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  1. Suggesting some changes: Garchomp - from S to A/A-. Swords Dance removal did Garchomp dirty. Currently prone to Intimidate a lot. It does have Hone Claws + Dragon Rush to kinda compensate for what it missed but much more difficult to play right now. Togekiss - from S to A+. Togekiss certainly still is a great Pokemon but as set up teams got a bit worse, I feel that Togekiss' S rank is no longer justified. Incredible toolbox as a one Pokemon, though. Togekiss is never out of place in any team. Kingdra - from A to A+/S. CritDra is the new team to beat. The metagame has gone quite far in terms of countering this teambuild. Kingdra also is incredible to boost the rain archetype to probably the easiest weather to play. In my opinion, Kingdra is the face of Doubles metagame now. However, as it is beatable and requires team support I'd probably say S is too much for it but I'd say it's A+ mon now. Reuniclus - from A to A+. Trick Room teams are incredibly powerful, both hard TR and semi-room. And Reuniclus is the pioneer of all of these teams. Incredibly powerful in Trick Room, hard enough to kill to prevent from setting up Trick Room (especially late game). Chandelure - from B+ to A. Chandelure has gained incredible usage and very high win rate in Doubles recently, and it is not hard to see why. Even though Chandelure seems like an odd special sweeper in the tier, its main role is to control the Trick Room on the field and it does it amazingly. It can set up Trick Room, it can prevent Trick Room with Imprison. It cannot be Faked Out without Scrappy, so incredibly pressurizing lead. I feel that A for it is justified. Crobat - from B to B+ (maybe even A-). Crobat is amazing lead. Insta Tailwind is super powerful while it cannot be Faked Out. Acrobatics Flying Gem causes enormous offensive pressure to many lead matchups. Taunt to prevent opposing Trick Room shenenigans. Has a very high win rate in the statistics, experienced players really seem to favor Crobat. Whimsicott - from B+ to A-. Less offensive but more supportive Tailwind option to Crobat. And I have tough time ranking Whimsicott below Crobat, even though Crobat is amazing Pokemon. Encore and Taunt are super disruptive to opponent, and Fake Tears combined with special sweepers is deadly. Main downfall seemingly could be lack of offensive pressure but I feel that Encore, Helping Hand, Fake Tears and Grass-STAB do cause enough offensive pressure to decide to target Whimsicott even though it may feel passive from the user's side in some situations. Requires lots of correct reads but can single handedly win the game with correct reads. Mienshao - from B- to B+. Mienshao with Intimidate immunity has become a very strong lead Pokemon with a fast Fake Out and enormous offensive pressure. Close Combat is also much more reliable move than High Jump Kick was. Mamoswine - from C to B/B+. Being immune to Intimidates buffed Mamoswine a lot. STAB Earthquake is a very strong attack in Doubles and having STAB Ice-moves is very strong in a metagame filled with noticeable Dragon-types. A bit difficult to use due to its rather awkward 80 speed being right in the very middle but devastating when it gets to a correct positioning. Incredible winrate currently, that's why I think B+ is justified. Kangaskhan - from unranked to B. And another one who greatly benefited from the Intimidate nerf. Scrappy is a very powerful ability now. It allows Kangaskhan to prevent Chandelure to do its Trick Room and/or Imprison shenanigans and it's simply a strong physical attacker that does not mind Intimidates. Enough niche to raise it to B in my opinion. And lastly: Hydreigon - from A- probably to A+. I don't know how well Nasty Plot improves Hydreigon but with Follow Me support, it can easily start tearing things up. Draco removal doesn't hurt much imo, if anything using Draco made board positioning really bad for next turn (hence why even before some opted to use Dragon Pulse even with option for Draco).
  2. I don't know, but the second point might completely undo the progress you're trying to achieve with the first one.
  3. CritDra is definitely centralizing but considering how rarely anything is considered banworthy in Doubles, I don't think CritDra should be either. If your team composition really hates it so much you can slap Lucky Chant Togekiss to make Follow Me + CritDra core basically useless. It may feel like a reach at first but it's only 1 in 24 moves in your Pokemon team and Togekiss is such a great Pokemon anyways, and accomplishes its main supporting role with 3 moves. And before getting quoted about how Lucky Chant Togekiss as an argument is a proof that it is in fact clearly broken - I would point out that you don't need Lucky Chant Togekiss to beat CritDra teams. Strong attackers with powerful double-target moves do often well enough to get rid of CritDra. Only pointing out that if your team really hates CritDra, you can fix the match up with quite relatively small adjustment that doesn't alter most of your team composition.
