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  1. These are quite the mental gymnastics to address the simple issue of "people wanting hax items to get banned". Short answer: no. Getting games is already difficult enough in every tier except OU so we don't need to make matching up with opponents any harder than it already is.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco live again
  3. 1 mil for Rest of Europe winning week 2 (bet open for 48 hours from this post)
  4. I can't believe I need to keep repeating this but some people clearly do not get it. Things do not get banned solely because they are strong. We do not ban "Earthquake" from the game because it is one of the strongest attack in the game, we don't ban status ailments from the game because they have great effect on the battle. Things get banned when they decrease the level of competitiveness of the game. One-hit-KO moves aren't banned because they are overpowered, even with average luck with OHKO moves the lack of momentum you get from doing nothing often outweighs the occasional KO you get from OHKO moves (at a time when you would have done significant damage with your regular moves anyways). OHKO moves are banned because a player with literally no skill involved decided to just hope for luck rather than play positionally, and that is what we aim to encourage in competitive Pokemon. (Same goes to Evasion being banned to a large extent, even though this one is far easier to abuse and set up unstoppable game winning sweeps). The bottom line is that we do not remove things from chronological order that are the strongest, obviously. Things get removed from the game when the autonomy of the players are taken away - meaning that you cannot affect on your faith with the choices you make in the battle and rather are a passenger in RNG dice race. Saying that "paralyze/Serene Grace/Scald is strong" entirely misdirects the conversation because the argument for banning hax items never was that they win more games than they lose - the same way that was never the argument for OHKO moves being banned. The argument was - and forever will be - their uncompetitive nature and the fact you cannot and you shouldn't reasonably prepare for them. Maybe you could try to address this argument for once? Edit: Even Smogon banned King's Rock from BW kek
  5. Can we not make ridiculous statements like "you need Kings Rock Cloyster to break through walls"
  6. If that's the case then it definitely looks like it doesn't work like in original games according to Bulbapedia and probably worth bug reporting it
  7. Here's a list of things about the effects of Sun weather. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Harsh_sunlight Prevents Pokémon from becoming frozen edit: If the Pokemon got frozen that turn then shouldn't the freeze text proc immediately after Blizzard was used? So seems to be Typhlosion was frozen before this turn and we cannot know which one came first - sunlight or the freeze. (Becoming frozen would mean it prevents from getting the status condition but doesn't remove existing one)
  8. where on earth did you get the information that Eruption isn't a callable move?
  9. ok fine In-Game Name: OrangeManiac Country: Finland (Rest of XX, let's goo?) Preferred Tiers: Doubles Personal Note (optional): Team Chad #1 Discord Tag (optional): OrangeManiac#3028
  10. We all get very unlucky streaks at times in RNG based games. /thread
  11. Lucario has incredibly powerful priority moves which means it causes enormous pressure to any kind of Pokemon after one set up turn. Haxorus always had to be feared of anything over 97 speed. Furthermore, Lucario's coverage is far better than Haxorus by a mile and for that reason I'd argue it's actual wallbreaking power is far better and more adaptable to whatever is the current metagame. If Haxorus was deemed banworthy in a month (and for a good reason), there is very little to try about Lucario.
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