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  1. codylramey

    Outbox for Mailing system

    Self-explanatory title. A box that shows all of your outgoing mail. It would be useful for things like the PSL. You can send your opponent a message without having to get their forum name and then screen the message later.
  2. codylramey

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Inb4 shadow sneak
  3. codylramey

    Elite 4 - how hard boosted/scrpited???

    Youve got to give more information. I have suspected that the E4/gym mons are boosted in some way as well but you need to post your EVs, IVS, NAture of the pokemon along with the level. And the level of the opposing mon and how you know it doesnt have scarf. But it seems if you are running a level 100 base 145 speed mon vs a base 100 speed lvl 68 mon you should outspeed, unless the base 100 mon is +speed and with scarf and you are -speed. If we dont know these things then we have no way of knowing for sure if what you are saying is abnormal.
  4. codylramey

    Hydreigon & Draco Meteor

    I want to start this by expressing my appreciation to the devs and tier council for taking steps to try and ensure that we arent banning pokemon that could easily fit in our meta with small tweaks. That being said, here is my opinion. There are a lot of things that will be added that will change the way this game will be played. Hidden abilities and new items will change the way team are built. Eviolite is pretty big on that front. Also team preview will change the way people predict and switch pokemon in. With team preview more skill will have a bigger impact on the game than it does now. More importantly tho, it gives more value to having a check to X pokemon on a team. You can get away with not having a counter to a given pokemon as long as you can check him. This also gives more value to being able to predict and less risk to doing so which imo is a good thing. Because, just as an example, you will know there is a Hydregon from the beginning of the game so you will know you need to keep your scarf ttar healthy to deal with him or you need to widdle him down until scizor can come in and BP him. But in the same vain your opponent will know what he needs to get rid of in order for any given pokemon to sweep. All in all id say keep it out until we see how the meta shapes up. We can add it in later if we feel it would fit. IF we add it in and the Hydregon becomes broken when before he wasn't, it's pretty obvious what broke him. Id prefer at that point that we add a complex ban simply so storyline people can use Draco Hydregion on their runs or we can use it to do E4 or Gym challenges. But if that is 100% out of the question then its best to air on the side of caution imo.
  5. this is why they dont give etas
  6. codylramey

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    This can be solved by only applying this suggestion to rematches. So that new and storyline people arent effected. If it were up to me i would put the gyms and e4 in tournament mode while allowing exp gain for any pokemon that has an exp share.
  7. codylramey

    Get rid of full restores for gym leaders and E4

    That's arguable, but is the supposed added challenge these items present for new players worth the added headache it adds to players who are using these things to grind? You can also have the best of both worlds by taking these items away from the E4 n such after a certain amount of times beating them.
  8. These things add nothing to the experience of rematching these npcs. They do nothing but make us use up 4 or more extra pp using the same move over and over again. It adds nothing to the challenge it just adds annoyance to the grind.
  9. codylramey

    Post you E4 team here.

    Like the title says. What team do you rematch the e4? Do you have a 100% success rate or no? I'm interested to see if people use generally the same stuff like back when starmie or alakazam ruled the e4 or are there a variety of things being used.
  10. @Desu I don't speak for everyone obviously but I appreciate the ETAs even when they wrong due to unforeseen complications.
  11. There is apparently an issue with UU and NU being barren when it comes to matchmaking. I don't actually know the extent of the loneliness of these tiers because I have never played them but I have been told you can only find people in UU during ranked and NU never sees any play period. I was trying to think of ways which could encourage people to play these tiers in matchmaking more often and this is what I came up with. At any given time there are X amount of people playing in matchmaking. Let us say that number is 18. If we weigh the prizes for winning based on which tier is getting the highest and lowest percentage of these players then it may encourage people to play the other tiers more. Let me explain. A typical matchmaking prize is 500BP (or 550 if you are on a streak but to make things easier let's stick to 500) which means that for every group of three players that wins their match at any given time there will be 1500 BP handed out. The reason I used a group of 3 is that there are three tiers of matchmaking. If 100% of the people in matchmaking are playing OU I think that the potential earnings for BP per match should be scaled down and the potential earnings for the other two tiers scaled up based on the percentage of players playing in each tier. There is no way of doing this perfectly evenly without using fractions but for example, if 100% of the players in matchmaking are in OU you can cut the potential prize by 50% and raise the potential prize of the other two tiers by 25%. Then if more people start playing the other two tiers the percentages start going the other way the BP prize adjusts itself accordingly. I haven't really thought about the specifics of how the math would work but i would assume you would want it to work out in such a way as to not have much more BP being pumped into the system than there is right now because that would have an inflationary effect on the BP economy but I hope the example I gave illustrates the point I am trying to make a little more clearly.
  12. codylramey

    Make gym rematches Tournament Mode

    No same xp. No mixed signals, i just think that gyms would be more like pvp if it was tourny mode. And if you mix the tiers, some gyms do OU, some UU, some NU, some Doubles, it will give you a feel of the pokemon used in those tiers. Which ones can do what you know.
  13. codylramey

    Team Boxes.

    My idea is to have little boxes, like packages (the graphic of the item doesnt matter), in the PC (they take up 1 pokemon slot) that you can drag a pokemon with an item into. You can do this with six pokemon. The pokemon doesnt disappear into the box from the PC, it still takes up a slot in the PC BUT when you drag the box from the PC to your party all pokemon currently in your party goes to the first available slot in your pc and all of the pokemon with the items that you put in that box gets put into your party in the order you put them into the box.The idea is to make it easier to bring comp teams out of the PC. It also is a good way to keep track of all of the different teams you may come up with. With this you wouldnt have to remember which starmie you used in this particular team or wich dragonnite went well with that team etc etc. You just drag the box for the team you want and its there. The boxes should be renameable so we can label our teams. You should also be able to see what pokemon are in the box holding what item. And finally pokemon should be able to be removed from the box when ever you want to so you can upgrade or use a different mon on any given team. IF you drag a team to your party and you no longer own a certin pokemon/item then an error message should appear to help prevent ppl from going into battle with incomplete teams. This is a quality of life suggestion so it would be reasonable if you put these items in the gift shop. I would pay real money for a pack of 3-5 of these things. Someone had posted a snippet from another thread in another one of my suggestions about battle boxes that does kind of the same thing but in a different way. Idk if that was a suggestion or if it was planned for future implementation. If you guys already have plans to help ease pulling comp parties out of the boxes then you will obviously disregard this one. And thats fine, just thought it would be a good idea, a nice quality of life change for the game, and a good way to earn some revenue for the devs.
  14. codylramey

    Make gym rematches Tournament Mode

    You guys want the gyms n such to be a good introduction to PvP right? So why not make them tournament mode? No bag items and all pokemon are the same level. Also, some of the gyms can be doubles and some singles. You could even implement the tiers in it with each gym leader representing a different tier. This obviously wont be the same as PvP but its a step in the right direction. And it gets rid of those POINTLESS AND ANNOYING full restores. Side note: Full restores dont make the gyms harder to beat with my team of lvl 100s, it just makes them take longer and annoy me more. Stop with that. We would probably have to use our comps to beat these gyms considering we wouldnt be able to rely on over leveled mons to beat the gyms. That brings up an issue of exp. The solution to that is to make it to where pokemon dont gain EXP unless they are holding an EXPshare or Lucky Egg. Then EXP is given to that pokemon like it normally would be.

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