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  1. How can a guy breed me 4 mons with 2x31 and even highroll all the 3x27+ in just about 2 hours?? Well you definitely have the perfect recipe there. Thanks alot for your breeding service. 10/10 will use again.
  2. You have the best signature of them all


    1. Dugzey


      thank you my friend

  3. i support this thread. make amnesia brace tradable!
  4. Hellu! if u wanna have some more fun on pokemmo, add me :) Dugzyboii
  5. School is fun, but so are POKêMON

  6. Farming Karps ATM

  7. Gonna be tha very best

  8. Hello! Just saw a shiny Tauros in Safari Zone. It managed to flee

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