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  1. Im not speaking specifically of my team. But i do have one wall but thats for gyaradose. Sometimes i do have to revenge kill things but most of the time predicting a move and sending in the appropriate mon allows me to keep things in check until its sweeping time. I have also came across all of the spcl sweepers listed in this thread, even the rain mons, and have the tools to successfully dispose of them and win the match if i play better than the other person (in matchmaking thats not hard). I understand your point, the meta is different bc chansey is around so ppl who dont run her dont have to worry about spcl sweepers as much. But a good defensive core can still keep you in a good position. There are combinations of things like dusclopse, porygon, ludicolo, gardivor, umbreon hell even lanturn can work in OU that can check/counter a team built on spcl sweepers. At least thats the way i see it. Im not for a chansey ban i just think that you guys saying that spcl attackers will run amok is wrong. It was said during the snorlax and blissy ban when they were first up for discussion and it was wrong then and i think it will be wrong now.
  2. If chansey was actually required for teams to keep spcl attackers in check then wouldnt teams that dont use her get rekt by spcl attackers most of the time?
  3. Im going to disagree with ppl who say that w/o chansey special sweepers would sweep entire teams. It may be bc i only do matchmaking but i dont use chansey and dont get swept by spcl sweepers.
  4. I have been playing a lot of hyper offense so maybe thats why i have this opinion, but i dont see chansey as being a big problem. It takes prediction to not be somewhat crippled by her, IE not switching in your metagross until you know if she has twave or not, but even when you get punished by chansey its not that punishing and there are ways around it. My personal favorite chansey counter is ursaring with lifeorb. He loves coming in on Toxic. Twave is problematic somewhat because you now are slower than chansey and parahax but if you dont have terrible rng you can dispose of her quickly. If you dont get chansey with ursaring chances are if you play him right you will get something else. Ofc this takes prediction but thats a part of the skill of the game. Chansey doesnt really put any pressure on a team like snorlax did. If she comes in on starmie then there is no real risk in leaving starmie in and taking a siemic toss in an attempt to scout the status (especially if the starmie has recover). If she comes in on a wish user such as jolt then you have pretty much a free switch into something. And finally if you can fit a heal bell pokemon on your team then the status that chansey spreads become very easy to deal with. All in all the worse part about chansey is knowing her moves. Once you know the status or if she has counter (thats is a thing now) then she is very easy to exploit. I wouldnt argue against a test ban but im also not advocating for it atm (maybe in the future)
  5. Stock Market Tournaments. The way this works is you have two groups of people, the companies (the people competing in the tournament) and the investors (the people putting money into the "companies") The people who want to act as a company signs up for it and needs to meet a certain criteria (x amount of official wins and/or x rank in match making). Each company will put themselves on the market for a specific tier and must meet the criteria (x amount of tourny wins and/or x rank in matchmaking) for that tier. A company can sign up for more than one tier assuming they meet the criteria for more than one tier. When it comes to stock market tournies (more on that below) a company can compete in only the tiers they establish themselves with but can compete in non-stock market officials in different tiers if they wish. A company can later associate itself with another tier assuming he/she meets the criteria (x amounts of official wins in that tier/rank) if it wishes. Each company will have a CM as a "broker" who will be responsible for all of the transfer of money between the company and the investors and keeping up with what the company is worth. Once the companies are established investors will get a chance to invest in the companies. Each company will start out with x amount of shares to sell off (lets call it 100) and the people will then bid on shares of the company. Who ever bids the highest gets to buy. They do this by giving the money to the broker. All of the money that goes to the broker for that company will then be added to the company's value. If you own a share of a company you can sell it back to the broker for its market value which is determined by the company worth divided by the total number of shares the company is divided into. So for example if a company is worth 1,000,000 and has 100 shares each share will be worth 10,000. You sell 5 shares you will get 50,000 from the broker. However if a company is "growing" (we will talk about how that happens later) you may be able to sell the share to another investor for more than its worth if he/she finds a buyer. After X amount of time of companies being established and brokers being assigned the stock market tournaments can start. The companies are the only ones allowed in these tournaments and they can either be high risk high reward or low risk low reward tournies. The companies have to spend money from their broker to enter in a tournie. High risk tournies are more expensive to enter but higher cash pay out and low risk low reward tournies are cheaper to enter with lower pay out. Any winnings that is earned in these tournies goes to the broker to add to the companies value. Companies can also add to the company value with their personal money to encourage investment. Companies can use money from their broker to make "investments". They can buy pokemon, tms, ppmaxes, etc etc. But any money used from these things will take away from the companies value and in order to keep investors around the company has to be able to make that money back. Failing companies- This is a simulation of the stock market in pokemmo so people will lose money. Both investors and companies can lose money being involved. If a company starts losing money investors may sell back their shares at less than what they paid for it and if they end up with $0 in the bank then investors will lose everything. Liquidating a company. If a company decides it doesnt want to be apart of this series anymore it can liquidate itself. If it decides to do that then the broker will give all of the investors the market value of the shares they own and take the company off of the market. Board meetings. A company will largely be able to do what they want with their companies earnings, but if a majority of the share holders want to do things like put a limit on how much a company can invest in themselves that can be done by a vote between the share holders and the broker in a forum pm managed by the broker. If a company has 100 shares and the 51 of those shares represented by the share holders want to put the company on a budget of X amount for Y amount of time then the broker will enforce that budget. They can also set rules for the company such as the company has to get board approval before spending X amount of money or the company has to track where all of the company spending goes or the company will be cut off from its assets. They can also vote to stop things like the entering in high risk tournies and the addition of another tier for the company to compete in. This is to stop companies who may see this as an opportunity to spend other peoples money wildly from doing so. Investment News. I think that there should be one forum where only brokers can post in. In this forum brokers will post the happenings when it comes to their company/ies. So for example if X shares of company Y was sold at Z dollars a share that would be posted or if company X goes from being a OU company to a OU and NU company they could post that. Companies can also have their own forum pages to promote themselves and tell their future plans to add value to themselves. This is just the base overview of something i had in mind a long time ago. Any questions or interest let me know. Might be too complected to pull off but i wanted to put the idea out there for ppl to read.
