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  1. Make gym rematches Tournament Mode

    No same xp. No mixed signals, i just think that gyms would be more like pvp if it was tourny mode. And if you mix the tiers, some gyms do OU, some UU, some NU, some Doubles, it will give you a feel of the pokemon used in those tiers. Which ones can do what you know.
  2. Team Boxes.

    My idea is to have little boxes, like packages (the graphic of the item doesnt matter), in the PC (they take up 1 pokemon slot) that you can drag a pokemon with an item into. You can do this with six pokemon. The pokemon doesnt disappear into the box from the PC, it still takes up a slot in the PC BUT when you drag the box from the PC to your party all pokemon currently in your party goes to the first available slot in your pc and all of the pokemon with the items that you put in that box gets put into your party in the order you put them into the box.The idea is to make it easier to bring comp teams out of the PC. It also is a good way to keep track of all of the different teams you may come up with. With this you wouldnt have to remember which starmie you used in this particular team or wich dragonnite went well with that team etc etc. You just drag the box for the team you want and its there. The boxes should be renameable so we can label our teams. You should also be able to see what pokemon are in the box holding what item. And finally pokemon should be able to be removed from the box when ever you want to so you can upgrade or use a different mon on any given team. IF you drag a team to your party and you no longer own a certin pokemon/item then an error message should appear to help prevent ppl from going into battle with incomplete teams. This is a quality of life suggestion so it would be reasonable if you put these items in the gift shop. I would pay real money for a pack of 3-5 of these things. Someone had posted a snippet from another thread in another one of my suggestions about battle boxes that does kind of the same thing but in a different way. Idk if that was a suggestion or if it was planned for future implementation. If you guys already have plans to help ease pulling comp parties out of the boxes then you will obviously disregard this one. And thats fine, just thought it would be a good idea, a nice quality of life change for the game, and a good way to earn some revenue for the devs.
  3. Make gym rematches Tournament Mode

    You guys want the gyms n such to be a good introduction to PvP right? So why not make them tournament mode? No bag items and all pokemon are the same level. Also, some of the gyms can be doubles and some singles. You could even implement the tiers in it with each gym leader representing a different tier. This obviously wont be the same as PvP but its a step in the right direction. And it gets rid of those POINTLESS AND ANNOYING full restores. Side note: Full restores dont make the gyms harder to beat with my team of lvl 100s, it just makes them take longer and annoy me more. Stop with that. We would probably have to use our comps to beat these gyms considering we wouldnt be able to rely on over leveled mons to beat the gyms. That brings up an issue of exp. The solution to that is to make it to where pokemon dont gain EXP unless they are holding an EXPshare or Lucky Egg. Then EXP is given to that pokemon like it normally would be.
  4. .There are a butt ton of phenomenon spots. Thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can post all of the spots you have found. If you can post a screen shot of the locations too (having the map open will also help people find it if you post a screen shot). I might make a guide from the information given here but idk.
  5. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    There is actually a few things in this meta that could prolly be considered broken w/o team preview. Discussing and banning them all might be pointless. BUT i think trappers in particular are different than something like les say conkeldur bc of their uncompetitive nature.
  6. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Is it worth discussing wobbofet and other trapping mons until we get team preview?
  7. Gym leaders pokemon stats

    Okay trash this plz.
  8. Gym leaders pokemon stats

    "Reduced base stats of storyline Kanto/Hoenn Elite 4 battles slightly" So they do change the E4 Base stats at least right?
  9. Gym leaders pokemon stats

    Oh thatd make sense. So they dont make them stronger? Bc i was told they were "powered up" by a teammate. Idk what they meant by that.
  10. Gym leaders pokemon stats

    I had a life orb lvl 80 something polywrath outspeed my lvl 100 timid starmie. How and why? Did the devs mess with the base stats for the pokemon that the gym leaders have? If so why? Wouldnt it make more sense just to make their pokemon lvl 100?
  11. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    Portable PCs would be cool BUT it still doesn't allow you to hatch eggs while you comp. "You either breed or you battle" Why does it have to be that way? Battling IS the endgame to this game. Why limit our access to it in such a mundane way? I understand its a mmo and time is an aspect that you have to put into it. But while breeding I don't have many options as to what I can put my time into. You COULD payday grind or search for item but is that really good gameplay? I understand that grind is necessary, but i saw a grind in the game that doesnt have to be as mundane as it is and offered a suggestion that could make it less so. If YOU dont think you would find a need for this suggestion then thats fine. The ocarinas arent for everyone, not everyone cares about vanity items, etc etc. doesnt mean that others wouldnt find use in it. If it doesnt effect the game negativly, can help some ppl enjoy the game more, and bring revenue to the devs who work on the game i dont see why people are activly against this suggestion.
  12. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    First you cant hatch eggs like that (which usually takes more time than waiting on the egg does), second, this is a quality of life change more than anything. Yes, you can put pokemon in the daycare hatch, pull out your comps, play a match, put half your team away, rinse and repeat. But this makes the task of doing this a lot more convenient.
  13. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    Unlike with kite, i see your logic and where you are coming from. I just dont think its going to be the problem you think it is. Being able to battle while breeding, imo, isnt going to cause a comp flood. If i need or want to make a comp ill just take the time to breed and forego comp until its done. Ibe never once put off breeding something i needed bc i couldnt comp while doing it. I usually clean or do something irl while breeding. This suggestion is to give us something in game to do while breeding.
  14. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    You dont use them for battling. You have no access to them during a battle. I have explained this in more than one different ways already.
  15. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    Let me explain your line of logic using a different example than the one at hand You: My carpet is fuzzy therefore it will snow toda Me: Please explain to me why your carpet being fuzzy will cause it to snow You: Because its fuzzy, nuf said. You either dense, a troll, or one of those people who cant admit when hes wrong even tho his wrongness is blatant and obvious. Either way you have no valid points so i am done with you. This doesnt make getting 31s or any other comps any easier. It just gives you something else to do while breeding. If anything it makes competitive battling more active because you can do that while waiting on eggs.

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