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  1. Nah, I just beat people down with dragon types.
  2. ty, glad to be back.
  3. Not going to lie, you guys made this game actually challenging. Jesus Chris!
  4. thanks man appreciate it. glad to be back.
  5. To many people scared to talk in discord, I just joined. I really just want to talk to Darkshade. That's it. Its nothing compared to what Ventrilo was a long time ago.
  6. Back for a bit, shout out to Darkshade! I can't wait to see new players and new faces and see what's new with the game. I'm bored out of my mind in the house surrounded by four corners. I'm down to battle anyone right from the go. Once I get my email changed accepted.
  7. Damn its been a minute since I been on here. 

  8. Hmm... Looks like pokemmo is super Updated. What I miss?

  9. I know y'all did not take my status away? DAFUQ!?

  10. I don't agree with number 1 because their is google.  <_<  Everything else is fine. 
  11. Don't worry if someone talks that shit online, they're either depressed, desperate, autistic, lonely and boring at parties.

  12. I remember when this game use to be entertaining.

    1. TheGloriousWalrus
    2. Lancia


      o7 I came back though... I feel I have to shut these elitist up. Become a comp player again.

  13. I know, I come and go. Might come back.

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