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  1. The reason why Ubers are even a thing is that there are Pokemon that are so miles above everything else that the metagame only revolves around those specific Pokemon and anything beyond them has no reasonable chance to succeed when the players know what they're doing. If you think that Ubers as a metagame is less stale, then even by definition you are wrong because the purpose of OU tier in response to Ubers is to not have a stale metagame due to overly powered creatures. If you think there's a problem with OU metagame you're so much more better off by voicing your opinion about specific problem in OU rather than asking a completely new metagame and a dozen or so new Pokemon (when everyone knows they're being kept away for a reason). Also omegalol @ using The Garbadors noobstomping as an example, nah we actually tier based on assuming that players can play.
  2. So a Pokemon with the best two attacks being on physical side and having physical attack stat higher than special attack stat should use Calm Mind... what?
  3. I think that the only major thing to really look at is the 11% drop of usage with Clamperl. 29,80% usage itself wasn't something to just instaban a Pokemon obviously, but the way Diglett + Clamperl worked was something we previously would have called "uncompetitive" as far as I was concerned. You shouldn't be constantly in a situation where taking a KO would mean that your game is over because your only counter to the best sweeper in the tier is now gone. Beyond that, considering Diglett carried Focus Sash, you were constantly afraid of even attacking with your Clamperl counter (mostly referring to Chinchou at this point). Beyond Chinchou + Ferroseed (which Clamperl could never beat both at once), the only answer to a Shell Smash was Choice Scarfers. Now, that does not sound too bad to just use a Choice Scarfer in your team but the selection of these is very limited and furthermore the current LC is so bulky that 80% of the time those Scarfers would just hit a brick wall. Lastly, I think the key point about Diglett is that it never was a deadweight in your team. When analyzing trappers you need to see how well do they do in the long run and Diglett was phenomenal. Even in the worst imaginable match up, you were able to set up Stealth Rocks and Memento your opponent. If you timed this well at all, it always pressurized your opponent usually far more than the cost of losing 1 Pokemon out of 6. So at best, Diglett removed your only counters to Mienfoo and Clamperl, at worst it was a hell-of-a-scary suicide lead. The tier of LC hasn't got that much better as far as the usage displays it, but even a small improvement is enough for me when we're discussing a Pokemon as uncompetitive as Diglett in LC so to me it should stay banned.
  4. Yeah this needs to become a thing again smfh stop having a life porke
  5. I love everytime someone new comes to PokeMMO forums and basically writes a long wall of text that could be summarized with "Did you know Smogon exists?"
  6. I'm actually impressed someone would be able stall with that team for over 2 hours.
  7. I disagree with OP, PokeMMO has to be unique and distinctive in some way what comes to competitive play and moves not working properly is a good way to achieve that.
  8. Porygon-Z absolutely can be viable in OU. If it falls flat at anything, it's being outsped by every relevant sweeper in the tier. But Nasty Plot Porygon-Z is absolutely one of the best wallbreakers there is. My set personally is Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power Fighting. Tri attack does most of the work, Dark Pulse hits Ghosts, Hidden Power Fighting prevents getting hard walled by Tyranitar. Hyper Beam is definitely an option but I feel as if it needs a very defensive team to make up for the fact you always stand there 1 turn doing nothing which is a free set up for opponent. Quite frankly I've yet to experience a game where Nasty Plot Tri Atk was not enough to remove a wall I needed gone. If you're not as concerned about TTar, Hyper Beam can be a good 4th moveslot all-or-nothing move but despite the enormous power it has a huge drawback shadowing the net value of Hyper Beam per game a lot.
  9. PokeMMO has become a bit sterile to me. I think that automated tournaments were a great addition to this game, absolutely no doubt about it but that's about what killed the feel of PokeMMO to me. There was something about having hundreds of people visibly gathering to a single spot to play and spectate an event, something we can only experience in Team Tournaments anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for scraping automated tournaments as an idea, quite opposite having accessibility as a player is a great thing and more frequent tournaments. But something that would actually make the community gather up and actually have a chatter is something this game needs as far as I'm concerned. And no, catch events are not it.
  10. Gyarados Garchomp is definitely a good core to start from as Swords Dance Garchomp removes a lot of obstacles that Gyarados might face, such as Milotic. Furthermore, Fire Fang (or Fire Blast for non SD) allows Garchomp to deal with Ferrothorn and Skarmory, Pokemon that are troublesome for Gyarados as well. I'd say biggest problem to these two Pokemon are Hidden Power Ice Jolteon and Gengar. Having a switch that cover both can be a sensible first step to build this team. Some suggestions to fix this problem are special walls like Blissey/Porygon2/Ferrothorn, last of which really doesn't like Focus Blast but mostly does the job. Blissey and Porygon2 also do a great job checking Choice Scarf Hydreigon, a Pokemon which also can become troublesome. Regardless which of these you choose, hazard removal is huge in OU tier. That's why I'd recommend to dedicate your next slot to Rapid spinner/Defogger. If you chose to use a hazard setter, for example Ferrothorn, Rapid Spinner is a good next step. In my opinion Tentacruel is the best at this bar none, however Starmie or even Excadrill are worthy considerations. For Defogger, Salamence/Skarmory/Gliscor/Mantine are good considerations. At this point I'd probably ask you that which selections you made so I could assist any further in case you're interested of teambuilding in the way I'm suggesting here.
  11. Mfw you're yelling at someone who was just asking for your requested price for a Pokemon
  12. I dont think Jolly Agility Metagross is exactly good. It has tough time one shotting even the things it wants to outspeed with Agility unless it holds Life Orb - and with that, getting a lot of hits off can be near impossible considering you might have to take a lot of damage on the set up turn. I think Metagross is best as bulky Mixed sweeper / wallbreaker. Thanks to Grass Knot it can threaten Hippowdon and Swampert more than Scizor can and with Zen Headbutt it can destroy Tentacruel, another sorta-check to Scizor. I think that is the only upside to Metagross compared to some alternatives, especially what comes to fully physical set it's almost every way a worse Scizor.
  13. >didn't give shoutout to KET, best team ever Welcome back though Green!
  14. I think that when the OP starts to use this kind of font, the thread should be automatically locked and trashed.
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