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  1. This is unbelievable, what on earth resulted in this time shift? It doesn't even benefit the Chinese playerbase because even for them it's still way too early that anyone should be awake. It's absolutely horrendous for Europeans, and for Americas it doesn't really affect in one way or another. Any way you possibly look at it, this time shift results in a net negative result. So the question arises: Why? Edit: Eh, at least I got ninja'd by Bear that this is one-time only thing. Regardless, Team Tournament is the most important event in your game. It should always have priority.
  2. Shiny Gyarados is like what, under 2,5 million at this point? Couldn't have you guys made at least this one a shiny?
  3. oh yeah, we live again! twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco
  4. This is such a terrible argument I really had to re-read your comments multiple times to make sure you weren't joking. Alright, first of all there is a ban criteria for "uncompetitiveness" so by that alone you're wrong. But even just speaking intuitively - does this make any sense? You weren't be able to ban clearly overpowered Pokemon if they relied on a move that isn't 100%? You weren't able to ban OHKO moves because despite completely harmful to a competitive game, they might not always work? I don't think this thread should have even continued after Nik's first comment but there's always just that one person who finds the need to comment with "ur mad cuz bad" despite people having actually good arguments to improve the game.
  5. For UU I'd recommend to check out the UU viability guide to get an idea what are the strongest Pokemon in the tier and you can choose to either use them or come up with your own creative counters to them to get a good team. To make sure your movesets and EV spreads make sense, Comp. Assistance is a good place.
  6. twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco Live again! Trying to figure out how to enable vods edit: I think I got it figured it out now double edit: tonight's stream has been mostly waiting to get a match triple edit: got the sheep hat though
  7. https://gyazo.com/ea20ff90e906a15b9a15ded994133b7c The V4 in very good, the top of the leaderboard of each format/tier
  8. twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco live with dubs matchmaking!
  9. twitch.tv/naranjamaniaco live at twitch now! Playing some dubs ranked
  10. I'm all for Little Cup matchmaking, I think it absolutely should be added. but... Can we just stop throwing unnecessary shade at Doubles and try to sacrifice Doubles in the name of Little Cup? Doubles clearly is not even the least popular format in matchmaking, as getting in the top 100 requires the 2nd highest rating of all 4 formats. You can hate Doubles all you want but at least get some facts straight. Why not focus on the point that matchmaking for all 4 formats has been successful for the most part, therefor you can argue there's room for one more possibly.
  11. That's a good question. I'd say tier 1's are the one that on paper are the most powerful and has most potential. But you're right that Chomp setup teams heavily struggle against experienced players because they know what they are doing - and some of the setup teams aren't very flexible. At this point, I consider it just immaturity in teambuilding as I think the good Chomp players will eventually figure out how to counter the difficult matchups by perhaps slightly less centralizing their team on the Chomp set up and limiting the support to only 1-2 Pokemon. Surprised rain players seemed free wins, I feel like it's a team that is very easy to autopilot. But fair enough. Fair. I was considering sand core either Ttar + Exca or Gigalith + Exca (latter having also a Trick room mode, but I always found this combination very counter-intuitive). Hitmontop is the main reason why I think it's hard to play them and Hitmontop is a Pokemon you can slap to basically any given team. But you have a good point about TTar being great weather resetter to counter weather teams. But I see Tyranitar rather as a great individual Pokemon, than TTar + Exca being a core you particularly need to build against.
  12. You must be in a shock to know that most of the ranked games I've played had a Pokemon that has zero 31 IVs. Probably makes me a noob but it was good enough for the #1 spot in the ladder. If you expect success in this game with maximized IVs, I have some bad news.
  13. Alright, here's just a little post reflecting my view on the viability of the current frameworks. Not expecting anything to be changed in OP but perhaps kind of a conversation starter: Tier 1 (the teams to beat) - Garchomp + Kingdra set up teams - Rain Tier 2 (great answers to the metagame) - Sun/Sand Trick Room (great counter to Rain) - HailRoom (specifically counter to Garchomp set up teams, also rain to some extent) Tier 3 (overall strong archetypes) - Tailwind Hyper Offense (strong on its own, but also great to counterplay rain's speed advantage especially w/ Whimsicott) - Balanced w/ soft Trick Room mode (Reuniclus + Conk for example) Tier 4 (great cores but difficult to play in the current meta) - Volcarona set up support - Sand core (I know some of you would rate this higher but I think the meta is very hostile to it)
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