  6. Whats in gen4 that nerfs wobo? Dont get me wrong i agree with you, the less cancer the better, but im curious.
  7. It really depends on the variety of aero. CB you need to predict well and usually a strong scarf mon can check it. This is the only aero that can really break walls and usually depends on multiple right predictions and maybe hax to do so. Scarf aero is significantly weaker than the CB counterpart but cant be outsped. Bulky waters usually can wall it tho. Lifeorb is interesting because bulky pokemon can only kind of wall it and it doesnt need to rely on prediction as much. But life orb does take its toll on aero so any bad predicts on his part is free damage and its still not as powerful as CB is. It is also checked by a power scarf mon especially with a se move.
  8. How do i see usage? I dont see it pinned. Also i like the tier the way it is. I dont have to worry about my wall breakers having to 2hko a +1 lax while being able to take multiple bslams and not care about para.
  9. Guys why you no use curse razor leaf venue. +crit rate = rip lax. All people on here but me are bad.
  10. I believe that team preview should be an option along with changeable leads. With the changes in the meta a lot of threats can pose different types of threat to a team. Cb heracross can be threatened by differnt things than swift band one. Also threats that were already scary are even scarier such as gyaradose. You can keep gyara in your back pocket until the opponent's counter/check is gone and bring it out, which is a fine strategy sure but with team preview you can run much more shakey counters to things like gyara, such as ludicolo, and know to keep it healthy meaning there are less restrictions on team building
  11. Where is the neither option on the poll?
  12. USA USA USA!!! uguu plz when we go down we taking all you fuckers with us!
  13. It was the topic of complex banning all together.
  14. the goal of what i was doing was different tho.
  15. I 100% agree with this. I would for 2 months bc you know... mmo. But we have already had laxless meta b4 so ppl have pokes for it already assuming a lot of the old comp players stuck around so a month might be good. Its certainly better than nothing.
  16. Rhydon hates toxic more than bslam para. Not saying he cant do well against chansey, there are just better options. Also more options that can fit a wider variety of teams better.
  17. As far as i know the thread is up so we can continue the discussion. A decision has been made but its still possible for a ban in the future. Also you can have things to deal with a pokemon but it doesnt mean they fit well in ou w/o that pokemon. Rhydon sees very little usuage w/o lax around. I know i dont like running one or two pokemon for one threat.
  18. It becomes an attack when you assumed that he is only defending lax because he uses it in every match and cant live without it. Had you simply said he uses lax in every match then it would have just been truth, but still rather irrelevant to the conversation.
  19. Oh nice, i get to continue to have a life \O/
  20. Honestly if it wasnt for the bslam para lax wouldnt be that bad to deal with. If it wasnt for how hard he hits he also wouldnt be that hard to deal with. If it wasnt for his bulk he wouldnt be that hard to deal with. If it wasnt for his access to curse he wouldnt be that hard to deal with. You take any of these things away and lax isnt broken. But think about it for a second, what are snorlaxes main weaknesses? He is physically squishy and he has a low speed. But he can negate his speed problem with parahax. He can negate the fact that parahax is only 30% with his ability to switch in on most any non-physical pokemon pretty much guaranteeing a para on something. And he can negate his physical squishyness with curse. What other pokemon do you know has the ability to negate all of its weaknesses the way lax does? To put the icing on the cake, he easily rests off any status due to his high health allowing him to switch into anything that doesnt hit like a cannon and he cant even be poisoned to help wear him down.
  21. I felt a lot more freedom when building a team back in chansey meta than i did right b4 i left. The biggest problem was gyaradose which isnt that big of a problem. Side note: I use to deal with chansey with trick, is that not an effective way of dealing with lax?
  22. Remember the sooner you ban snorlax the sooner i come back. Gunthug you know you want it.
  23. Who are you? Also im w8ing to see if lax gets banned b4 i return. He made OU no fun for me.
  24. It would be good if that happened bc that would lessen chanseys stayability which makes her a lot less cancer than she normally is. Also it would make ppl think twice about running trap mons.
  25. Are people actually running shed she'll on chansy
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