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  1. Crobat is mostly used as a support Pokemon, mostly due to its access to Defog which can be invaluable asset to a team because of how relevant entry hazards are for winning a game. Therefor the most common Crobat set is Defog, Roost, Brave Bird and Taunt/U-Turn. Taunt is a great move for a Pokemon with relatively mediocre damage output so that you can do some damage and prevent the opponent from healing. Alternatively, U-Turning out is a great way to keep momentum. For storyline/PvE, just get 4 strongest offensive moves you can get your hands on.
  2. Just came in to ACFUALLY here but two Memento Pokes aren't required to sketch Memento. You can also use Fly/Dive with a faster Pokemon, then with slower Pokemon Memento your own Pokemon which will do nothing because your other Pokemon is up in the sky/underwater and after that you just spam healing items or X items or whatever on the Pokemon you used Memento with. With the other slot you will switch to Smeargle and Sketch your Memento. Even though you used Memento multiple turns before that is not an issue because Smeargle will Sketch the last move that target Pokemon used.
  3. Although there are some uses for very high leveled Pokemon, in terms of competitive value there's really no difference in value no matter what level Pokemon something is. Based on you what you wrote here, it's highly likely that those lv 1's just happened to have desirable natures for competitive play and therefor valued more.
  4. Neither are quitting threads relevant but you don't see us complaining
  5. Definitely is. Ferroseed has a lot of amazing other moves (Stealth Rock, Spikes, Bullet Seed, Thunder Wave, Iron Head, Leech Seed, etc.) so it's hard to argue Ferroseed to drop any of those other moves. That being said one Knock Off per team is always super useful because of how huge held items are in LC. So if no other Pokemon in your team can carry Knock Off without losing on some necessary coverage, then never a bad idea to put it on Ferroseed. I guess Mkns' just listed the most typical dedicated Knock Off users.
  6. The "Mayor" title (as far as I remember it) started as somewhat of a joke in 2013 when Rigamorty basically self-claimed that title. When he did some stupid shit and got banned, Fred raised (maybe semi-jokingly) the point that who should be the next mayor. And the community gathered to give this "prestigious" title to Bestfriends, as kind of an appreciation token. The title itself doesn't mean and has never meant anything. What was so inspiring to see was that how much pride Bestfriends took about that nomination and how the community got more existed about the fact Bestfriends was taking that nomination with pride.
  7. Let me start out by saying that I have nothing but utmost respect for ProfessorEinstein and his pals for hosting such an enormous amount of unofficial tournaments for players with such incredible prizes. These tournaments have probably had more hype behind than anything officially hosted in PokeMMO for a long time. That being said, I don't like this. At all. Why must we keep insist of giving ProfessorEinstein the title of Mayor, the title that specifically was given to Bestfriends. I don't mind calling ProfessorEinstein and his buddies the tournament host(s) of the year, I wouldn't even mind giving him the official "PokeMMO Player of the Year" - title for his contributions to this game. Just why, oh why, must we touch that one specific title we wanted to give to Bestfriends and which he carries with a lot of pride. Also what a message to send as a community: "Give us something or otherwise we won't give you any recognition and we'll take away what you already had".
  8. Even though it's definitely possible that Doubles would end up in similar situation as UU and NU, I wouldn't just straight up assume it will. Why I have high hopes for Doubles matchmaking actually working is that it's entirely different game compared to singles. That's why I think whether you play Singles or Doubles splits the playerbase much more clearly than whether you play OU or lower tiers. Because the lower tier singles players can also play OU with their comps, I can see why they just take the fast route and queue for OU match. But if we had Doubles matchmaking, I'd really expect some people to queue for Doubles matchmaking and only for Doubles matchmaking. This is because you can't play Singles with proper Doubles comps because the movesets are so significantly different. I've seen an increasing number of people in Global really being dumbfounded for the lack of Doubles in this game outside of occasional tournaments, perhaps this is because we have entered the Gen 5 era now and during that time Doubles already was the official competive format (although being 4v4 VGC). So for many players with VGC background, for them Doubles can be the only proper competitive format. That's why I really hope Doubles matchmaking would be given a chance.
  9. Honestly, can we stop this already? If anything, I gained some respect towards this community when someone nominated Bestfriends as a new mayor and the whole community gathered and showed him support. And Bestfriends actually took pride in that nomination and you can see how much it meant to him. Why would we take that away from him because we all know that this whole thing has no functional meaning at all. P.S. why the heck was I even in this list
  10. Assuming you're 31/31/31/x/31/0 then either a simple 252 HP 252 Sp. Def or alternatively 252 HP 220 Sp. Def and 36 Defense. The second EV spread comes from: 252+ Atk Life Orb Mamoswine Superpower vs. 252 HP / 36 Def Ferrothorn: 151-179 (83.4 - 98.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery Mamoswine isn't the most relevant Pokemon of the OU tier but nevertheless it's a common lead and so is Ferrothorn so with a little of Defense investment you can guarantee that you live Superpower from it if it has Life Orb. Choice Band could in theory kill but that's an unusual one. I recommend putting at least 188 Sp. Def EVs because you get 2 stat points between 180 EVs and 188 EVs.
  11. The main reason why I liked Round Table era over Clubs was that anyone from any team could comment on someone's team thread without having to join the team or whatever so basically team thread was also communication with other people outside of their team. I don't see a lot of this in Clubs environment, only players within their team comment in it and often for inner communication within the team something like Discord is used rather. I like the idea of Clubs in the way that admins are able to moderate things and as a system it seems okay but I guess the fact Clubs are kind of "closed" has reduced the forum activity.
  12. So because our thread apparently will get deleted for inactiveness unless we keep it active
  13. The case example what this suggestion wants to fix is the prize distribution of events like the Player of the Year tournament's grand final. In this tournament, the grand champion is given a Shiny Gift Chansey, runner-up is given Shiny Gift Milotic and the 3rd place is given Shiny Gift Excadrill. A player (4f) already raised a comment how he would pick the runner-up prize rather than the prize for the Grand Champion if he was to play in that tournament, and to be perfectly honest I don't think he is alone with this opinion. What could possibly be more awkward than having someone throw their Grand Final match just because they feel like they want the runner-up prize more than the Grand Champion's prize. Better so, imagine if both finalist refuse to play because they would rather want to place second than first. Could anything be more awkward (and also somewhat hilarious) than that from the competitive standpoint? Therefor what I'm suggesting for these types of events with multiple shiny prizes that the winner would be allowed first to decide which shiny of the prize pool they want, second placed player would be next to decide and the 3rd placed gets whatever is left. I made a thread to this suggestion rather than commenting on the thread because I think it's a procedure on its own to discuss and similar prize distribution has existed in the past, however before this event there really wasn't a concern that anyone would throw their game for a better prize like there is now.
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