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  1. codylramey

    See Shiny's In Party Tab

    I agree. I just found out this was not the case like a few weeks ago. Just think of the countless shines i breed away bc i didnt bother looking to see if it was shiny or not.
  2. Doesnt look like i was picked up. Damn i thought I was worth at least the minimum bet.
  3. When will i know if i make a team?
  4. codylramey

    [PSL X] Player Registration {?}

    IGN: Codylramey Timezone: EDT Fluff: Idk what i am suppose to put here Preferred Tiers: OU. I have 6 mons fro all three tiers and am slowly trying to put together balanced teams for UU and NU, but OU is the tier i usually play. Im not that good tho. Get me on the cheap and use me as a backup or a "throwaway" match i suppose.
  5. codylramey

    PvP Time Limit Tiebreaker Feedback

    You guys are complaining about the system in a thread where the devs are looking for suggestions for a better system.
  6. codylramey

    PvP Time Limit Tiebreaker Feedback

    I like the speed up text and animations (maybe skip a lot of them all together while keeping everything in the battle chat). I also like the whole whoever uses the least amount of time to move thing too. This doesnt discourage or encourage any type of play style, just quick thinking.
  7. codylramey

    Outbox for Mailing system

    Self-explanatory title. A box that shows all of your outgoing mail. It would be useful for things like the PSL. You can send your opponent a message without having to get their forum name and then screen the message later.
  8. codylramey

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Inb4 shadow sneak
  9. codylramey

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Youve got to give more information. I have suspected that the E4/gym mons are boosted in some way as well but you need to post your EVs, IVS, NAture of the pokemon along with the level. And the level of the opposing mon and how you know it doesnt have scarf. But it seems if you are running a level 100 base 145 speed mon vs a base 100 speed lvl 68 mon you should outspeed, unless the base 100 mon is +speed and with scarf and you are -speed. If we dont know these things then we have no way of knowing for sure if what you are saying is abnormal.
  10. codylramey

    Hydreigon & Draco Meteor

    I want to start this by expressing my appreciation to the devs and tier council for taking steps to try and ensure that we arent banning pokemon that could easily fit in our meta with small tweaks. That being said, here is my opinion. There are a lot of things that will be added that will change the way this game will be played. Hidden abilities and new items will change the way team are built. Eviolite is pretty big on that front. Also team preview will change the way people predict and switch pokemon in. With team preview more skill will have a bigger impact on the game than it does now. More importantly tho, it gives more value to having a check to X pokemon on a team. You can get away with not having a counter to a given pokemon as long as you can check him. This also gives more value to being able to predict and less risk to doing so which imo is a good thing. Because, just as an example, you will know there is a Hydregon from the beginning of the game so you will know you need to keep your scarf ttar healthy to deal with him or you need to widdle him down until scizor can come in and BP him. But in the same vain your opponent will know what he needs to get rid of in order for any given pokemon to sweep. All in all id say keep it out until we see how the meta shapes up. We can add it in later if we feel it would fit. IF we add it in and the Hydregon becomes broken when before he wasn't, it's pretty obvious what broke him. Id prefer at that point that we add a complex ban simply so storyline people can use Draco Hydregion on their runs or we can use it to do E4 or Gym challenges. But if that is 100% out of the question then its best to air on the side of caution imo.
  11. this is why they dont give etas
  12. codylramey

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    This can be solved by only applying this suggestion to rematches. So that new and storyline people arent effected. If it were up to me i would put the gyms and e4 in tournament mode while allowing exp gain for any pokemon that has an exp share.
  13. codylramey

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    That's arguable, but is the supposed added challenge these items present for new players worth the added headache it adds to players who are using these things to grind? You can also have the best of both worlds by taking these items away from the E4 n such after a certain amount of times beating them.
  14. These things add nothing to the experience of rematching these npcs. They do nothing but make us use up 4 or more extra pp using the same move over and over again. It adds nothing to the challenge it just adds annoyance to the grind.

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