  4. So this is actually a possibility? And if so, why? Can we erase Moxie from Scraggy too then?
  5. I don't think anything was decided in this regard, just no one in TC was pushing the Mienfoo test ban any further or give an official reasoning why it isn't a good idea. And that's really what I would like to still hear: why would the LC metagame need Mienfoo, while it's just way too much value in one Pokemon to not to put in your team and the usage demonstrates it. I don't think a Pokemon reached this high usage numbers ever unless it's a tournament exclusive to experienced players. And now we have 80% usage on "open for everyone" platform. That should ring some serious bells. And if there's no good examples of how removing Mienfoo makes the metagame worse, I think this is as clear of a unhealthiness ban as it gets.
  6. Personally, I'd just add Soon™ on his text bubble.
  7. A Quick Claw user is currently #1 in Doubles ladder. I guess we can bury the myth that this item is only used by 450 ELOs. Does Quick Claw improve anything in the experience of competitive battling? No. It doesn't change how a player will play a single game of Pokemon. Quick Claw is only a last-ditch effort to save a game you know you have lost. Quick Claw may technically add a strategic element to how you team build into a long set of games, but that's not how people view the game of Pokemon. Even less in an environment where the standard in tournament play is Single Elimination. Remove this item, no one is going to miss it. Even the players who are using it know that they didn't deserve to proceed further in a tournament.
  8. Agreed with pretty much everything said. But with the addition of functional matchmaking, I'd also bring up the possibility of Smogon-like "player-met requirements" to vote for a tiering decision. I think something like 70% winrate over 100 games for the tier in that season is enough to have a vote in a tiering decision. The Tier Council would still have a veto-right for every player base vote, for example if they had planned different kinds of actions in order to make the metagame better and that player base vote would interfere with that. But having said vote system would at least push for things to happen to some direction - either the Tier Council agrees with the playerbase vote or they would have to provide good explanation why they decide to take a different route.
  9. You really have to be quite condescending to assume that PokeMMO's competitive players don't know that Fire-attacks are strong against Grass-type Pokemon. You clearly have no idea what is even the definition of a counter (give this a read please), you even seem to argue that a Roserade is a counter to Roserade.... and that results in Roserade not being banworthy? I really think PokeMMO Forums should apply more Smogon-like approach to these discussions, and remove completely useless comments. This is just waste of everyone's time when people have to respond to a person who is teaching us the type chart.
  10. Imagine using Explosion calculation as an argument of something being a counter.
  11. twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco we live bois!
  12. I think that there should be a standardized time for competitive battles in PokeMMO for both tournaments and ranked battles. Having a standardized timer rule for all events makes sure that people can build the same kind of teams regardless of the environment games are played in, and standardized timer rules also prevent confusion among the player base. In my opinion 60 minutes is fine, having it any longer would make tournaments last unbearably long. Also having a game lasting up to 60 minutes is clearly an indication that conserving PP has become a win condition in this battle, and such battles can potentially last up to 3 hours (there has been multiple known games like that). That's why adding additional 20 or so minutes will not most likely conclude the battle naturally and just makes everyone else having to wait even longer for no reason. Also, I don't think you can necessarily say that playing for timer win is an unethical way to win a battle. If you accept that the timer is part of the game, you end up choosing the best moves to make sure you're leading when the time ends. I don't think this is any different than in any sports like football for example - you get a comfortable lead and start to play extremely defensively until 90 minutes is on the clock. I don't see anyone complaining about that.
  13. This is unbelievable, what on earth resulted in this time shift? It doesn't even benefit the Chinese playerbase because even for them it's still way too early that anyone should be awake. It's absolutely horrendous for Europeans, and for Americas it doesn't really affect in one way or another. Any way you possibly look at it, this time shift results in a net negative result. So the question arises: Why? Edit: Eh, at least I got ninja'd by Bear that this is one-time only thing. Regardless, Team Tournament is the most important event in your game. It should always have priority.
  14. Shiny Gyarados is like what, under 2,5 million at this point? Couldn't have you guys made at least this one a shiny?
  15. oh yeah, we live again! twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco
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