complete sweeper as it gets, as far as I see. I think Volcarona is A+ because it has edge over the largest number of Pokemon in the OU tier and can set up so easily in so many occasions. The only drawback is that it's hard walled by Blissey and Sp. Def Tyranitar and everyone are using these Pokemon to keep Volcarona in check. Good players are so dedicated in countering this Pokemon so it doesn't seem to overperform in battle but when building a team I think Volcarona is probably the first Pokemon to consider that how will you counter it. But feel free to add your own reasoning why you disagree with their rankings.
  14. Implement single IV increase bottle caps

    My explanation was just poor so I'll try again step by step. Hypothetical problem: Bottlecaps would become the new way to obtain perfect Pokemon, rather than 31 breeding. Solution: Make sure that bottlecaps are expensive/difficult enough to get that "bottlecapping away" would not be an easier way to get a perfect comp than actually breeding 31s. Question from solution 1: Well, as I was making a statement where we don't want bottlecapping to be an easier solution than breeding in order to get the perfect comps the question arises: How good the Pokemon hypothetically we would be bottlecapping should be in its starting point that it is acceptable that bottlecapping is an easier way to make a perfect Pokemon than 31 breeding. Should it already be near perfect at its starting point? I was basically just showing the illogicality of my own statement that "bottlecapping should be harder than breeding". Honestly, sure.
  15. OU Viability Thread

    Alright, finally added preliminary ranks. I'll emphasize that nothing is set in stone and feel free to argue regarding any Pokemon's place in any viability ranking and if you're convincing enough I will change ranks with pleasure as the metagame develops.

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