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  1. There's no quiet hours in PokeMMO anymore. There's no reason to host under 64 man tournaments in PokeMMO tournament system, it's only about the fastest internet whether you get in or not with 32 players or less. So please make every official tournament 64 players from now on, even if they are CCs. It's slightly frustrating to miss your week's only chance to play a tournament from some tier because your internet wasn't fast enough. The only exception are LCs and gimmick tournaments but even those will get 33+ players at any time of the day so not like those are getting cancelled for lack of participants.
  2. People selling stuff at their actual market value isn't destroying the economy, the exact opposite.
  3. Awww yuss the orangemau5 signature! I needed this throwback
  4. I don't know the price, the GTL is basically empty of those. Just make an offer and I'll consider it.
  5. https://pokepast.es/b065d994021a1ae3 Here's the team I used from January to Malmö regionals to qualify to 2020 Pokemon World Championships in London, granted it doesn't get cancelled by coronavirus. In showdown's VGC2020 ladder it got to 1800 ELO and peaked at around top 60. High Horsepower was Excadrill's STAB for longest time but since season 3 I used Earthquake to activate my TTar's Weakness Policy to OHKO a slower GMax Lapras.
  6. The exact opposite. It's 81,1% chance of getting at least one shiny at 50k encounters. 29999/30000 = not finding a shiny (29999/30000)^n = not finding a shiny at n amount of encounters. So the number you get from it is the chance of not finding a shiny. Other than that this post basically just recapped everything that Desu wrote. Edit: Ah later in the post it was corrected
  7. Yeah, well Doubles is what I'm concerned about. It doesn't affect singles at all.
  8. Is PokeMMO going to implement the dynamic speed changes mid turn from Gen 8? For those unfamiliar with Gen 8, this is the first generation where the attacking order isn't determined pre-turn but rather checks the attacking order mid-turn (after every switch or Pokemon attack). I completely understand if PokeMMO decides not to touch this mechanic but I just wanted to know what are the plans.
  9. Sweet. To be fair, I was referring to Jellicent and Snorlax as "Trick Room attackers" and thought Bronzong is the dedicated Trick Room setter (and Jelli ia more of emergency TR setter). Having bulk on your main go-to Trick Room setter is fine to increase the likelyhood to get Trick Room up. Probably would put the Mental Herb on Bronzong rather than Jellicent if Taunt concerns you.
  10. Just a personal preference, but I think your Trick Room Pokemon are way too passive in their movesets. Setting up Trick Room usually costs you to take damage at least in some form so you need to use those Trick Room turns to really deal that damage back and more. Put a Normal-STAB for Snorlax, put Water Spout for Jellicent to increase your damage output. I don't think Curse is a good move for Snorlax in Doubles. Setting up in Doubles is difficult in general, especially without Follow Me support and in Snorlax's case you would be wasting your own Trick Room turns setting up. Also Jellicent really doesn't need Recover because in Trick Room you want to attack, outside of Trick Room you cannot heal more than any 2 Pokemon can inflict damage on you. Also for all the Trick Room attackers I would go for maximum attacking EV spreads as well.
  11. I have already bred and raised this team and had got myself to master ball in ranked battles. Appreciate you responding though. Btw Friend Guard Clefairy doesn't exist in Sword and Shield yet, i crie evrytim.
  12. It's for what is expected to be the upcoming VGC 2020 (so for Double battles).
  13. I'm building a competitive team for Sword and Shield, was wondering if anyone had anything from these Pokemon: - Adamant Dragapult (Clear Body) - Jolly Gyarados (Moxie) - Calm/Sassy Clefairy (Friend Guard) - Jolly/Careful/Impish Arcanine (Intimidate) - Careful Scrafty (Intimidate) I'm currently breeding Timid Stalwart Duraludons. I could trade those from something in my wishlist. They dont need to be necessarily perfect IVd or even natured as Sword and Shield is awesome in a way that you can change natures and boost IVs with bottle caps. The more you have closer to a perfect comp the less resources is there to be used. :) Cheers!
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