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  1. I miss the comp god, uair.
  2. Silph was #1, made the matches better. You were gonna get crucified in normal chat if you played like ass. Felt more competitive.
  3. Ill take predakiller.
  4. Yea you can take it. Ahh, classic lllllazaroo and his weakass humor.
  5. 200k lazarroo takes another L
  6. Well it used to be 365, but had that lower back pain. Rounding the lower back had me in pain, like sitting down sometimes hurt. So its been a long slow process on fixing that, working on volume over strength right now.
  7. Lost my psl battle, had to go to the gym to ease the pain. Wanted to feel good about myself so did a little bench. 135lbs (61kilo) 1x 5 185lbs 1x 3 205lbs 1x3 225lbs 1x2 245lbs (111.3kilo) 1x1 Just did bench for ego. Cant give up on dead lifts, work so many body parts and like to improve my grip strength as well. 135lbs 3x12 slow on the way down 185 2x8 slow on the way down Havent tried 225lbs since like last april 225lbs 2x5 slow, felt really good, just gonna increase volume next week. Had to switch to reverse grip on these, would like to stick to a both overhand grip though. Did some barbell rows 115lbs (52kilo) 3x8 Followed by super set dumbell rows 3x8 45lbs Followed by lat pulldowns wide 3xfailure 110lbs Close grip 2xfailure 135lbs Some pullups until failure. Short work out, had to be back for tourney.
  8. Chansey used counter.
  9. Had leg day today. Like to start with front squats. 2x6 for 135lbs (61kg) 2x5 for 155lbs 2x2 for 185lbs (84kg) 1xfailure for 135lbs Followed by light deadlifts, still scared to do them 3x12 for 185lbs Lunges 2x12 each leg 40lbs Lying leg curls 2x10 110lbs 1xFailure at 90lbs Calves raise machine 3xtimes to failure at 65lbs Back extensions Like to ladder it. Do 8 reps for 25lbs, drop to 10lbs for 8reps, then bodyweight until failure X2 Legs are dead. Good day.
  10. Like every crossfit guy, Joey got injured. Was it during crossfit? Doesn't matter, shouldn't have been doing it anyways.
  11. Alright fellow Doms, how are we all doing? Are we all making gains in the new year? From about august to December I took a break, busy with moving, getting a new job and finding a new gym. But now im back into the routine and we making all types of gains. Currently at 178lbs(80.7394kg) and started my cut. Planing to cut down to 172lbs and see what I look from there. Been working harder on my legs, to build nice quads, hamstring and ass that the ladies love. Back definition is better than before, while weighing 178 vs 172 of of the last photo I took. Had a lower back injury so im pretty hesitant to do deadlifts again and back squats. Found other exercises to do that work the same area. Please post your goals, photos or anything else my fellow gym brahs.
  12. Ill take thebloo
  13. Take, null if tie?
  14. Alakazam is tighting its focus" "Heracross used low kick" "Alakazam has fainted"
  15. What if raaidn joins a new team not LYLE or MDVN?