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  1. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: VVVV Registered Players: OrangeManiac, Zigh, CHUCKunso, Rynners, SweeTforU, Kanzo, RAVAEL, Axellgor, Cali, EverDaryl, Senjutsuka, Imabetheverybest, Suneet, BitterAtMons, Aerun, Parke, SlimMatt, Razimove Team Captain: Aerun
  2. PvP -> matchmaking signup -> spectate Also in PvP -> Tournaments you can spectate tournament battles when they're on I also recommend to check the "statistics" page (found in "Matchmaking signup") to get an overview of the most used Pokemon of each tier when building a team. Having at least 1-2 ways to beat every common Pokemon is a good way to build a competitive team.
  3. It's a Special move so you can teach it with Battle Points in Battle Frontier in Hoenn or Trainer Tower in Kanto.
  4. Dank Void wins round 1, gg Baklava Edit: whoops wrong thread
  5. I think your team does okay against common TR leads but a late game Trick Room might become very difficult. That's why I was suggesting a Pokemon that would make your opponent think twice before trying to even set up Trick Room. I think Reuniclus/Amoonguss are the best at this role. Reuniclus I like the most because even though you have a Tailwind team, in lots of matches you could end up finding out that the best way to win the endgame is to set up your own Trick Room.
  6. Mamoswine is very interchangeable with Garchomp. I feel like they share a lot of the same positive and negative traits. Main trade-off is a nice priority move + Intimidate immunity compared to higher speed.
  7. Well, let me put it this way: Crobat - needed for Tailwind (the very idea of this team) Tyranitar - needed for weather (to counter opposing weather strategies) Metagross - extremely strong mon overall, also additional check to standard TR cores Salamence - Provides Intimidate to the team, which can be a saving force in many positions. Mence is a great mon in general, Draco Meteor is amazing lead to set up positioning. Rotom - Will-o-Wisp is very strong to win any kinds of mirror matches or especially sand teams. To me, Garchomp is the most replaceable. It's not
  8. I agree that the lack of Protects in that team is rather problematic. Not only is it a great positioning move but also specifically helps to buy turns against opposing Trick Room teams. I think that team can be rather difficult to play against Trick Room teams. A simple Taunt usually isn't enough to keep Trick Room from happening over the course of a long Doubles game. I think it's a great toolbox against everything else, but I might improve the TR matchup a little bit. So at the very least I'd add Protects to everything that could carry it in their moveset. (So everything except Crobat, reall
  9. I appreciate the recent love towards Doubles, keep 'em coming!
  10. No, listing items with similar names (despite being a different item) to undercut the item you're disguising as is also similarly scummy as the topic of this suggestion. Also my suggestion specifically mentioned this reasonable undercut because it's the reason this scam works - there is nothing necessarily suspectworthy that someone is selling an item slightly under the market price to make a quick sale. Either way, even if you would consider snipers to be scummy people, you cannot assume the person who wanted to buy a 900k donator status when they normally are 1 mil to be similar scummy snipe
  11. No, because you cannot assume that whoever was able to get that insanely cheap priced item had the intention to "snipe", to low-ball the seller. They just paid whatever the system asked them to. (And if they won't get the item/Pokemon, someone else surely will.) Edit: Besides, there's nothing out of the ordinary for someone to sell 100k cheaper to make a quick sale where both parties would be happy.
  12. Please change the color of either of these two items. There are plenty of scumbags in GTL disguising 100RP tickets as 7 Day Donators by undercutting 7 Day Donator price by 100-200k from market value, making it seem like they're selling a cheap 7 Day Donator but only trying to scam. Changing the color would make it less likely someone would buy the wrong item due to a mistake. It's not that this pathetic scam never works: I've seen countless times when an ovepriced 100RP ticket entered GTL but left instantly, implying someone fell for the trap. Although, I'm sure devs have far better data of it
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