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  1. Thinking about getting a 3DS, but is it worth it?

  2. [quote name='iSmashbro' timestamp='1362330519' post='216980'] Welcome [/quote] Thanks
  3. My boyfriend really liked his Pokemon anniversary present! http://instagram.com/p/XI8YUwQO-Z/

  4. PokeMMO Video playlist, 3 episodes so far!

  5. [quote name='Emlee' timestamp='1361508897' post='206874'] Hello and welcome! That picture was a pleasant surprise for an introduction thread. [/quote] Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the picture I found, I use it in all my about me sections on forums, although I don't seem to be able to create an about me section on this forums as it seems to not like it and think I am some kind of spam bot. I get a page with one of those recapture things except no recapture thing comes up so I can never get passed it So if anyone knows why its doing that that would be helpful! [quote name='Omanyte' timestamp='1361825746' post='210382'] Haha, try and find another Scotsman. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here as most of us are busy eating haggis and tending to our sheep. Also, welcome Sidera! I hope you are enjoying PokeMMO! I watched a few videos of yours including you're set up video and your setup is rather impressive! I hope to see you in game. [/quote] I am half scottish if that counts to anything? My Mum is scottish and I always spend summer up there. Pretty much my favorite place in the world :3 I am really glad you like the videos it seems pokemmo has been chosen by the viewers over pokemon3D for my new series so expect more coming soon. I uploaded the second episode last night! Second episode: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDkS2P_v9hM[/media] So expect to see me around here a lot more and tips and ideas would be appreciated from all of you as to what to include and do in the series!
  6. New Pokemmo Video!

  7. [quote name='HeavyCurse' timestamp='1361221594' post='202527'] Gravatar is a lil confusing at first but pretty easy once you have an account Haiii! and welcome. I'll make sure to check out your twitter :3 Cya around! [/quote] Thanks for the help, hope to hear from you! [quote name='Griizzly' timestamp='1361251450' post='203115'] Welcome to PokeMMO!! [/quote] Thanks [quote name='Rae' timestamp='1361255915' post='203196'] [font=georgia, serif]Pls go.[/font] [font=georgia, serif]Anyway, welcome to PokeMMO. [/font] [/quote] Thank you [quote name='Atuan' timestamp='1361256549' post='203202'] If you weren't such a creep, there'd be more girls here. Welcome. Big fan of MC here, as well. Totodile can suck a gooch, though. [/quote] Thanks and yes MC is awesome! [quote name='SirVown' timestamp='1361276734' post='203348'] Welcome if you have any questions about how to play don't be afraid to ask in Global chat there are tons of people willing to help if you get stuck! Watch out though with all games come some trolls just ignore those guys :3 you can add me as friendo if u want [/quote] Thanks for the tips and the help I will be sure to bear them in mind :3 [quote name='kloneman' timestamp='1361277084' post='203352'] Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you will enjoy your time here! Also i noticed you were English by your video, I'm also from England, but you don't get many of our kind round these parts. [/quote] We will hold the fort while sipping our cups of tea! Thanks everyone for your kind words of welcome
  8. [quote name='TWDaryl' timestamp='1361218370' post='202454'] Use need a Gravatar account. I was confused at first. [/quote] Ah ok, a lot of forums I have been on have had a similar system but I have never had to use the gravatar version it normally says to change it on the site as well so I usually choose that option.
  9. [quote name='Squall' timestamp='1361217726' post='202447'] In these Forums there are very few girls and the majority of the others could either be female/male so I didn't count them in [/quote] Fair enough :3 I should update my profile really with some informations! I can't quite figure out how to change the profile pictures though :/
  10. [quote name='TWDaryl' timestamp='1361216972' post='202425'] Welcome! [/quote] Thank you
  11. [quote name='Xiren' timestamp='1361216063' post='202394'] Welcome, good to hear you're a grill. The guys will love it, [/quote] I guess I will take that as a compliement xD
  12. [quote name='Squall' timestamp='1361215128' post='202368'] Welcome! ;__; [color=#ffffff]----------[/color](Tears of joy) [/quote] Haha I am glad my gender pleases you, are there not many girls around here?
  13. Hey, I am Sidera! Errrmmmm I am 19, female and love dem pokemons. My first Pokemon game I played was pokemon crystal and so my Favorited Pokemon is Totodile, I mean look at his adorable little faice :3 [img]http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/187/7/d/chibi_totodile_by_helix1234-d3l6s8o.png[/img] Anywayyysssss, I do have a youtube channel and I may be creating a series on Pokemmo! Atm it depends on the what people think of the first episode as I will soon release another video of pokemon3D and the best one will be made into a series. You can check out the video here: [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zbY6oqPANA"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zbY6oqPANA[/url] I also have twitter if you guys wanna get in touch: [url="https://twitter.com/Sidera1993"]https://twitter.com/Sidera1993[/url] Hope to hear from you and see you around!
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