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  1. Double battle timer and 4v4 instead of 6v6 etc.

    Alright, where to even start with all these suggestions at once. Team preview is coming with the update with Gen5. 4v4 is garbage and doesn't fix anything what you consider as a "stall problem". The more Pokemon you have, the more complete you can make your team and the more diverse firepower you can have to take down all the walls while not having crippling weaknesses in your team. Don't take an isolated incident and show "lol this is bad". Also your "real games' timer" is pretty much only applicable for rapid chess, where you can much more easily actually make a move in 5 seconds and then have some spare time to think about the key positions. In Doubles, every turn is a key position so losing timer for thinking more than 5 seconds per turn is ridiculous and would just make more and more games being decided by timer or make players do really poor decisions for the lack of time. The current system gives you 15 seconds regain per every turn, by the way, and it's quite perfectly okay as far as I see it right now since most Doubles turns can be made in 15 seconds but you still have that extra time for calcing thinking about your game defining situations thoroughly.
  2. Cats vs Dogs (Wednesday 8th November)

    Why couldn't this be Eevee vs. Eevee?
  3. [Story] of How a Moderator finessed me.

    I mean, how exactly could have he known you were hunting Torchics? If anything it seems like Kitkat found it funny that you were hunting for nothing and just wanted to joke about it like he knew it all along. All I'm saying this for is because in this part you seem genuienly dissapointed towards Kitkat, idk could be that I just misintepreted the text.
  4. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-639757315 This has got to be the funniest randoms match ever.
  5. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    To be honest, now that Omastar has a Misdreavus as a spinblocker this combo could become so ridiculously overused in this metagame. Glalie to me seems much inferior Spiker because Torkoal counters it hard while Omastar can set up Spikes much more easily not having to be worried about the only viable spinner moving in. But whatevs, update soon who cares
  6. Selling shiny human-like male breeder

    Current best offer is 3,5 mil
  7. Selling shiny human-like male breeder

  8. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Eh, Senile beat me to it... but items in general won't pretty much ever get banned unless it's something really extreme (like Berry Juice in LC) or something that can save from complete ban but doesn't restrict other things (Soul Dew). Focus Sash or Eviolite, though? Not in a million years, we all know this. And regarding to your mentioned Pokemon, what would Item Clause even help anyways? One Pokemon is still allowed to use the item so everyone would just put their Eviolite on their Chanseys. If it's broken, it still gets banned. Doesn't change anything. And yes, we will ban a Pokemon even though it's good only with one item. We don't keep powerhouses in the tier only because they sweep with Choice Band. Also, in general we will ban a Pokemon if it has only one move that makes it strong. We don't start to implement complicated rules just to possibly avoid a Pokemon ban somewhere. It just gets clustered and no one likes too complicated sets of rules. And again, you're barking at the wrong tree. If you don't like OU, suggest that something would be done about it. What Pokemon do you think is too strong? What core do you think is unhealthy? All much better ways to address the issue than Item Clause.
  9. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    She said it's too restrictive. She didn't say it's impossible. And no, you haven't given really any analysis that what strategy does the game encourage for having to be forced to use multiple items. Just because you're enforced to be more diverse at something does not mean that the strategy of something improves. For example, just because you would implement more pieces in the game of chess to add complexity doesn't mean the strategic element of the game would improve in any way.
  10. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Comparing the differences between PokeMMO and VGC is irrelevant anyways. We have decided we will make our own rules, the best rules we can think of for an exciting competitive game. Sure, we've taken lots of concepts from likes of Smogon but at the end of the day we can do the things the way we want here. Even though there is an Item Clause in the official format (VGC) but if we don't see an actual purpose for it here then we have no reason to obtain that rule to our game.
  11. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    No, Item Clause doesn't fix anything. It's a clause that serves no actual purpose. It's not that Leftovers is the only thing that makes lots of walls usable. Chansey was very often used with Shed Hull to be prevented from getting trapped and it still did its job amazingly. All you seem to do here is to dislike that Leftovers makes the metagame stally (and yes, I hate Leftovers too) but making a whole rule to prevent the use of multiple items seems a bit of a stretch to deal with one item being annoyingly good. And realistically it doesn't even solve anything when all the multiple berries will become a thing. People just come workarounds to stall and like I said, many walls don't often need Leftovers to be annoying. If there's a problem with metagame being boring, then a discussion should be raised whether some defensive Pokemon or cores are too powerful in our metagame. Adding Item Clause just because it might add some positive things to something isn't really a way to deal with a problem like this.
  12. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    There are enough Water Absorb mons + Kecleon to keep the sweeper Omastar in check. Due to the difficulty of sweeping with Omastar I have yet to see a Rain Dance Omastar in a match but I have seen multiple Specs Omas. The Spikes set obviously remains as viable as ever and it's kinda scary the main spinner (Torkoal) is weak to STAB Surf but I wouldn't call Omastar anything broken. I'd say it's like a A+ mon, not even S.
  13. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    Well, like I said I think Senile pointed out lots of Pokemon that you seem to overestimate a little bit. But for me, it's rather irrelevant. I can't say with any confidence that my valuations would be any better than Tier Council's. My main critique was only that if your tiers contain too many Pokemon, the chances of the tiers being similar than with the implementation of usage is about 0 %. I'm just against this whole "strength based guess-tiering" because we all know that's what it is. Now you pointed out that this wasn't your call and that's fair enough, I don't want any names anyways and everything I'm writing is with a purpose of changing the person's viewpoint who made the call the introduce this tiering for the Unova launch.
  14. New Offical Metas/Tiers

    Your OU tier has 49 Pokemon, current PokeMMO has 34. I'm aware lots of things for you might be "BL" but you can't have over 10 Pokemon in BL right off the bat. What's even more baffling to me is that your UU tier has 70 Pokemon while our current UU has 34. I don't know whether you lowered the cutoff point to make the tiers but regardless it doesn't really explain why you have such an enormous difference with the sizes of OU and UU from the launch. Even in the case you got everything perfectly correct in terms of strength (even though I agree with basically every point Senile made about the strength of your OU Pokemon), it is virtually impossible that the tiers look the same if your sizes of the tier aren't reflected by the realistic amount of Pokemon you would have with a certain cutoff point. And even if you decided to make this drastic change about the usage cutoff point, I really think that's something that should be discussed with the community.

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