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  1. Think Skarmory should be lower, b+ or A-. It really struggles to set up rocks/spikes without sacrificing all of its health. Dragons all seem to have a fire move for it, rotoms defogs it, rain teams get their free set ups, and gliscors always taunts it down.
  2. I will take lifestyle for 6 times at 500k.
  3. My friend was offended and backed out. He said I could take his spot.
  4. Okay ill take 1mil and my friend reswoBgniK will take the other bet.
  5. ill take these for 150k Nevermind, got sniped
  6. Ill take this for 200k, like my post so I know you agree
  7. Team:KingCheerios Team Tag: LYLE Players: KingBowser/Nikhilr/Legendl/Pachima/Kanzo/TheBloo/Artemiseta/Yangsam/Raaidn/DoubleJ Team Captain:KingBowser
  8. Turn off and on your router, wait 10 minutes. Mods lock this thread.
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