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  1. Excuse me, where do I find that hd sprite mod you are using in the image?
  2. I have a larvesta, could you raise it to 59 for a tailor-made price?
  3. Okay, can I send you the pokemon by mail or do we coordinate to meet?
  4. I have some pokemon to train evs, let me see if I understand, evs + lvl50 is 30k or 50k?
  5. It's been better, the vanitys this year were pretty, even though many didn't like the limited. The pumpkin theme... I had prepared my team, with all the changes that there were both to the calabza and to the attacks that we could execute, my team became useless, I had to buy prepared pokemon (carisimos) so that later they change the strategy again. In short, I couldn't farm anything beyond candy. I guess it happened to several.
  6. I understand your pain, I looked for a long time for a shiny wooper on Island 4, it did not come out, and when I went to the hoenn safari for a totodile for the pokedex, shiny wooper came out and escaped after the first pokeball 😞
  7. There is no news about this project. I look forward to it but would like to know if it was discarded.
  8. I downloaded it again, unzipped it and placed it in the folder but when I tried to use it I get the error I showed... I don't understand why it happens, I installed it like all my themes.
  9. Yes, I did, I have the folder inside my themes folderYes, I did, I have the folder inside my themes folder.
  10. I installed it but when I enter pokemmo the game tells me that the theme is not compatible with the current version ...
  11. I am waiting, I am very anxious, it has been the same and it is fantastic, a great job πŸ™‚
  12. I took the trouble to fix the problem, I had to replace several text files, I also placed a combat font a little more attractive (I don't like the one that comes by default) I hope it helps. Download Link
  13. I came to comment the same, the subject is great but I went to send a duel and it does not leave ...
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